Why the computer does not see the TV when connected via hdmi


Today, any user can connect a laptop as well as a desktop computer to an LCD flat screen TV using an HDMI cable, and then enjoy an expanded picture. Such a connection is not always successful: for example, there may be no sound. But there are times when the computer does not see the TV connected via HDMI at all, although the wire was just purchased from the store. There are many reasons for the incorrect operation of the cable, and the search for the true problem must be done consistently.

Connecting via HDMI

We carry out diagnostics

What should I do if the TV does not see the laptop via HDMI? Video cards of all modern products support this connection: HDMI on the TV is installed on almost every model. If the laptop was connected according to all the rules, but there is still no image, then we connect the laptop to the TV, while sequentially checking all possible problems.

Cable check

Not a single product, even the most reliable brand, is immune from factory defects, especially when manually assembled. When buying, the quality of the image and sound are checked, but they never check specific connectors and connection jacks on the TV — at best, they make sure that they are available, and even then not all buyers. It often happens that cable does not workalthough it has not been used for very long. It is necessary to connect the same cable, but to another device, if it functions normally, then the reason that the computer does not see the TV lies in the latter. It is necessary to diagnose the TV for recognition of similar signals.


Checking the signal source

On the remote control (RC), press the button to select the external input option. It depends on the specific product model which button on the TV remote control you need to press: “source” (source), “input” (input) or “HDMI” (LG, Sony or Samsung). After clicking on the screen, a menu appears with detailed list of active inputs. We select and confirm, by pressing OK or Enter, exactly the desired input, into which the cable coming from the laptop was previously connected.

Signal source

Connection port failure

Any connector can be mechanical damage or burn out during a power surge, which are not uncommon in our electrical networks. Experienced craftsmen advise connecting the HDMI wire when offline deviceseven the antenna cable is recommended to be disconnected for this time.

There is also such a very rare reason why the TV does not see HDMI: it simply does not have additional power on the video card, and without this the connection will not work.

Connection ports

Windows display settings

If the connection cord and interfaces work, but the system unit still does not display the picture on the TV screen, then the problem lies in the operating system settings. How to properly configure the system unit for different OS versions is described below.

Windows 7.

  1. On the desktop you need to open the task menu and find the item «screen resolution».
  2. Select the item «connect to the projector» and click duplicate so that the image remains on each monitor. If you need to completely transfer the picture to TV, then click on «projector only».

Windows 8.

  1. After entering the control panel, select the «appearance and personalization» submenu.
  2. In the «screen» section, find «multiple displays» and select «duplicate» or «extend the table to only the second display.»

Windows 10.

  1. In the display options, select «display» and scroll down to «multiple displays».
  2. If all connections are made correctly, then the second screen will be displayed immediately, it remains only to indicate how exactly to use it — duplicating or as the main one.

Setting resolution and frequency

Sometimes, after following the above recommendations, the picture is still not broadcast. In this case, the reason may be that the TV and the system unit are not compatible in their parameters. For example, for an old SD or HD TV, the FHD resolution set on the PC graphics card is too high. In this case, it is worth entering the screen settings using the above algorithms and, by selecting the second display (TV), lower the resolution for it.

The second reason that can affect the image is frequency. By default, the PC graphics card is set to 60 Hz. For TV, you should try to gradually reduce the value.

Important to remember! Some TV manufacturers provide a connection to a PC, and there is a special mode for this. It can be combined with the image setting or standalone. Through it, you can select the appropriate resolution for the PC.

Some Samsung TVs There was a problem in which a window appeared with the text “HDMI mode not supported”. There were many recommendations on the forums to combat this, but it turned out that this is a problem with the factory firmware, and in order to fix the defect, you need to contact the manufacturer’s service center, where the new software is installed. Modern Samsung TVs do not have such nuances.

How to update the software on the video card

If connection difficulties have not gone away after the recommendations above, then updating the software for the PC associated with displaying the image can help. The driver could be outdated, corrupted, or simply missing. In such a situation, you should open the device manager and look at the «video adapters» tab. To do this, on the «my computer» icon, select the «management» menu, which opens by clicking on the right mouse button.

If next to the adapter lit red or yellow icon, that is, there is a problem in the operation of this node. To update, you can immediately open its properties and select automatic driver update, but it is more efficient to download it from the manufacturer’s website.

Advice! The update can be found using the DriverPack Solution utility. Its convenience is that it scans the system itself and looks for all the necessary drivers.

How to set up sound

When connecting a TV to a PC, it may happen that there is an image, but no sound. This means that the wrong adapters/cables are being used, or the computer is not set up correctly.

  1. In the tray, you need to click on the sound settings icon and select «playback devices» for the 7th and 8th Windows or open the «sound options» for the 10th version of the OS.
  2. We see a list of available speakers, among them there should be a TV — switch to it and, if necessary, click «use by default».

If the sound still does not appear, then it is worth checking the volume on both devices, as well as updating the sound card software.

Perhaps the fault lies in the fact that the operating system was infected with viruses, or there was an unauthorized entry of malware. With the help of a powerful antivirus program (computer protection program) that can find all spies of any level, we carefully scan your computer and reconnect.

Some experts strongly advise you to check the version for your Smart TV platform: sometimes a laptop does not connect via HDMI for this very reason. Update the Smart TV firmware and the problem may disappear.

If the equipment has not started working together, the reason lies in an internal breakdown that only the master can diagnose and fix. Of course, if you have knowledge in the field of electronic stuffing of devices, you can try to repair the TV yourself.


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