What is the secret of VANLAB express lifting sheet mask? And how to get the maximum effect from its use?


It all starts with preparing the skin for application. First, cleanse your face well with a foam or gel cleanser. Then all the useful components of the impregnation of the mask will penetrate deeper.

Apply the serum under the sheet mask. It will enhance the effect!

Do not keep the mask on your face for longer than the time indicated in the instructions.
Do not allow the fabric base to dry out. When dry, the mask will begin to «take» moisture back.

Spread the rest of the serum in the package over the neck and décolleté. It also needs hydration and care.

Use a sheet mask while taking a bath. The pores open best there.⠀

After removing the mask, do a little self-massage. This will help the serum to be absorbed and improve blood flow.

Follow a weekly course of sheet masks for best results, then use 1-2 times a week and before important events.

Thanks to the innovative formula, the mask transforms the skin in a matter of minutes, has a lifting effect, tightening and forming a clear oval of the face, intensively nourishes and moisturizes the skin, smoothes mimic and age wrinkles, significantly improves skin firmness and elasticity, a powerful antioxidant effect activates intensive cell renewal and guarantees rejuvenating effect, helps to relieve swelling and even out complexion.


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