How to prepare for planned weight loss and cleansing without harm to the body


Any feast is always stressful for people who care about their health and weight. After all, it is so hard to resist your favorite Russian salad, herring under a fur coat, sandwiches with red caviar … And if you suddenly cooked fried potatoes with mushrooms for your husband, why not try it yourself? And how many sweets are around … We forbid children to eat them in large quantities. At the same time, they themselves are not averse to eating a couple of C grades (at best) for tea.

As a result, everything ends with disorders, extra pounds, skin problems and low self-esteem. But don’t panic! Here’s a sign from above: it’s time to begin to deal with the consequences of hard times, cleanse your body and prepare for the beach season.

Where to begin?

Let’s start with the fact that you need to prepare in advance for planned weight loss and cleansing without harm to the body. It is worth starting to take a dietary supplement for gradual and safe weight loss. Our recommendation is a modern drug «Orsofit», which consists of a complex of natural ingredients. The recipe is based on a unique composition of extracts of white willow bark, orange fruit, spirulina. The technology used allowed us to preserve and enhance all the positive properties of the extracts.

The effectiveness of the components has been proven and verified by numerous scientific studies, long-term practice of use.

How does each component affect the body?

White willow bark extract exhibits astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, diuretic, analgesic, antipyretic, choleretic and antirheumatic activity. Salicylic acid, which is part of the plant, normalizes metabolic processes at the cellular level, improving the condition of the scalp and hair. It also stimulates hair growth and strengthens the roots.

Spirulina, due to the natural balance of vitamins and microelements, has a beneficial complex effect on the human body. Spirulina helps:

Rejuvenation of the body;
Increase in hemoglobin;
Increasing efficiency;
Concentration of attention.

Pomeranian fruits have antiseptic, antisclerotic, analgesic, choleretic, antitoxic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anticoagulant, stimulating, tonic, diaphoretic, laxative effects.

All components of the Orsofit complex are in a carefully adjusted proportion. The active substances of the drug mutually reinforce each other’s actions. In this case, possible side effects are leveled.

How to use?

Orsofit should be taken 1 tablet per day with 100 ml of liquid during or after a meal. Do not use more than 1 tablet. Additive «Orsofit» has a cumulative effect. The course is recommended. The result is a gradual weight loss, appetite control.

Additional Recommendations

The process of losing weight and healing will go even faster if you follow a few simple recommendations.

Nutrition Tips:

Add more greens and vegetables for lunch and dinner. This increases the nutritional value of the dish. Plus, by eating greens, you provide the body with fiber.

Avoid sugary sodas. The extra calories and chemicals from lemonade or packaged juices aren’t worth the taste. Quitting your favorite beverages may seem difficult at first, but if soda is a regular part of your diet, then this is a must.

At night, you should not eat cottage cheese and drink kefir. Eating lactose-containing dairy products in the evening can cause fermentation processes and increase the release of the hormone insulin, which increases fat deposition, especially in the abdomen.

To maintain the tone of the body in the morning on an empty stomach, drink a glass of warm water with lemon.

Physical exercises

Add at least minimal physical activity to your daily routine. Walk in the evening for 15-20 minutes. Use the stairs, not the elevator.

Do regular bowel massage to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage of the abdominal organs in the morning on an empty stomach for 5 minutes. Make circular stroking movements with the palm of your hand with light pressure clockwise along the course of the large intestine, alternating them with diaphragmatic breathing, taking a slow deep breath in and out.

Forward to a new life

Don’t neglect any of our tips! The biological additive «Orsofit» together with our recommendations will allow you to achieve excellent results. And finally get rid of the pounds stuck while eating salads and sweets! Don’t give up and everything will work out!

Be sure to follow our recommendation and order the modern Orsofit preparation, which consists of a complex of natural ingredients. Remember that the supplement has a cumulative effect. The course is recommended.

The article is advisory in nature. To improve the effect, we recommend consulting with your doctor.


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