The best e-cigarette atomizer: choice and rating


Recently, vaping — smoking electronic cigarettes — is at the peak of popularity. Although, according to vapers, smoking is not quite the right term for this process, because in fact, only the inhalation of vapor, or “soaring”, occurs. It is logical that due to the increased interest in electronic cigarettes, the range of vaping accessories began to expand. Let’s focus on the most important part of the steam generator — the atomizer, consider its device, the principle of operation and determine the best atomizers for electronic cigarettes.

What is an atomizer

Today, everyone who has ever tried electronic cigarettes knows more or less about atomizers. This is not surprising: it is this element that allows us to consider an electronic steam generator a cigarette. Of course, the battery pack, with the help of which current is supplied for the timely evaporation of liquid from the tank, is also of no small importance. However, it is the atomizer that can be called the «heart» of the electronic cigarette. The design features of the atomizer provide the main properties of the vape device: the density and volume of the exhaled vapor, the rich taste and aroma of the liquid filled into the device.

Atomizer design

If you are new to the world of “vaping” and do not yet understand exactly how an atomizer functions, remember ordinary boiler. It is with this unpretentious device that our device can be compared. The very design of the atomizer is a nichrome spiral, inside of which there is a wick (quartz thread) impregnated with a non-flammable liquid. When voltage is applied to the coil from a source of electricity (battery), it instantly heats up and heats the wick very much. The liquid in the wick also reaches high temperatures and goes into a state of vapor. The resulting vapor is inhaled by vapers.

Accordingly, if the liquid is flavored, the vapor also becomes palatable.

Thus, in order for the atomizer to work correctly, the following components of the device are required:

  1. A battery that acts as a source of electricity.
  2. Refilled liquid (usually a replacement cartridge). It is she who wets the wick inside the spiral.

The smoker is inhaled through a special mouthpiece. With the help of connecting elements, a battery mod and an atomizer, or, as it is called, a tank, form a single electronic device with different characteristics.

How a cigarette works

Classification of atomizers

The vaping industry is constantly evolving, and manufacturers offer a ton of options for vapers. These devices vary in size, design features, coil resistance, maintenance. In order not to make a mistake in choosing an atom, it is best to know the main features of a particular type.

Service possible

The most common classification of vape devices is serviceability.

  1. serviced. These are atomizers, the manufacturer of which makes it possible to manually change the heating element — a nichrome spiral. As a rule, inside the design of such atomizers there are special fasteners for convenient installation of the coil. Some models also allow you to replace the wick yourself and customize the device to your taste (for example, adjust the winding of the spiral). This type of atomizer is suitable for those users who do not want to constantly buy new devices — it is easier to replace the necessary elements in an existing device. Perhaps, for beginners, a serviced atomizer will not seem like the most successful acquisition, but over time, having understood the range of accessories and understanding the principle of operation, they will opt for this particular type. Full service models are found among clearomizers, tankomizers, atomizer drips.
  2. Semi-serviced. In this case, changing the coil will not work, but the manufacturer allows you to change the whole evaporator, that is, part of the atomizer with a coil and screwed wicks. In this case, there is no provision for changing the winding of the spiral, which means that it is impossible to adjust the taste and amount of steam generated. The replacement process is quite simple: it will be enough just to attach a new evaporator to replace the old one to the main base of the device. In general, it is even more convenient and takes much less time than painstaking manual installation of the coil into the compartment with fasteners. This type includes the following devices: clearomizers, Ego-C atomizers, DCT tanks.
  3. Unattended. These devices are considered disposable. They have a limited service life, because in the event of a malfunction, it will not be possible to change the heating element. After a breakdown, most likely, you will have to purchase a new model. However, disposable atomizers also have their own varieties: with replaceable cartridges (the most short-lived and inferior in taste to other types), more reliable cartomizers in the form of a tube and clearomizers with a large liquid capacity.

