What TV do you need for ps4


The popularity of the PlayStation does not slow down, despite the presence of other game consoles. Games captivate not only children, but also adults into the virtual world. For the most spectacular sensations and the reality of what is happening, it is important to have a high-quality image of the TV to which the console will be connected. Built-in additional features and the use of innovative systems in games are not used. What are the criteria for choosing a TV that is ideal for ps4?

TV set-top box

main parameters

When choosing a TV device to be able to connect a PlayStation to it, you should pay attention to such nuances.

  1. TV type and frequency. Depending on the type of technology, it is possible to determine by basic parameters whether the technical functions are commensurate with the capabilities of the set-top box and the user’s expectations. If desired, you can connect the set-top box to a TV with a cathode ray tube, but all the advantages of ps 4 can only be appreciated if you have a high-quality image and acoustics. Plasma and LED TVs are the most sought after among PlayStation gamers, with a screen refresh rate of at least 100 Hz being desirable.
  2. Screen resolution. There are still FHD game consoles on the market today, but they are gradually being replaced by the more modern 4K format. It is on him that you should be guided, because the TV is not bought for one year.
  3. Viewing angle. In some models, when viewed from the side, the image may be distorted due to uneven backlighting. This is an important point in group games. It is especially necessary to check the change in dimming at an angle when choosing a TV with LCD technology.
  4. Input — Lag. The value of this parameter is especially important when using a TV as a screen for Characteristic Input — Lag shows the length of time required by the television receiver to process the incoming signal and play it on the screen. The lower this indicator, the faster the screen will react to the actions of the players.
  5. Response time. This parameter indicates the response time of the matrix, i.e., the conversion of a pixel to the required brightness. The lower the indicator, the faster the image transfer rate, optimally no more than 5 milliseconds.
  6. PQI update index. This indicator is undeservedly overlooked, and often it is not even indicated in the characteristics of the model. It varies from 1000 for budget TVs to 3000 for premium ones. The higher this index, the better for the gameplay.
  7. Screen diagonal. A large monitor allows you to bring the virtual game as close as possible to reality, which will make it more exciting. However, there are certain restrictions depending on the size of the room. It is worth remembering that when choosing the size of the TV, you need to take into account the distance to the eyes.
  8. interfaces. The PS4 is connected via HDMI. Therefore, an old TV for such a set-top box is not the best solution. The use of adapters will degrade the image quality. It is worth paying attention to models equipped with HDMI 2.0 — this interface allows you to transfer data in 4K format.
  9. Availability of special modes. In response to customer requests, manufacturers began to provide special game modes on TVs. As a rule, they disable all unnecessary TV options for the game.

The cost of the TV plays an important role. The presence of the same parameters, but with different additional functions and design, can vary greatly in the price category of different manufacturers.

The best TV models for PS4

The most popular TV brands that allow you to get the thrill of ps4 are Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG. Of course, each model has its pros and cons, but in general, the equipment of these brands is recommended in the electronics market and is in great demand. Focusing on the sales rating, you can prioritize some models, among which you can make the final choice, taking into account your own preferences and financial capabilities.

5. Xiaomi Mi TV 4S (2019)

SmartTV from Xiaomi is a great option as a console monitor. For quite an adequate price, it will offer a large diagonal of 55 inches with 4K resolution, an excellent response of 6.5 ms and good viewing angles of 178 degrees. The device boasts good sound through speakers 20 W. The device has all the interfaces necessary for connecting peripherals, in particular, HDMI 2.0 allows you to transfer a 4K picture, which is required for modern set-top boxes. If the native speakers seem quiet, you can connect external speakers through the optical output. Smart functions are implemented well in the device, the Android operating system is quite stable, there is a reserve of its own memory of 8 GB and 2 GB of RAM. Price: from 32,000 rubles.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S (2019)


  • fast response;
  • large viewing angles;
  • the presence of HDMI with support for UHD signal transmission;
  • good margin of brightness.


  • the frame rate is modest — 60 Hz, but is compensated by the response time;
  • OS firmware sometimes gives out bugs — it is eliminated as it is updated.

