How to reduce tooth sensitivity and protect enamel at home?


What to do if you have sensitive teeth? fragile enamel? often caries occurs?

If at least some of this is familiar to you, then it’s time to take care of the enamel of your teeth. How to do this and is it possible at home?
Now we’ll tell you.

Enamel demineralization is a process in which enamel loses beneficial minerals. In order to make up for the missing elements of enamel, a remineralizing REMADENT gel.


It has a triple effect, thanks to important components:

· Activated hydroxyapatite — fills enamel microcracks, increases its hardness by 10 times;

· prebiotic arginine — reduces the risk of caries;

· potassium nitrate — Reduces tooth sensitivity.

Good to know: tooth enamel on 97% composed of calcium hydroxyapatite. Since REMADENT remineralizing gel contains calcium hydroxyapatite, it naturally fills enamel microcracks.

What will you get as a result of using:

· Cold or hot food, drinks no longer cause discomfort;

The appearance of the teeth becomes better, shine returns;

Enamel is more resistant to external influences;

Prolongation of the effect after teeth whitening.

So many benefits one tube! Using the gel for 5 to 10 minutes within 10 days, you will return healthy enamel to your teeth, and hence their health.

Take a step towards your cosmic smile with ON WHITE!


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