Serviced atomizer , Bellus Sub Ohm

According to the degree of resistance of the spiral

As mentioned above, the devices are equipped with a nichrome spiral — the main heating element of the design. The electrical resistance may vary. Ohm’s law, known since the school physics course, says that the greater the resistance, the less current is supplied. In our case, the resistance of the coil determines how thick and at what temperature the steam will be.. If the number is low, then the output is very hot and dense steam. The resistance value is affected by the size of the heating coil and the number of turns in it.

  1. Standard: The resistance is between 2.1 and 2.6 ohms. Steam is formed of medium density and saturation — this is the most acceptable option for vapers.
  2. Low resistance: no more than 2 ohms. These devices generate much more steam than standard models, however, as a result of intensive work, they often fail.
  3. high resistance: more than 3 ohms. Vaporization is powerful and rich, the taste of steam is usually bright. Such tanks are equipped with a more capacious and high-quality battery than the rest.


By type of construction

The third and rather important criterion by which atomizers are classified is the type of construction. In fact, it is the design of the device that determines its main qualities.

  1. Classic atomizer tank. The body consists of an evaporator and a replaceable cartridge, inside of which there is a spiral and a padding polyester impregnated with a non-flammable liquid. A metal bridge protects from direct destructive contact of the spiral with synthetic filler. In addition, the entire structure is securely wrapped in metal sponge or metafoam. The ends of the spiral wick go into it. Thus, the metal bridge and metafoam serve as a kind of intermediary in the interaction between the liquid and the helix body. The evaporator itself is connected to the battery using a connector. Also in the connector there is a hole through which air is supplied when tightening. The entire evaporation system described above is placed in a small cylindrical metal cap. The classic model is quite simply arranged and looks very stylish, but it has some drawbacks. For example, during long-term operation, plaque forms on the surface of the spiral. It is difficult to clean it, burning is the most effective, but this method is very dangerous. The appearance of plaque or soot most often occurs due to fluid stagnation in metapene. As a result, the wetting of the wick becomes weaker, the taste of the steam deteriorates, and the spiral runs the risk of burning out. In addition, the synthetic winterizer may also burn out, which will also greatly worsen the taste and aroma of the steam cloud.
    Classic atomizer
  2. cartomizer. Here, the evaporator and the replaceable cartridge with the impregnated filler are mounted in one housing in the form of a cylinder. The filler is filled with a syringe through a special hole in the mouthpiece. Most often, cartomizers are a one-time device, and if one of the elements fails, the entire unit will have to be replaced. Cartomizers work with eighth generation electronic cigarettes, such as PS Royal, E-puffer Colibri, Smokoff Slim, etc. The advantage of a cartomizer is a good vapor density and rich taste.
  3. Clearomizer. As a rule, this modification is made of polycarbonate plastic or glass. Instead of a synthetic winterizer filler, there is a wick to which the filled liquid enters. The convenience of the clearomizer lies in the transparency of the case, which means that you can constantly monitor the level of liquid inside the tank. In addition, you can adjust the amount of liquid entering the wick up to the heating coil. Clearomizers can be fully serviced, so it won’t be difficult for you to purchase a new tank or any other necessary part. Models can be repaired and buy replacement coils for the spiral. The main disadvantage of clearomizers is their high cost compared to other modifications.

Top 5 e-cigarette tanks

How to determine the best atomizer among the abundance of proven devices and fresh new products? There are several criteria for identifying the best atomizer, but mostly it is the taste and the duration of the puff. There are three types of puffs: hookah, medium and cigarette. If you are purchasing an electronic device for the purpose of quitting smoking, then we advise you to opt for tanks with a cigarette puff. The taste of steam is more dependent on the liquid that impregnates the synthetic winterizer. It is better to adjust the brightness of the taste yourself, which means that you should pay attention exclusively to serviced models. Having determined the main requirements for buying a quality atomizer, we offer you a small rating of the best models of 2020.

