Like in the movies: 10 ideas for romantic dates


Not so long ago, Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend sensationally spoke about the «worst date of my life.» According to the girl, for a romantic meeting with her, DiCaprio rented a whole cinema and … forced to reconsider all the Star Wars series. Along the way, the actor ran around and brandished his lightsaber, imagining that he was fighting the bad guys.

Eh, you watched the wrong movies, Leo!

In anticipation of the long weekend in May, we have compiled a list of the best ideas for romantic meetings — from your favorite movies. (“Star Wars” is not on our list, although with Hayden Christansen we would wave lightsabers …)


1. Go to the cinema
as the heroes of the film «LaLaLand» (2016)

Thanks to LaLaLand for the most beautiful (and probably the longest) first date scene in cinematic history. The heroes of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone first go to the cinema to see a classic black and white film, and later go to the observatory building, where the real magic begins … Multiply this with great music, and your heart will skip a beat from the desire to bring this movie plot to life — with your loved one man. The film has 14 Oscar nominations and 6 well-deserved statuettes.

2. …or dancing
as the heroes of the TV series «War and Peace» (BBC, 2016)

The first ball of Natasha Rostova is not only a topic for jokes and school essays, but also a wonderful example of how feelings flare up and flare up during a dance. Actors James Norton and Lily James managed the impossible: to play passion with their eyes alone. And we adopt the timeless idea to go dancing with your loved one.

3. Arrange an «anti-date»
as the characters in the movie More Than Sex (2011)

The heroine Natalie Portman avoids serious relationships and any manifestations of romance. But Ashton Kutcher’s hero brilliantly gets out of the situation and organizes … an anti-date. A bouquet of carrots captivated our hearts. We want one and recommend it!

4. Ride a boat
as the characters in the film The Notebook (2004)

How to win the heart of a woman whom he loved and lost, and, as it seems, forever? The hero of Ryan Gosling clings to the last chance and calls his beloved for a ride on the boat. How this river walk ended, everyone saw. And who doesn’t want to repeat?

5. Wallow in beds at a furniture store
as the characters in the movie 500 Days of Summer (2009)

This movie is a whole collection of dating ideas! More seem to be collected only in our gift game poster game for two: «YOU ARE MY SPACE: 33 ideas for unforgettable dates.» But our favorite plot, of course, is a trip to a furniture hypermarket, where the characters play life together in the interiors of the store and hug each other on their beds. Touching and free. Try it! The film has two Oscar statuettes.

6. Organize a family sports tournament
as the heroes of the saga «Twilight» (2008)

The heroes of the Twilight saga, though vampires, are American vampires! Therefore, on the first official date, Edward invites Bella to a baseball game. The consequences of this game will be unpredictable, but the idea of ​​​​a sports date is definitely worth adopting (at the same time, you can immediately introduce a girl or boyfriend to your parents).

7. Arrange a paragliding flight
as the characters in the movie «50 shades of gray» (2015)

Where without Christinan our Gray? The protagonist-lover of the XXI century surpassed himself when he organized a paragliding flight for his beloved. The sky, the plane, the girl… Beautiful, but not everywhere and not available to everyone. If you like the idea, think about flying in a wind tunnel — a completely equivalent replacement.

8. Swim in the lake in summer
as the characters in the movie «After» (2019)

The hero of the teen drama «After», the rebel Hardin knows how to impress a girl. He takes his beloved to a secret place on the shore of a forest lake. Unexpected, simple, completely free and very intimate. Worth repeating!

9. … or in the river
as the characters in Dirty Dancing (1987)

About the fact that dance is a faithful companion of passion, we have already told above, but if it is a dance in water … A warm summer evening, strong male hands, a wet T-shirt sticks to the body … Well, you understand. You can watch endlessly how young Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray dance, laugh and fall into the water. The film won an Oscar for best soundtrack.

10. Do your favorite movie stunt at home
as the characters in the film «This Stupid Love» (2011)

Still doubting that «Dirty Dancing» is the main movie manual on seduction? Very in vain. Here the hero of Ryan Gosling did not doubt, but simply took and repeated the famous trick with support on a date with the heroine of Emma Stone. And everything worked out. Another flawless first date scene from this couple. But without preparation, such support, of course, is better not to perform.

Do you want to get closer to each other and breathe newness into the relationship? More romance — in a poster game for two: «YOU ARE MY SPACE: 33 ideas for unforgettable dates.»


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