What video format does LG, Samsung, Sony TV support?


Unlike old TVs, which could only broadcast through an antenna, modern devices can use different sources of information. A common option is USB drives to which movies are downloaded from the Internet. Sometimes the TV cannot play the downloaded movie. This is due to the file extension. To avoid this situation, below is what formats the TV reads, and what to do if you cannot find a movie in a suitable encoding.

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Popular formats

At the moment, TVs are able to distinguish the main part of the common video formats. Let’s consider the main ones.


First of all, these are video files of the MPEG standard that appeared quite a long time ago. It is divided into several subspecies:

  • Mpeg — 1, the CD-video format that has lost its relevance;
  • Mpeg — 2 used by DVD;
  • Mpeg — 4, very popular today and widely used in communications and streaming.


The next, no less popular video format that works on the main part of the devices is H-264, or as it is also called, Advanced Video Coding. This codec is characterized by maintaining the optimal resolution of the picture, subject to the maximum compression of the source file. The AVC format is vastly superior to MPEG in many ways.

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DivX and Xvid

The expected restart and refinement of the Mpeg codec can be called video files compressed using DivX and Xvid technologies competing with each other. The presented codecs are equally good at converting recordings to Mpeg — 4. These algorithms are also built into factory kit TV software.

Supported modern TV formats

Today, most TVs, not only from well-known manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, Philips, LG, but also from other companies, have a relatively standard set of codecs that allow you to read the most common formats. These include:

  • MPEG 1/2/3/4;
  • DivX;
  • HEVC;
  • AVI;
  • wmv.

Sony 4K Android TVs

There are other formats, but they are quite specific, so TVs may not support them. It should also be understood that the above list is the most popular extensions, but not all manufacturers and not in each of their models implement their reading.

Advice! To find out what format a device understands, just look at its specifications, as a rule, the description contains a complete list.

What to do if the TV does not play the movie

Sometimes even the format declared in the passport is not readable. This is possible due to inappropriate image resolution, bitrate, frame rate, and a number of other reasons. In addition, incorrect playback may be due to poor quality recording — the movie did not download, or the download to the USB flash drive failed, but this went unnoticed by the user.

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The TV may not read a movie from a flash drive if it was not downloaded correctly

If the TV does not play the movie, and you can’t download it in another extension, then you should try updating the firmware. Sometimes, along with it, the capabilities of the device are expanded, including the emergence of support for new formats.

In the case of AndroidTV, third-party players can be installed. Most of them have built-in codecs that will be able to read a format that is not readable by default TV. If the device does not have smart functions, or there are no video players in its store (Smart TV LG and Samsung), then you can play the video through third-party gadgets. The most convenient to buy smart device with USB output — it will not only turn an ordinary panel into a «smart» one, but it can also have a more omnivorous built-in player. DVB set-top box, satellite or Internet TV receiver, Blu-ray player, home theater and other devices can also help.

Advice! If the firmware update did not help, the TV is not Smart, and there is no way to buy additional equipment, then you can convert files to the required formats on your computer.

Which TV to buy, everyone decides for himself. Whether it’s Sony or Samsung, LED or OLED, plasma or LCD — the modern market is able to offer a lot of excellent devices that can handle almost all existing video formats. They can vary in price, build quality and parts, but in general, they do a pretty good job of their functions.



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