4. Samsung UE43RU7400U

The 43rd diagonal is the minimum for UHD resolution. For those who do not have enough room to put a large TV, Samsung’s model will be the perfect solution. The matrix is ​​4K, supports HDR (which is not important for set-top boxes, but will come in handy when watching movies), and also has a high frame rate of 100 Hz. The advantage of the device is the indicator PQI – 1900, thanks to this, dynamic games will be displayed without brakes and image freezes. The TV runs on proprietary TizenOS, has all DVB tuners, good 20W speakers, 3 HDMI 2.0 outputs, an optical output and other interfaces for peripherals. Price: from 31,400 rubles.

Samsung UE43RU7400U


  • high frame rate;
  • the presence of HDMI0;
  • Miracast support;
  • good sound;
  • excellent display of dynamic scenes.


  • at angles of more than 45 degrees, the picture fades;
  • no Wi-Fi5GHz.

3. NanoCell LG 49SM8500

LG’s new NanoCell lineup of 49-inch TVs offers an improved matrix variant, UHD and HDR support. The model received a powerful processor for image processing frame by frame, which improves the final result. Frequency — 100 Hz. Device supports DolbyAtmos, which is important for obtaining high-quality sound, speakers — 20 watts. There are 4 HDMI 2.0, Wi-Fi 5 GHz with Miracast and other useful interfaces. TV can work in the smart home system and is equipped with proprietary webOS. Remote control with pointer and voice control included. Price: from 39,000 rubles.

NanoCell LG 49SM8500


  • high-quality image due to a powerful processor and NanoCell matrix;
  • high frequency;
  • convenient remote control;
  • there is Wi-Fi 5 GHz;
  • quality sound.


  • in the absence of illumination, gray areas of illumination may be visible.

2. Sony KD-55XG8596

Sony TVs are always the most natural colors, which in itself is a plus. In addition, the 55-inch model received EDGE backlight, which guarantees its uniformity, and for games in the dark this is a serious advantage. The device with UHD resolution has excellent viewing angles, a 100-Hz matrix and proprietary technology MotionFlowXR, which is responsible for the high-quality display of dynamic scenes. The TV has a high-quality AndroidTV and, unlike competitors on it, the firmware is more stable here. The device received a full set of wired and wireless interfaces, all DVB tuners. Built-in memory — 16 GB, the remote control supports voice input.

Sony KD-55XG8596

Important! Do not forget that Sony TVs have a special game mode adapted for PlayStation consoles.

Price: from 64,500 rubles.


  • EDGE matrix illumination — no glare;
  • frequency — 100 Hz;
  • high-quality speakers with a power of 20 W;
  • convenient Android TV;
  • special game mode.


  • inflated price tag.

1.OLED Philips 55OLED754

Philips 55-inch TV to offer customers the best OLED TV matrix. It is not the only company on the market with OLED technology, but Philips has the undeniable advantage of Ambilight illumination. It creates a halo around the screen, which is illuminated with colors from the display, which provides immersion in what is happening, and with high-quality sound, the effect is beyond praise.

OLED Philips 55OLED754

The model is also quite capable of providing sound — 2 speakers of 8 W each + a 24 W subwoofer create a real volume. In addition, the matrix supports HDR and DolbyVision, PPI 4500 and has local dimming — this creates true black color. All this is accompanied by a powerful processor P5 PerfectPicture, whose name speaks for itself. The TV also has everything you need to connect — HDMI 2.0, Wi-Fi with WiDi and Miracast. Price: from 84,000 rubles.


  • excellent screen;
  • high frequency;
  • powerful processor;
  • surround loud sound;
  • corporate illumination of the case;
  • modern interfaces.


When purchasing a TV, you need to decide on its main purpose: will it be used only for games, or do you need the maximum functions of a good TV? The screen size for a favorable viewing experience is calculated based on the distance you will be from it. The purchase price will depend on the manufacturer. If you’re choosing between Sony and Samsung, the more expensive Sony branded models, the Samsung TV options are cheaper and still equal in quality.


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