How to enhance the effect of a sheet mask?


1️⃣ Apply toner before use. It will serve as a conductor of active components💫

2️⃣ Cool the mask to get rid of puffiness❄️

3️⃣ Heat the mask to relax and calm down before going to bed 🌝

4️⃣ Do not throw away — apply the remaining essence on the neck, body and décolleté 💦

5️⃣ Use in the sauna. At high temperatures, the pores expand and the active ingredients penetrate better 🥰

6️⃣ Make a light facial massage on the mask with a roller massager or guasha, and then beat in the remaining essence with patting movements👏🏻

7️⃣ Use lying down — relaxation will enhance the effect🧖🏻‍♀️

8️⃣ Do a course of 10 masks every six months☝🏻


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