Why the TV does not connect to the Internet via wifi


Thanks to Internet access, a modern TV with the Smart TV function serves not only to watch TV shows, but also expands other multimedia opportunities: social services, instant messaging, visiting websites, 3D games, listening to music, watching streaming video. The most common way to connect equipment to the Internet is wireless connection using the built-in wifi module. Manufacturers in new models have provided for the presence of this interface. However, after some time, users note that the TV does not connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi.

Malfunctions can be varied: device does not see the router or sees but can’t connect. In the review, we highlight the main causes of this problem and ways to solve them.

TV and remote

How to properly connect the Internet via a wireless connection

To deal with the causes of problems accessing the Internet, consider how to connect using a wifi interface. Perhaps this is where the solution lies. The actions are as follows.

  1. Turn on the router — the connection should be active.
  2. We go to the menu, the button of which is located on the remote control.
  3. Select the «Network» option. Go to the «Network settings» tab.
  4. The system will prompt you to select a connection method. Select «Wireless Connection».
  5. From the list of found wireless signals, select the desired name and click «Next».
  6. Enter a unique code.
    Unique code
  7. After the connection is established, click «OK».

From the step-by-step algorithm, it can be seen that connecting via a wireless interface is simple, and the user should not have any questions. If they still occur, read more about connecting a TV with Wi-Fi to the Internet. If the connection still disappeared, consider possible problems and their elimination.

Internet via wi-fi

Hardware reboot

If the TV does not connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, then the first thing to do is to restart the TV and router. Sometimes the failure is caused by driver or software bugs, and a restart allows them to return to working without hard measures.

To restart the TV, just use the power button on the remote control to turn it off and on. If the device has the function of supporting Internet connections even after disconnection, then reboot should be done by pulling the plug out of the socket.

The router reboots in the same way — by turning it on and off. But at the same time you need a break for 15-20 seconds. During this time, the previous session will end, that is, the connection will be made again with updated settings.


After turning on the router and smart TV again, try to re-sync them.

Internet setup manually

The connection error may be caused by something in the router disabled DHCP server, which is responsible for automatic parameter detection. In this case, on the TV, you need to enter the settings, find the “network” item and select “manual setup”. To set the value of the IP address, you must select any of the local range for this router. You can find out this range in the router settings in the browser.

The next field is «Subnet mask» — here the value for addressing the local network is indicated. Most often it is «». «Gateway» is the IP address of the router. It is the same one that is needed to run the settings through the browser — it can be found in the instructions.

Advice! You can also use any PC connected to this network to find the necessary configuration data. Launching the «Command Prompt» application, enter «ipconfig / all» and look at the result.


Getting rid of DNS server errors

This problem is especially relevant for Samsung TVs, which may not work correctly when the company’s servers are overloaded. If you specify DNS addresses manually, then the connection will be made without the manufacturer’s server. In order to find out the DNS address, you need to contact your provider or use free public options from Google or Yandex. Google has a primary DNS address:, secondary: Some TVs do not need to enter an additional address.

We perform an alternative connection to Wi-Fi

The most common way to connect to Wi-Fi is to enter the password manually. If this method did not help, then you can use the WPS function, provided that the router has it. To use it to connect to the Internet, you need to activate the fast connection on the TV (WPS mode), and then do the same in the router. To do this, a special button on the case may be provided, or you will need to go into its settings. To do this, the browser indicates the IP address from the sticker on the bottom panel of the device (you can find it in the instructions). The username and password for login are also registered here. Next, go to the WPS section and activate the connection.

Important! The connection has a limited duration, if you do not have time, then the activation will have to be performed again.


If the synchronization was originally performed via WPS, then try entering the password manually. If the TV does not see the network, then its visibility is probably hidden in the router — this can be fixed in the settings.

We amplify the signal

Sometimes a connection problem is caused by the TV not seeing the router, or the signal is too weak. In this case, it is worth placing the devices close to each other — ideally, in the same room. It is also worth making sure that the problem is not caused by interference. They can be created by working household appliances — a refrigerator, a microwave oven and others.

Advice! If you cannot change the position of the router, then you can strengthen its signal by installing a more powerful antenna or a repeater.


If the above recommendations did not help, then the radio module is probably broken.

Determining the malfunction of the built-in wifi module

To diagnose a possible cause of a malfunction in a Wi-Fi wireless modular element, it is necessary to examine the TV for its performance. However, first of all, make sure that the device supports wifi interface. If not, you need to buy an external adapter that is compatible with the user’s TV model. It looks like a small drive or flash drive. Otherwise, you can check the correct operation of the wireless module as follows (we take a Samsung TV as an example).
wifi router

  1. First determine if the TV will see other devices through the wifi interface. For this purpose, a phone that is connected to wireless software is suitable. This method will enable the user to determine whether the built-in module is working in this Samsung TV or not.
  2. Go to the main menu by selecting the «Support» option, then «Contact Samsung». Scrolling down the pages, look at the numbers in the MAC address line. If the values ​​​​are in the form of zeros, dashes or monotonous parameters, then the wifi module does not function.

How to update the TV firmware

In order for Smart TV applications to function properly, the TV to work stably and at high speed, it is necessary to update the device software. There are two ways to update the firmware: directly via the Internet or using a USB flash drive. Consider how to install the latest firmware on TV Lg from flash drive. To do this, follow these steps:

  • go to lg website
  • enter the model of the TV;
  • select the «support» tab;
  • go to «by»;
  • select the new version from the list of firmware;
  • click on the link and download the archive to your computer;
  • create a folder called «lg_dtv» and place the downloaded file there;
  • connect the drive to the TV;
  • the system will prompt you to download the updated version;
  • click «execute».

Note! When the firmware is being updated, do not turn off the equipment from the outlet. To avoid unexpected power outages, use an uninterruptible power supply.

In this review, we studied in detail how to establish a connection with a router through a wireless interface. Users are given answers why the TV does not connect to the Internet via wifi and suggested basic ways to fix problems.


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