Why does the TV not respond to the remote control


Modern users have already forgotten those distant times when it was necessary to get up from a comfortable chair to switch channels, make the sound louder or adjust the brightness — today the remote control (remote control) provides invaluable assistance in this. Therefore, if suddenly the TV does not respond to the commands of the control panel, this causes some discomfort. Why this happens, and how to reanimate the device, we will consider below.

Why is the remote control not working?

If your remote control does not affect the TV, then there can be many reasons, and only an experienced master can figure out the essence of the problem, establish an accurate diagnosis. With the help of special diagnostics, the cause will be found in a short time, and often it lies in other devices — this already requires completely different actions. However, there are quite commonplace reasons that cause problems with remote control.

Remote controller

Check remote control

Sometimes there is such a problem that the remote control of the TV does not work. Most often, the cause of the problem lies in itself. Of course, if the remote control has been dropped or mechanically damaged, then it is not so easy to fix it. First you need to check the joint operation of the television receiver and the remote control. To do this, perform the following steps.

  1. Make sure that TV is plugged in. If not, plug the power cord into a power outlet.
  2. Make sure that mains voltage is present. The safety valve may have been triggered due to interruptions, or the electricity may have been cut off.
  3. Check operation of the TV receiver without a remote control. To do this, set various commands using the TV control panel. If everything is in order with the device, then the problem lies in the remote control.


The most common reason for a device to stop working is battery discharge. This is also shown by the statistics of customer requests to household appliances repair points. But replacing power supplies is the simplest thing that is not difficult to handle. We find on the back of the device a cover under which there are batteries. On the cover there is a special corrugated surface, pressing on which, it can be easily moved. Movement occurs in the direction indicated by the arrows. After opening the compartment, we take out and dispose of the old batteries, and insert the new ones in their place, observing the polarity.


Another reason is also possible: the batteries themselves are in order, but the contacts in the power compartment are oxidized or loosened. To check their condition, remove the cover as described above. Let’s shake the batteries a little. If they are loose, hanging in the nest, they need to be tightened. After removing the batteries, tighten the contacts with a screwdriver, then install the power back.

Oxidized steel parts do not pass electric current. Oxidation occurs from dirt, dust, moisture. With a regular cotton swab dipped in alcohol or cologne, wipe the contact points. If this is not enough, and the corrosion is not completely removed, remove it with a sharp metal stick. A needle or screwdriver will do.

Light-emitting diode

In addition to batteries, the malfunction may lie in the infrared LED. It can break off or simply fail. It is simply impossible to determine whether the device is in order or not: for this you need a smartphone.

To test the operation of the remote control using a mobile device, the following conditions must be met.

  1. The TV remote control must have an infrared sensor.
  2. You will need a smartphone with a camera.

The sequence of actions for checking the operation of the IR sensor using the phone is as follows.

  1. Turn on mobile device camera. In this case, the screen will display what is within the range of the camera.
  2. Point the remote control at the turned on camera and press one of the buttons for a long time. It is best to press the on / off TV receiver.
  3. If the remote control is active and the IR sensor is working, a reddish or blue-violet light from it will be visible on the smartphone screen. The weaker the light, the worse the remote control works. Weak operation may be from problems with the batteries or oxidation of the contacts. Repairing these elements will help the device to function properly again.

Attention! At the time of checking the operation of the LED in the room should be dark.

With this technique, you can identify those remote control buttons that do not work, and repair them. Sometimes specialist advice is required. If the device cannot be repaired, a new remote control must be purchased.

No signal frequency match

The indicator is on, but the TV does not turn on with the remote control? Such a malfunction, according to statistics, occurs more often with Sony and LG products than with other manufacturers. It is necessary to check the remote control for the signal frequency on a similar model with friends or immediately contact the service — experienced craftsmen will check the device.


Lost signal

Switching off / on the TV via the remote control does not occur, the indicator reacts, but there is no action, or the TV starts to respond only after repeatedly pressing any button. Such a malfunction appears more often with Philips and Samsung TV brands — try to solve this problem with by simultaneously pressing Program and Volume on the front of the TV. If the problem persists, you need to reflash the product system to the latest software version, then your TV will turn on the first time.

Extraneous interference

They are very rare, but cannot be ruled out. Just make sure that nothing interferes with the operation of the remote control: flashing fluorescent lights, other household appliances such as a microwave oven or microwave oven. For example, such a situation can arise when the TV is not properly placed in the kitchen: many users put the TV on the microwave without thinking about whether it can be done. Perhaps these steps will help answer the question why the TV does not turn off and turn on with the remote control.

TV remote

The problem lies in TV

As a result of numerous checks, have you found out that the remote control is working, and the TV is still not going to turn off when you press the corresponding button on the remote control? There are few options here: the photodetector is not working correctly, or there has been a breakdown in product control processor. You cannot fix such a malfunction on your own — by your actions you can cause irreparable harm to delicate equipment. It can simply turn off forever, and no magician will be able to revive it, and you have to go for a new TV.

How to replace a faulty remote control

Every user should be aware that repairing a remote control is sometimes much more expensive than purchasing a new universal or custom-made TV for your brand. Therefore, if the remote control has a serious malfunction, then in 99% of cases it is easier to replace it than to repair it. Our article will help you choose a new remote control.

By the way, any smartphone can be configured to control TV if you download a special program on it that turns it into a unique remote control for your household appliances.

One has only to direct the mobile device to the TV for synchronization and remember the settings. Such a remote control is reliable in operation, and it will not have the problems listed above.


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