How to set up digital and analogue channels on your TV


When buying a new TV, you need to set up all the TV channels for easy viewing of programs. This procedure is very responsible — the image quality and signal strength depend on the correct setting. Consider how to tune channels on your TV, and do it right.

Types of television signals

There are only three main types of TV broadcasting — it depends on how the signal is received.

  1. On-air television — the broadcast is from a television tower to an indoor antenna, and no additional equipment is used.
  2. Cable TV — from a special server of the operator’s distribution center, the signal is transmitted via cable to network subscribers.
  3. satellite system — from the satellite, the impulse enters the parabolic antenna, and then it is converted by the receiver and fed through the cable to the TV.

The first two options can use analog or digital channels, the latter has a very high quality of audio and video signal transmission, but for viewing it is necessary to install additional equipment — a tuner (read more in the article about connecting satellite television).

Next, we will take a closer look at setting up analog TV channels manually or in automatic mode. Setting up cable channels has practically no fundamental differences, i.e. digital channels are configured identically.

We prepare equipment

Setting up channels on a TV begins with connecting it to a signal source: for analog and cable television, we connect the cable to the antenna input (see photo).

Antenna input

If you have two or more TVs in your home, they can also be connected to the same antenna. But for a stable distribution, you need to use a special splitter or splitterwhich has two or more outputs, depending on your needs.


How to set up digital broadcast channels

Setting up TV channels on modern TVs is noticeably simplified thanks to intelligent automation. But users who are inexperienced in these matters experience serious difficulties. In addition, in some cases manual adjustment of values ​​is required.

You can set the broadcast channels both using the TV and through third party equipment: set-top boxes, consoles, receivers, etc. Consider the settings in automatic and manual mode with an eye on the brand of TV.

General procedure

This is a universal and easiest way, available for almost all modern TV devices.. We connect the antenna to the TV and perform the following procedure.

Important! UHF devices are extremely sensitive to the direction vector, unlike conventional VHF receivers. Therefore, they must be set strictly on the base from which the signal comes.


Algorithm for setting up on-air channels:

  1. Open the TV menu using the remote control.
  2. Let’s go to the settings section.
  3. Click on the «Signal Source» item.
  4. From the list, select a TV antenna or the corresponding output (AV, AV +).
  5. There should also be an item «Automatic channel search».
  6. Go to the section and click on «Search».
  7. At the end of the procedure, all found channels will appear.
  8. We save the set, and if necessary, change the numbering.

On rare occasions, TV need a rebootwhich will prompt the corresponding system message.

Manual setting

If the above algorithm of actions was not successful, then you should try to set up digital broadcasting manually.

Manual channel tuning:

  1. Go to the RTRS service;
  2. By clicking on the desired settlement, the parameters of the nearest towers will open.
  3. We write down the values ​​of TVK.
  4. Open the menu on the TV and go to the settings.
  5. Select the signal source (TV antenna).
  6. Click on «Manual Channel Tuning».
  7. We fill in the field with the frequency (MHz) and the number of the multiplex from the previously recorded data.
  8. Turn on search.
  9. We save data.


If the number of channels is less than 20, then it is necessary to repeat step 7, selecting the second multiplex in the values.

Setting up channels on TVs of different brands

Some models run on proprietary operating systems. For example, Samsung has Tizen, LG has webOS, and Sony and Philips have Android OS. Let’s analyze the features of tuning on-air channels with an eye on the brand of TV.


The order of the procedure depends on the TV series. The first thing is update the device, otherwise, conflicts and other problems may arise.

Procedure for M, Q, LS and K series models:

  1. We activate the menu on the TV using the Home button on the remote control.
  2. Go to the «Settings» section and open the «Broadcast» branch.
  3. Click on the item «Auto tuning».
  4. In the drop-down list, select the signal source — TV antenna.
  5. Be sure to specify the type of channels — digital, otherwise the TV will look for analog ones, including.
  6. Leave the values ​​in the «Operator» and «Search Mode» sections as they are.
  7. Let’s start scanning.
  8. At the end of the TV will record all found channels in memory.

Setting on J, H, F and E series models:

  1. Press the Source button on the remote control and set the signal source to the TV antenna.
  2. Open the settings and go to the «Broadcast» section.
  3. Select the type of channels — digital.
  4. Click «Scan».
  5. We agree with saving the data, or change the numbering.

Sometimes the TV may think for a few seconds after the search is over. This is fine. In less than a minute, a list of all channels available for viewing will appear on the screen.


Here, too, it is necessary to update the operating system. Before starting the procedure, it is recommended to reboot the device and wait a couple of minutes until the platform stabilizes.


Setting algorithm:

  1. Press the Settings button on the remote control.
  2. Go to the «Channels» section.
  3. In the window that appears, select «Auto Search».
  4. Set the signal source — TV antenna.
  5. In the search interface, put a tick on the line «Digital only».
  6. Start the procedure by pressing the OK button.
  7. If necessary, change the numbering of the found channels.

