How to find out the series and model of the TV Lg, Samsung, Philips


In the process of using a TV, the question often arises of how to find out its exact model, series or year of manufacture. This information may be needed when ordering parts, contacting a service center, or when purchasing any additional modules, such as digital set-top boxes or media players. Full information is indicated on the nameplate under the marking «Model» or «Model». In some situations, it is missing, or the panel can be fixed to the wall with brackets. Solving the problem in such a situation is quite simple — the marking can be viewed through device menu.

Model Marking

Finding the right information through the menu

Information about the TV used — model, series code, year of manufacture — the manufacturer places in a sticker on the back of the case. If the device is mounted on the wall, it is problematic to quickly clarify the model information if necessary. You will need to refer to the system information of the TV, for which a series of manipulations with the remote control should be carried out.


In Smart TV of this popular South Korean brand, information about the model is placed in menu section «Support». Next, you should go through the submenu items:

  • «Contact Samsung»;
  • the desired marking is reflected in the line «Model Cod» / «Model Code».

Contacting Samsung


For Smart TV of an equally popular brand from South Korea, the model marking can also be found through the menu. The sequence of manipulations by means of the remote control is as follows:

  • go to the device menu;
  • open the «Settings» section;
  • go to the item «Contact»;
  • click on the tab «Information about the TV»;
  • find the required «Model Code» in the information text.

LG Model Information


The method of accessing system information for «smart» TVs of the European brand is solved differently. The user needs to use the remote control to switch the device to the on-air TV viewing mode. You do not need to go to channel settings. It is enough to quickly enter the digital sequence «1 2 3 6 5 4» as when selecting a channel. The service menu will appear on the screen. Followed by:

  • go to the «Set Type» menu section;
  • find the marking «Production code» in the informational text.

To remove the device from the service mode, you need to press the «Home» button on the remote control.

Entering the Philips service menu


For Japanese-branded smart panels, the way to access system information depends on the version of the Android TV operating system.

  1. On TV with system version up to 3.533 inclusive to read the model code, you need to press the “HOME” button and navigate through the following sections of the device menu: “Settings” → “TV” → “About device” → “Device name” → “System information”.
  2. The transition sequence on Sony smart panels with software version 3.843 or later different. After pressing the «HELP» button, you should go to the «System Information» block. The marking can be found when opening the screens: «Smart Help» or «System Information».
  3. On a Sony TV without android the model marking is reflected in the «Customer Support» section of the menu. To go, press the «HOME» button on the remote control, open the «Help» / «Settings» tab. In the list of sections, open the desired one.

Models from other manufacturers

For TVs Toshiba, Sharp, Supra, Panasonic and other lesser-known brands, there are no clear instructions for accessing system information through the device’s menu. The name of the menu button can be found in Operating Instructions. In the same place, the manufacturer indicates the sequence of transitions point by point in order to display information about the model on the screen. More often, such sections are called «Settings», «Options», «Properties», «Advanced», «System Information».

How to decrypt the code

The marking contains various information about the device itself. Which one can be determined using the Samsung LE-40B530 P7W LCD TV as an example.


  1. The panel code begins with a type designation: L — LCD, P — plasma, C — CRT (CRT), U — LED panel with Ultra HD, E — OLED.
  2. The next letter matches sales region (distribution of these devices): E — Europe, N — North America, A — Asia.
  3. The field is written with two numbers, they indicate Screen size in inches, for example, in the Samsung model written above — 40 ”(learn how to choose the optimal diagonal for your TV).
  4. The letter designation that is written after the screen size means year of issue (sometimes it corresponds to the TV series), it is customary to count it from 2008: A — 2008, B — 2009 and so on.
  5. The year of manufacture is followed by a number indicating the series number, then the subseries number, after the model number (within the subseries).

Deciphering the marking

As a rule, this is all the information that the Samsung TV model contains. The marking of other brands sometimes reflects the equipment, some technical features. Further on the nameplate indicate the country of origin, serial number, product type and code, hotline contact numbers, barcode.

It is worth noting that the decoding of the code of another brand may differ, only the size of the diagonal remains unchanged — it is always indicated at the beginning of the model.

The manufacturer indicates information about the model in the nameplate, on the packaging, in the accompanying documentation, and also flashes it into the TV system. You can find the required information using any of the listed media.


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