How wireless headphones work


Mobile devices, as well as accessories for them, are developing with a noticeable progression. Thanks to modern technology, it has become possible to use wireless headphones. This is very convenient for work and at home: you can enjoy music while playing sports or cleaning the apartment, without fear that your mobile device will fall out or the wires will get tangled. Despite the widespread use of the gadget, many still do not know how wireless headphones work?

Wireless headphones

Connection methods

The wireless headphone circuit includes a mandatory element — a signal receiver from the source. Depending on its type, there are several ways to connect a wireless headset, and each of them has advantages for certain conditions.

  1. Bluetooth— connection. The principle of operation via bluetooth is to convert an analog signal into a digital one. Audio transmission is carried out at a distance of up to 10 m from the sound source. For this connection, it does not matter whether there are obstacles in the room or not.
  2. Connection via infrared port. The advantage of transmitting an audio signal via infrared is the high quality of the sound. Unlike a Bluetooth connection, the distance to communicate with the transmitter must be significantly less, but this is not always a problem. The only negative may be interference caused by obstacles — in connection with this, the sound in the headphones will disappear. The influence of electromagnetic radiation does not apply to them. The principle of operation is identical to that of the remote control.
    Philips wireless headphones

    Philips Wireless Infrared Headphones

  3. Audio playback by means of a radio wave. In terms of distance from the signal source, this is the largest coverage range. Wireless earphones for phones can pick up radio waves at a distance of 150 m. Connecting too far will affect the sound quality — it will be much lower.

Extraneous noise in open areas will also adversely affect the quality of sound reproduction through wireless headphones.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones are compatible with almost any gadget. Many portable devices have a built-in bluetooth module that transmits data to the headset. If necessary, you can install an external device.

The algorithm for connecting a bluetooth headset is simple and consists of the following steps:

  1. Bluetooth is turned on on the headphones by pressing and holding (no more than 15 seconds) the corresponding button.
    Bluetooth on headphones
  2. This function is also activated in the phone menu.
    Bluetooth on phone
  3. In the drop-down list for searching for devices connected to bluetooth, the desired item is selected.
  4. Pairing is in progress.

During the last step, you may see password entry request — it can be found in the instructions for the device. If you didn’t reset the password yourself and replace it with an individual number, the standard 1111 or 0000 will do.

If the signal source is not equipped with Bluetooth technology, then the connection is made through the included headphones special transmitter, which connects to a standard wired radio headphone jack. After that, the appropriate settings are made and sound playback starts.

Functions of bluetooth headphones

With portability and easy storage, the Bluetooth headphone market is constantly expanding. With all the variety, manufacturers have to go to different tricks to draw attention to new models. It is quite difficult to seriously expand the functionality — it has already been formed, so you have to work on qualitative parameters. The functions of wireless headphones such as AirPods and their many copies are described below, as they are the most popular and common today.


Headphones AirPods

  1. Headset. With this feature, the headphones can be used to make and answer voice calls. The device has one or more microphones, and the control buttons allow you to receive or make a call — you do not need to get your phone for this.
  2. Auto connection. Thanks to this mode, the headphones will automatically connect to the device with which they were previously synchronized. To do this, both devices must be in line of sight, and Bluetooth must be turned on on the phone.
  3. Autopause. It often happens that the earpiece falls out of the ear, or you have to pull it out to hear anything. It is not always convenient to pause a song or an audiobook, or you may not have time, but if this function is provided, then a special sensor will understand that the device is not in the ear and stop playback itself.
  4. Noise suppression. Thanks to this function, the headset will eliminate extraneous sounds and allow you to enjoy clear and high-quality sound. This is true on the street or in public transport, but it is worthwhile to understand that for many headphones the function is more like a presence than really works.
  5. Touch buttons. Advanced wireless headphones do not have buttons on the case, and they are controlled using a sensor. Thanks to this, the headset looks modern and stylish.
  6. Sound adjustment. Thanks to this option, the sound volume can be adjusted with buttons or a sensor on the headphones, which is more convenient than taking out the phone for this.
  7. Voice notifications and control. Due to these options, the device will report a low battery level or leaving the Bluetooth range. Voice control allows you to perform certain actions through an assistant on your smartphone or special commands.
  8. Wireless charger. It is redundant to explain what this function is, but it is worth knowing that it can work in different ways. In some cases, only the headphones are charged without wires, and the case must be connected with a cable, in other situations, such charging is supported by both the headset and its storage box.
  9. multipoint. This is a function where you can pair with multiple devices. For example, by connecting the headset to a phone and a laptop, you can listen to music from the latter and, if necessary, answer the call that comes to the phone.
Headphone control buttons

Headphone control buttons

How is charging

The convenience of wireless headphones is their mobility and the absence of wires, but there is also a downside — batteries or accumulators. They have to be charged or completely replaced. If the headset uses regular batteries, then you just need to install new ones. But charging the battery can be done in different ways.

  1. A power cord with a microUSB, USB-C and other subspecies is connected.
  2. Wireless charging — just put the headphones on a special device.
  3. Through the storage case. In this case, there are contacts inside that are in contact with similar contacts on the headphones. In such a situation, the case also needs to be periodically charged wirelessly or through all the same contacts.

On a note! Charging from the box is very convenient, because in the absence of an outlet, the headphones can simply lie in the case and replenish the capacity. The case can last for 2-5 full charges.

Headphones with wireless charging

Headphones with wireless charging

Any battery has the property of degradation, that is, as it is used, it loses its capacity, and autonomy decreases over time. To push this moment, you must follow the recommendations for charging:

  • charge the headset up to 100%, and not partially replenish the capacity;
  • do not wait until the headphones turn off due to the fact that the battery has sat down to zero;
  • it is not recommended to use the headset during charging, you should also disconnect it from the device at this time.

The charging algorithm described below applies to models with cable connection. This is a fairly universal method, but for different devices it may have minor differences.

  1. If the headphones are connected by a cord, then one of them has a connector — the cable is inserted into it. For models with separate headphones, the power is connected to each, usually the cord is bifurcated at the end for simultaneous charging.
  2. The other side is connected to the power supply. It can be a powerbank, smartphone or PC power supply.
  3. Charge the device for as long as indicated in the instructions.
  4. In accordance with the instructions, we check the indication after the required time has elapsed — it should change, for example, it will stop blinking or the color of the backlight will change.


It is worth noting that you can charge the headphones to a full battery, but you should not leave them connected to the outlet after the capacity has been filled. Few headsets from top brands cut off the power even when they remain connected to it.

Types of headphones

The design of the wireless headset is varied. The most modern models provide for its minimum dimensions, which allow the headphones to become almost invisible. Wireless headphones for the phone come in the form linersThey are very compact and look neat.


Overhead speakers are much more massive, but sound quality wins.

The headset may differ not only in appearance, but also in the method of attachment. Active people with a mobile lifestyle are more comfortable with earbuds with a bow-shaped mount on the top of their head. For some, an in-ear headset is sufficient. The choice of device also depends on the requirements for sound quality. More expensive models are equipped two speakersallowing you to play stereo sound and decompose them into channels. However, there is one drawback — this is the operation of the device on a battery, which must be regularly charged through batteries or by connecting to a gadget.

The choice of headphones is based on personal preferences and requirements. At the same time, comfort must be combined with safety if you plan to use them regularly. Connoisseurs of good quality music should consider more expensive models that can provide decent sound.


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