5. Smoke Stick V8

On the 5th place among the best models is a maintenance-free atomizer with an aluminum case in several color versions of the flask. Airflow is carried out from below, its intensity is adjustable. The model is different good power, which allows you to enjoy rich steam with medium intensity of use throughout the day. The device is easy to refill, the container capacity is about 5 ml, a 10-turn spring is installed on the 5 mm connector. The model has a color indicator that displays the charge level. The package includes two evaporators, a cord, spare parts, a battery and a tankomizer. Price: from 1800 rubles.
Smoke Stick V8

    • capacious battery;
    • simple refueling;
    • clear interface;
    • pleasant appearance of the device;
    • extended set.


  • not suitable for all vape models;
  • not served.

4.Gemini RTA

Simple model with serviceability, top filling and 3.5ml tank. It has blower adjustment, and the range allows you to adjust the final temperature of the steam even to the needs of the most demanding smokers. The device has an excellent configuration and a very interesting appearance. Price: from 700 rubles.

Gemini RTA


  • simple refueling;
  • interesting appearance;
  • good equipment;
  • low price;
  • compact dimensions.


  • the liquid tank is quite modest, while the overall dimensions made it possible to supply a more capacious option.

3. Wotofo Serpent mini 22mm

One of the best models on the market offers customers an outwardly stylish flask made of durable glass with a silver or black version. The glass in the device is removable, therefore, in case of damage, it is easy to change to a new one. The device has a convenient ring for adjusting the airflow, and unlike many competitive models, there is a setting for the intensity of the steam supply. The atomizer has a standard thread, so it is suitable for different vapes.

Serpent Mini is a smaller version of the popular Serpent model. Along with the dimensions, it received a new position of the spiral and a different fastening mechanism — this allows you to use different forms of the spiral, which ultimately improves the taste characteristics.

Tank capacity — 3 ml. The kit includes a serviced atomizer with an already installed mouthpiece, spare parts, a screwdriver for installing coils, a winding kit, a flask. All this is packaged in a beautiful gift box. Price: from 1,100 rubles.

Wotofo Serpent mini 22mm


  • thoughtful design;
  • convenient adjustment of steam power;
  • pleasant taste sensations;
  • good set;
  • easy to refuel;
  • looks stylish and expensive.


  • rather modest size of the flask.

2. iJoy Limitless Plus RDTA

A fairly expensive atomizer, which is recommended for beginners to buy. The model is large, so it is much easier to learn how to wind on it, and more experienced users will be able to independently adjust the intensity of blowing and use thick spirals. At the exit, this gives different taste sensations, which makes experiments possible. The design is universal and simple — the replacement of parts and the selection of equipment are very easy. The capacity of the flask is 6.3 ml, which allows not only to fill in the liquid less often, but also to take long puffs. The device received several colors and a beautiful appearance. Price: from 1500 rubles.

iJoy Limitless Plus RDTA


  • large capacity;
  • simple maintenance;
  • suitable for beginners;
  • gives advanced users the opportunity to experiment with the settings;
  • good transfer of taste;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • allows you to make long puffs.


  • it is not recommended to store the device horizontally — the tank may leak.

1.GeekVape Griffin 25 Plus RTA

A cult model that has become the best in the opinion of experienced users and in discussions on thematic forums. The model has well thought-out blower system – two nozzles are directed to each spiral, while the installation of wide and powerful spirals is possible, which increases the amount of steam, making puffs longer. Tank capacity — 5 ml. The liquid supply has been changed — due to this, the taste characteristics are much better.

Device supplied with two top covers. One regular, the second with additional top airflow, as well as a wide mouthpiece for deep puffs. The model is considered a reference — high-quality assembly, wide settings, convenient operation, excellent transmission of taste parameters. Price: from 1,900 rubles.

GeekVape Griffin 25 Plus RTA


  • ease of operation;
  • high-quality design and reliable materials;
  • large capacity;
  • the ability to make long and deep puffs;
  • good equipment;
  • the ability to work in single-coil mode;
  • accurate transfer of taste.



We hope that our article has helped you better understand what atomizers are, how they work, and which models are considered leaders in the modern vaping industry. We have determined the best atomizer based on user feedback and device characteristics, but do not forget that manufacturers are constantly «upgrading» their developments and offering innovative devices. So, over time, the models will improve and delight vapers with new features and capabilities.


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