How to instill in your child a love of books and make them his true friends?


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The development of a child’s intellect begins with the development of his imagination. Games, drawing, modeling and, of course, reading help with this.

How to instill in your child a love of books and make them his true friends?

At publishing house Clever There are wonderful series of books that are perfect for a first read. They combine simple yet witty stories with stylish illustrations to make you want to re-read and look at them over and over again. And convenient, large fonts allow the child to easily and with pleasure begin to read on their own. And if the kid has not yet mastered this skill, favorite books become a great incentive to learn as soon as possible!

Slonny and Svinny, who have won many prestigious awards and practically become children’s classics, have finally reached Russian readers! Heroes, in which it is impossible not to fall in love, give pure and vivid emotions. And the most ordinary situations, thanks to the author’s imagination and amazing sense of humor, turn into real adventures. There is very little text, but every phrase makes you smile (or even laugh). Perhaps a series of books about Slonny and Sweepy The best choice for beginner book lovers.

«Elephant and Sweepy. Bird on the head! (3-5 years)

How to behave in an incomprehensible situation? For example, if someone decided to build a house on your head … Yes, this can only happen to Slonny and Sweepy!

Elephant and Sweepy

«Elephant and Sweepy. How difficult it is to wait! (3-5 years)

Dreamy and romantic Sweepy decided to give her best friend Slonny a really special surprise. Only it was necessary to wait a little … Every kid (and every parent!) Knows how difficult it is. Poor Elephant was all exhausted in anticipation of a surprise. Read to the end and see for yourself that it was not in vain!

Elephant and Sweepy

«Elephant and Sweepy. Let’s go for a ride!» (3-5 years)

Once Elephant and Sweepy decided to ride with the breeze. Of course, planning a trip is an important and responsible business, and friends are deeply immersed in this process. Join now!

Elephant and Sweepy

«Elephant and Sweepy. Need to share?» (3-5 years)

On a beautiful warm day, Elephant got ice cream. But instead of eating it, the baby elephant solves the most difficult question! It is simply torn apart by contradictions. On the one hand, I really want to share ice cream with Sweeney. On the other hand, there are many reasons not to. In addition, ice cream, as it turned out, is not only tasty, but also unpredictable.

Elephant and Sweepy

Utya and Motya are bosom friends with whom various funny stories happen all the time. A series of books about the touching friendship of a little cheerful duck and an indecisive overweight hippo is a great motivation for children to start reading on their own.

“Utya and Motya. Walk in the rain «(3-5 years)

The duck can’t sit still and even in heavy rain she pulls Motya for a walk. The walk turned out, of course, unusual and even a little dangerous. How Utya and Motya coped with difficulties, read in the book!

Utya and Motya

“Utya and Motya. Picnic in the meadow «(3-5 years)

One day, friends started to have a picnic in the fresh air. But it so happened that everyone brought treats with them, but Motya forgot. To rectify the situation, the hippo went in search of something tasty, but disappeared … Where did Motya go? And how did the picnic end? Read and enjoy!

Utya and Motya

«Hunting for Snort» (3-6 years old)

A hilarious story about brave little animals who are not afraid to go on a dangerous journey. The purpose of the expedition was to see with their own eyes the legendary Snort, about which friends had heard so many terrible things. What is this snort really? The intrigue will be revealed at the end, but the story will not lose its charm, and you will want to return to it again and again. This book is so funny and cute that it will take pride of place on your bedside table for a long time.

Hunt for Fyrk

«Mouse, Bear and Chair» (3-6 years old)

The little mouse found that a huge bear was comfortably sitting on his chair and did not want to get off. The kid shows miracles of resourcefulness and ingenuity, but the bear is still sitting and does not seem to be planning to free the territory. How to be a mouse? Both adults and children will be delighted with surprisingly funny pictures and an unexpected ending!

Mouse, bear and chair

«Dogs don’t dance ballet» (3-6 years old)

What just does not happen in the world! This is a wonderful book about how important it is to believe in yourself and not give up on your dreams. For example, doggie Biff dreamed of ballet. And although it seemed strange to many, one day his unusual dream came true! Read and look at the wonderful pictures of how the bulldog danced on the stage in a ballet tutu (and, by the way, was a success)!

Dogs don't dance ballet


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