The procedure is the same for all TVs of this brand. The platform is fully localized, so there should be no problems with customization. In some cases, the interface design may change, but the menu branches remain the same.


TVs running on the Android platform are more flexible in terms of individual settings, but certain difficulties still arise. As in other cases, the first step is to update operating system to the current version.


Steps for setting up digital channels:

  1. Activate the menu by pressing the Home button on the remote control.
  2. Open «Configuration» and go to the «Installation» section.
  3. Select «Channel settings».
  4. Click on the line «Automatic mode» and «Start».
  5. From the drop-down list, select the signal source — TV antenna.
  6. At the end of the search, click on «Finish» to save the results.

Some versions of the operating system may require you to select a country. If Russia is not on the list, then click on Germany or Finland. These countries use similar broadcast protocols.

Sometimes the system asks for a password. Typically, this is «0000» or «1111». The specific code will be indicated in the «Channel settings» section.

Setting up cable TV

You have finally had modern television and now you are wondering how to make high-quality digital channel tuning on your TV. When setting up, it is better to adhere to the following recommendations.

  1. It is necessary to conclude a formal contract with a provider that provides cable TV services in your area of ​​the city.
  2. When turned on, the message “Digital channels not configured” appears on the screen.
  3. You need to take the equipment control panel, enter the Menu by pressing the appropriate button.
  4. In the “Channel settings” section, select the “Auto tuning” sub-item, then press the “OK” button — the product starts scanning the signal and automatically tunes to all existing channels. At the same time, doubles and variants of an incorrect image are recorded: stripes all over the screen, low-quality, distorted sound or its complete absence. Such channels removed manually after the download is complete by selecting the appropriate items from the menu of your TV.
  5. Automatic download ends within a few minutes — it depends on the number of received channels. After the scan is completed, the device will sequentially show all the stored channels.
  6. TV channels can also be tuned manually, but then you will have to search for the appropriate frequency for a long time. For each channel you tune, you will spend as much time as a full automatic setup would take.

cable search

Each user must understand that we have proposed an average option for setting up television channels, each TV has its own nuances that are spelled out in the instruction manual. For example, setting up and arranging channels on Tricolor TV is as simple as possible for the user.

Often users ask this question: is it possible to set up a TV without using the remote control? Of course, you can, if there are corresponding buttons on the case of your product model.

Satellite channels

Users who have a parabolic antenna are interested in the question of how to set up satellite channels? We immediately warn that these operations are slightly different from the actions described above.

So, the dish (as the satellite dish is popularly called) is already installed and directed in the right direction, it remains to figure out how to set up the TV. Together with a plate on the balcony, the room appears receiver or tunerconnected to it by a cable. At the same time, your equipment is transferred to the mode of an ordinary monitor.

Few of the buyers know that the satellite dish, due to the influence of natural conditions — strong winds, heavy rain, etc. — can change its original position, so you need to periodically check the device and adjust the position so that there is a stable signal without distortion.

The tuner has its own remote control, on which you need to press the «Menu» button. Following the prompts, which are described in detail in the instructions, satellite channels are tuned. There are many of them, so choose only the ones you need, which you will at least occasionally view. From the practice of using satellite television, it follows that many channels are offered, but the most popular are educational, about travel and the mysteries of the planet, and sports. Therefore, when setting up, do not get carried away by the abundance of saved channels: as a rule, you simply do not have enough free time to watch everything.


Setting up an old TV model

On an old TV without a remote control, settings are made using special regulatorslocated on the panel under the channel switching buttons. As a rule, in such models a drawer is pulled out where the channel frequency controls are located — with their help, the TV is tuned for all active channels. Adjusting the image of an old-style TV is done only manually using the rotary control on the front panel, there are also similar volume and brightness controls.

Often, a TV configured in this way, when turned on again, needs to be manually adjusted, since they do not have a storage system.

old TV model

HD channel setup

«High definition television» (HDTV) is a completely new standard that provides a much better picture when compared to analog and digital options. This format allows video and audio to be highly compressed, and only digital technology is used for signal transmission, resulting in very impressive picture fidelity and surround sound.

If you have already tuned digital channels on your new TV, then to add channels in HD mode, you need to automatically rescan — they will appear in the product list.

How to watch TV without an antenna

Today, any user can watch TV without an antenna: just plug in a cable internet provider to a TV set-top box — now you have more than a hundred channels from different countries of the former CIS, entertainment programs, news, educational and children’s channels.

The broadcast does not depend on weather conditions, besides, if you missed the program, you can watch it in the recording without annoying ads. The best films can be watched in excellent quality, almost like in a cinema, if you need to leave, press pause.


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