Why is the microphone on the headphones not working?


Many people are faced with a situation where the microphone on the headphones does not work, or instead of a distinct voice stream, it transmits a loud, growing noise. To understand the causes of the malfunction and make repairs, it is necessary to diagnose the system and equipment.

Microphone on headphones

Checking the microphone and headphones

The Internet resource WebcammicTest will help determine the cause of the malfunction. This site will help you find out if the problem is really a broken microphone or it’s all about the wrong settings on your PC system.

In the windows 7 operating system, it is not uncommon for one or more drivers to fail and require reinstallation. If you are the owner of this OS, pay special attention to checking the performance of service programs.

The verification process is as follows:

  • go to webcammictest.com;
  • open the «test microphone» tab;
  • start speaking into your headset when the green light appears.

If there are sound vibrations on the screen, which are reflected in the corresponding window, then the device is in good condition, and its malfunction is related to the computer’s system settings.

Microphone test

Causes of the malfunction

Some of the most common reasons why a microphone has stopped working are:

  • broken cable;
  • dirty contact;
  • lack of drivers for the system;
  • incorrect connection of the microphone and PC;
  • broken settings.

Broken conductor

The vast majority of headphone failures related to sound or voice transmission are caused by wire damage.. The most vulnerable areas of the conductor are:

  • 3.5 or 6.5 plug transition to cable;
  • branching of lines — can be made in the form of a bifurcation of a wire or a block with volume control and a microphone activation button.

You can identify the problem by bending the cable in risk areas — the signal will appear and disappear, or there will be a position at which the signal will become stable. With a multimeter and experience with it can check the signal. Below is a pinout diagram for a standard 3.5 plug.

Pinout 3.5 plug

Some devices may have a different circuit — this is especially common on older headphones. If you managed to find a break, then you can solder the cable, but if you don’t have experience with a soldering iron, then you should contact the service center.

Important! Repairs should be carried out only in the case of high-quality headphones. The cost of eliminating a defect in cheap headsets is inappropriate — it’s cheaper to buy a new one.

Dirty contacts

The reason for the lack of signal may be a dirty plug or headphone jack. Contacts can oxidize, and connectors are often clogged with debris, this is especially true for smartphones, since carrying it in a bag or pocket leads to stuffing of dust and small threads into the inlet. This causes a violation of the signal flow.

You can remove debris from the plug with a thin wire, but this is risky, so it is recommended to purchase a can of compressed air. It costs a couple of hundred rubles and is sold in any digital equipment store. To clean the plug, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Do not tear or scrape off dirt with a knife, as damage to the surface can cause oxidation.

Air can for cleaning equipment

Air can for cleaning equipment

No drivers

Another reason why the microphone in the headphones does not work may be the lack of software for the audio card. It can be soldered to the motherboard or installed separately. Regardless of the situation, you need to download the driver on the website of the laptop manufacturer or for specific equipment (motherboard / sound card).

To verify that the problem is with the driver, you need to enter the hardware manager. By clicking on «sound, video and game controllers», a list of equipment will open. If there is a problem, then there is a red or yellow sign opposite the corresponding node.

Sometimes software can stand, but be outdated. Here you can also find out the name of the equipment and, by opening the function menu, try to update the driver in automatic mode. However, it is more efficient to download and install the driver separately.

The following is an example of the Windows 7 Hardware Manager:

Windows 7 manager

And Windows 10:

Windows 10 manager

Do not forget that there is a Bluetooth headset — the module in a laptop / PC also requires working software. The update / installation scheme is similar.

System failure

Sometimes incorrect operation is caused by a failure in the system — the microphone can be forcibly turned off. In this case, you should find the “speaker” icon in the tray and click on “open sound options”.

Audio options tab

Next, select «sound», find the item «input» and click «manage sound devices».

Sound device management tab

The microphone may be disabled. Clicking on it opens the «on / off» button.

Mute/unmute the microphone

For the Windows 7 operating system, the submenu is different, in the tray on the sound icon you need to select “recording devices” — “recording” — “microphone” — “properties” — “enable”. Here you can also turn on the microphone sensitivity, perhaps it is set to a minimum, and the node simply does not pick up the voice.

Microphone Options

If the connection is made to a device with a built-in microphone, then by default it can work — while the microphone on the headset is not active. In this situation, two microphones are listed in the equipment list. You only need to select the one you need and, if necessary, activate the “default” button so that you do not switch manually every time.

Switching error

In operating system windows 7 a problem with the headset can also occur if it is connected to the front panel and not to the rear panel. It is possible that you could mix up the connectors for connecting the headset, which resulted in the complete inoperability of the latter.

Headphone Recommendations

Headphones with a microphone are one of those types of equipment that often breaks down. If you want your headset to serve you for a long time, choose trusted companies such as fornication, sony, philips, etc. An excellent solution for gamers and just for lovers of virtual communication, combining quality and relatively inexpensive cost, will be the a4tech model bloody g500. In addition to an attractive appearance, the model boasts impressive features that will provide high quality sound to its owner.


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