How to protect your apartment from the sun


July is the hottest month! Until recently, we were looking forward to the heat, but now the bright sun is chasing us everywhere, even at home. This is where self-adhesive window film comes to the rescue. It will help protect the room from heating, and interior items from burnout.

Matte film on windows is a universal solution for both an apartment and an office or showcase on the ground floor. It not only delays the scorching rays of the sun, but also makes the space more secluded and personal. And colorful floral prints turn the film into a truly stylish and spectacular accent in the interior.

The size of the self-adhesive film is 75×152 cm. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration. In addition, the vinyl film perfectly masks existing glass defects (cracks, scratches, chips).

There are so many options for window film! It can be used to decorate showers and glass doors, as well as office dividers or stained glass windows. And even when winter comes, the house will be decorated with juicy greenery.


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