Why vape Ijust, Kangertech and others leak, what to do


Why do vapes leak? This is an actual problem for vapers using devices from different brands. When an electronic cigarette leaks, then a number of unpleasant consequences appear: an insufficient amount of vapor may be generated, liquid may enter the mouth, squelching sounds may occur during puffs. Due to the fact that fluid flows out, a short circuit may even occur. Often the problem with the fact that the vape is flowing is easy to fix on your own and at no extra cost.

Causes of the problem

A modern electronic cigarette is a high-tech product that often does not resemble traditional tobacco products in appearance. In a simplified form, it consists of battery pack and atom. Today, 3 types of evaporators are used:

  • clearomizer;
  • serviced option;
  • drip.

flowing vape

Different brand vapes are leaking, such as Ijust s, Kangertech subox mini-c. Despite the large number of models, breakdowns are generally the same.

Poor manufacturer

Most often, devices from little-known brands or with a very cheap price are prone to leaks.. They are made from materials of dubious quality and without complying with accepted standards. This leads to a violation of the tightness of the connections, which eventually leads to a leak. When choosing, you should focus on trusted companies with good reviews. This guarantees a quality build.

Poor quality fluid

Using low-quality refill liquid is another common problem in vape leaks. Not all suppliers use high-quality raw materials or, in order to save money, mix the liquid with the wrong proportions of ingredients. So, too much water or too little glycerin makes the composition too liquid, which ultimately leads to leakage, not only during smoking, but also during simple wearing. The problem is solved by adding glycerin.

Vape liquid

Vape liquid

Device generator overheating

A vape is an electronic device that has certain operating requirements, and one of them is the allowable temperature. Any electronics is afraid of high temperatures, and a vape can overheat itself during operation even without external heat sources (although sometimes the reason is in them).

Manufacturers do not recommend using the device for a long time without a break, therefore, if it drips during smoking, then you should let it cool down, this will take 3-5 minutes.

Strong puffs

Beginning vapers often make a common mistake — inhaling too sharply or too deeply. This leads to a reactive retraction of the liquid, that is, by inertia, it begins to flow out of the tube without having time to turn into vapor. Experienced smokers recommend tighten slowly and gently.

vape smoking

Battery drain

At first glance, a discharged battery cannot affect the quality of a vape. It seems to many that the device simply will not work due to a weakly charged battery, but the situation is different. The principle of operation of an electronic cigarette is based on the fact that the steam generator heats up the liquid and turns it into vapor. If the battery is partially discharged, then there will simply not be enough power for full heating, and the liquid will not have time to turn into steam.

Faulty evaporator

Any technique has a lifespan. Even with all the rules of operation and timely cleaning, individual parts of the device may fail due to wear and tear. Most often this happens with the evaporator, which provokes a tank leak. In such a situation, the only way to fix it isevaporator tube replacement. It is she who is the most vulnerable element.

Replacement coil ijust2

iJust2 replacement coil


Every e-cigarette has ventilation. Through it, the device compensates for the amount of air inhaled by the vaper. Depending on the model and manufacturer, the number of holes may vary, but in any case, they require cleaning. If this is not done, then inside the device will start collect condensate, which will eventually turn into oozing moisture. This is especially true when using cheap filling fluid. Timely cleaning will avoid the problem.

Cleaning an electronic cigarette

Cleaning an electronic cigarette

Wrong setting

High-quality electronic cigarettes are often equipped with wattage control. If it is installed incorrectly, the heating element will not receive sufficient power and will not be able to heat the liquid to a vapor state in a timely manner. In this case, you should set the settings in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Factory defect

Rarely, but still it happens that the device was originally made with defects. This is true for budget vapes from little-known companies, but famous brands also periodically sin with this. If all of the above tips did not help, then most likely the device is faulty. In this case, you can apply for a warranty at the point of sale, if it is still valid. As a rule, the device is sent for a quality check so that the seller can make sure that the problem is caused by a factory defect, and not the fault of the user. After that, the cigarette will be changed.
Vape is flowing
If the warranty is over, then the only option is to buy a new gadget. Such equipment is practically not subject to repair, so it’s easier to spend money on a purchase than to look for those who can fix the device.

It should be taken into account that there is no guarantee that the vape will serve for a long time after repair.

Device maintenance

Any technique requires proper operation, even an electronic cigarette. Usually the problem with the appearance of a leak is caused by incorrect assembly. If this happens, then it is worth doing the following manipulations.

  1. The clearomizer itself is untwisted (the part into which the liquid is poured, and where the steam generator is installed), then it is checked how tightly the atomizer (steam generator) is screwed to it.
  2. A container for the smoking mixture is installed on top. Excessive force should not be applied, but all parts must be twisted so that there are no gaps through which steam can penetrate.
  3. After that, it is recommended to lower the cigarette tank down and shake. This will eliminate excess drops from the air duct and vents. If this is not done, then after the procedure, during smoking, along with the inhalation of steam, liquid may enter the oral cavity.

Recommendations for the correct use of the vape

In order for the electronic cigarette to last as long as possible, it is necessary to use it correctly and carry out regular preventive care. Tips for using the Ijust s vape or any other model are given below.

  1. Should not be allowed evaporator overheating when vaping, you should let it cool for an average of 10 minutes.
  2. It is necessary to draw in steam effortlessly, slowly.
  3. Requires constant monitoring battery level and do not use the device at its minimum.
    Low Battery
  4. You should periodically disassemble the electronic cigarette and clean it. In this case, an important point is the correctness of all manipulations specifically for the model used.
    Preventive cleaning
  5. It is not recommended to store the mod near heating appliances or under direct sunlight.
  6. A new e-liquid for soaring should be poured into the tank only after it is empty (it is better to rinse it) and strictly in the volume recommended by the instructions.
    Vape refill
  7. During refueling, close the air vent.
  8. Density of the slurry used should be as recommended.
  9. In winter, it is not recommended to soar after leaving the house for about 15 minutes, it is advisable to wait the same amount of time after returning. This time is needed to «acclimatize» the device.
  10. worn out O-rings (O-rings) need to be replaced regularly.
    Sealing ring
  11. The device must be kept upright when stored.
  12. Electronic cigarettes must be handled with care to avoid mechanical damage.
  13. Don’t forget to close the tank tightly.
  14. You will also need to select optimal amount of cotton for the spiral during its first independent rewinds.

Prevention should be done regularly at intervals of once a week.

An electronic cigarette requires timely and proper care. Very often, liquid flows out of it during improper operation. The purchase of devices of well-known brands, the use of high-quality slurry, the periodic replacement of consumables, maintaining the temperature regime is the key to a long service life of the product. Vaping an e-cigarette is considered less dangerous than smoking tobacco cigarettes. But still, it should be borne in mind that with the regular intake of nicotine into the body, it is poisoned, and health becomes worse.


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