How to unlock LG, Samsung, Philips TV without remote control


On all TV models, regardless of the brand and year of manufacture, there is a device blocking function. In most cases, blocking happens by accident. This can be either a negligent attitude to technology, the curiosity of children associated with the study of electrical engineering, or setting a certain code on the remote control. Sometimes parents deliberately resort to blocking technology to limit the viewing of TV channels by children, if it is impossible to control this process. But, what to do if the remote is missing, and is it possible to unlock the TV without it?

TV lock icon

Signs and causes of blocking the TV

There are a lot of varieties of TV, even one brand and one series of models can have a different scheme for installing and unlocking. There is no single unlock approach — the key combination can be unique. In modern models, where there is a minimal set of function buttons, it is very problematic to unlock without a remote control. You can turn on the TV without the remote, but unlocking is more complicated. So, consider the signs of blocking TV:

  • the screen has a blue background, there is a lock icon in the corner;
  • a window appeared on the display asking you to enter a PIN code;
  • the presence of a blue screen background and the absence of TV channels;
  • the TV does not receive signals after pressing the buttons;
  • TV turns off after startup.

TV asks for a pin code

The main reason for blocking the screen is pressing a certain combination of buttons on the remote control. In its absence, this possibility is excluded. This can happen either by accident, when making certain settings, or be the result of a software failure. Only a service center specialist can determine the exact cause.


It is worth noting that unlocking the TV without a remote control in many models is almost impossible. This is due to the lack of necessary keys on the panel. To do this, it will be necessary to purchase a new remote control, which has the exact modification of TV, a universal model will not work for this case. Therefore, in order to choose the right control device, you need to know the exact model of your TV.

Key on the remote control

The first thing you can do is find the instructions and get acquainted with the possibility of unlocking the TV without a remote control. Reconfiguring channels is possible through the menu key, which is always present on the TV panel. For older models this may be enough.

By the way, if only one channel works, then the reason is most likely due to a settings failure, here you will need information on how to properly configure digital channels.

TV unlocked

In new generation models You won’t be able to reset the TV without the remote control. It is necessary to call a qualified master. If the TV blocking was not carried out by accident through the remote control, it may be necessary to reflash the system, and on your own, without knowledge, it is better not to experiment.

When a window appears on the screen that requires entering a specific code, you must try to enter it using the buttons on the TV panel. Such information is rarely remembered, so you will have to use the instructions. The user manual contains information about whether you can enter numbers through the on-screen menu, or you still need to order a new remote.

Unlock TVs of leading brands

The way to lock the TV depends on its brand. Accordingly, they are also unlocked using different methods. Below are the action algorithms for the leading brands of equipment.


This manufacturer has a parental control option (“child lock”) with which you can restrict the use of some channels, settings and functions. You can access this menu using the remote control, and sometimes from the control panel on the case itself.

The second option to remove user restrictions is to reset all settings to factory settings.. To do this, you need to reinstall the «system» of the TV using the «General settings» menu.

Reset Philips settings


On those TV models that have been released recently, any adjustments possible only from the remote control. If such a device is blocked, a new remote control is indispensable.

Advice! Install the official LG TV Remote app to control your Smart TV. This will help to avoid trouble in case of accidental blocking.


All settings on the TV from the Toshiba brand adjusted only from the remote control. Accordingly, it will also not work to unlock it without a remote control. For this brand, child protection consists in completely blocking the control panel on the TV case, you can remove it only from the remote control.

There are also parental controls that restrict access to certain channels or adjust settings. If the remote control is lost, you will have to buy a new one. Without it, these restrictions cannot be lifted.


These devices can be unlocked only from remote control. You can remove all restrictions imposed by the user through the main menu, returning to the factory settings.

parental control on samsung tv

To set child lockthe standard password «1111», «0000», or the one specified in the manual is used.

In general, for all manufacturers

For many brands (such as Thomson, Supra, Hyundai, Polar and Erison), the device settings can only be accessed using the remote control. If not, you need to buy a new one or contact a specialist.

In general, to unlock a TV without a remote control, you need to follow the algorithm:

  • find the “menu” button on the case (if it is not there, nothing will work);
  • use the keys to go to the «child protection» subsection and remove the locks.

Council of Experts

No one is immune from the loss or breakage of the remote control. In order not to be left with a locked TV and without a remote control, you should download an application on your smartphone that allows you to control the TV from it. You can find such programs on the Play Market / AppStore.

TV control from smartphone

Attention! Not all TV models have official applications. In this case, you can fill yourself with one of the universal ones and test it for compatibility with your TV.

In the event of a malfunction of the remote control from the delivery set, it is advisable to buy a new original remote control designed to work with this particular TV model. In a copy or a universal remote control, at best, several keys will turn out to be non-working, at worst, it will not work with this TV at all. Do not reprogram the internal TV board for a new remote control on your own. If necessary, it is better to contact the service.


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