How to display iPhone video on TV screen


Modern technical devices open up great opportunities for users: for example, by understanding how to display the captured video from an iPhone to a TV, you can easily turn your gadget into a mobile cinema. Transferring images and videos from Iphone is available in various ways, and it is not necessary to purchase additional equipment. Modern mobile devices have the necessary built-in functions.

Connecting iPhone to TV

Ways to connect iPhone to TV

Synchronization of these devices for broadcasting video and transmitting images using a cable is possible in the following ways.

  1. Through HDMI-cable or composite connector. If the TV does not have the ability to connect to a wireless network, this is the most budget option for how to transfer media content.
  2. Using proprietary AirPlay technology.
  3. Via an optional Apple TV. Thanks to this device, even the simplest modern TV without Smart TV can be turned into a powerful multimedia center. Of course, it is not rational to purchase such a media player only for the purpose of broadcasting video from iphone to TV. If the user’s goal is not only to connect the gadget, but also to equip their TV with other useful functions, you should think about such TV equipment. The choice here is not limited only to «apple» technology: Smart TV set-top boxes are offered by many manufacturers.
  4. Through wireless connection DLNA. If the TV has the function of connecting via WI-FI, then the issue of synchronization can be solved without additional equipment. It will be enough to install a free application on your gadget and connect to TV.
  5. Through device Chromecast. This is a small digital media player from Google. With it, you can also connect the iPad to the TV.

How to connect iphone to TV via HDMI cable or analog jack

Apple mobile gadgets use a proprietary connector. Depending on the models, this is 30-pin, as in the iPad, iPhone 4 or iPod touch (4th generation), or Lightning 8-pin, starting with the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation. A large number of different accessories are produced under such standards, including Digital AV Adapter — a digital adapter that allows you to duplicate digital content from your iPhone, iPad or iPod on your TV screen. It has an HDMI interface, which is available on most modern LCD TVs. To connect a mobile device to a widescreen panel through such an accessory, a HDMI-cablewhich are also sold separately.

HDMI cable

If it is not possible to transfer video from iphone via HDMI to a TV, it can help composite or component cable. This is a standard that has received the simple name «tulip». This option is suitable for television equipment that has an analog connector. In this case, you need to purchase a composite or component AV cable from Apple as an adapter for your mobile device, respectively.

Instructions for connecting iPhone to TV via cable.

  1. Connecting the adapter to the phone.
  2. Connect HDMI, composite or component cable to TV.
  3. Turn on the TV and switch it to the appropriate input signal mode.
  4. After everything is connected, it is easy to display the video from the iPhone on the TV screen — just turn on the video on your mobile device.

Thus, you can not only broadcast video in HD format with a resolution of up to 1080p. (for Lightning), but also images, music, presentations, view applications, Internet resources, etc.

It is worth noting here that the analog and 30-pin connector for earlier versions do not support Full HD video transmission.

Connecting to a TV

Airplay technology

The creation of this technology has led to the ability to transfer any information, play online videos and duplicate the iPhone screen image on a TV.

An important requirement for providing such a connection is the support of the TV function. If it is not provided, then you can use the AppleTV console or analogues, their capabilities are described in detail below.

Connecting an iPhone to a TV using AirPlay is as follows:

  • device and TV are connected to the same wireless network;
  • swipe down to open the curtain and find an item in quick access — screen duplication;
  • in the window that opens, find the smart TV to be paired with;
  • after selecting a TV, a window with a password will appear on its screen, which must be entered on the mobile phone.

To turn off duplication, just open the curtain again and tap once on the AirPlay function button.

Smart set-top box AppleTV

If the TV does not support AirPlay, or it does not have smart features to pair it with an iPhone, you will need an Apple TV set-top box. It is equipped with its own processor, memory, Wi-Fi module and OS. They allow you to use the TV to which it is connected as a SmartTV.

Advice! Before pairing an Apple iPhone and TV with an American branded set-top box, it is recommended that you update the OS on all devices. This will avoid sync issues.

Follow these steps to connect your mobile phone to your TV using AppleTV.

  1. The set-top box and smartphone are connected to the same wireless network.
  2. In the AppleTV settings, you need to open the «devices» item and find the device with which you want to connect.
  3. In the window that appears about pairing, you must give consent.
  4. A window will appear on the TV screen with a code that you need to enter on your iPhone. If in the future such a connection will be made often, then the password request can be disabled in the settings of the set-top box.

Apple TV

After the connection is established, you can check its performance by running a video on your smartphone — it should be automatically duplicated on TV.

Useful advice! By installing the AppleTV Remote app on your phone, you can use it instead of the remote. This is convenient not only for standard channel switching or volume, but also for entering text when using the smart functions of the set-top box — the keyboard will be displayed on the smartphone.

Connecting through other set-top boxes

As mentioned above, to equip your TV with smart features, it is not at all necessary to choose an expensive AppleTV. There are other set-top boxes that also allow you to connect your iPhone to any TV.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon set-top boxes were not very common in the Russian market, but after the release of devices with Russified interface the situation began to change. The FireTV is connected to the TV via the HDMI output. Next, the power source (connector used) is selected on the TV, and the set-top box is configured. This is a standard and simple procedure, you just need to follow the actions that appear on the screen.

Important! Controlling the set-top box from Amazon is more convenient through the proprietary voice assistant Alexa. By installing it on the set-top box, you can perform most of the actions by voice requests — the control panel has a built-in microphone.

To connect an Apple smartphone to TV via FireTV, all devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Further, in the settings of the set-top box in the “Devices” item, scanning is enabled. In the list that appears, select the required gadget. After pairing, it can be used as an external memory or simply duplicate a picture from it. The hardware of the Amazon console allows you to stream online video in high quality without delay.

Roku TV

RokuTV is modest in size and connects via HDMI. The latest models have support for 4K video, and the ease of setup makes the device popular with users. Minus — bad Russification of the interface.

For switching iPhone and set-top box are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. SmartBox will automatically detect all devices within sight — select the one you need and perform pairing. The automatic display of the picture from the iPhone on the TV begins.

Advice! For finer settings, it is recommended to install the RokuTV application on your phone — it is available in the AppStore.

Wireless connection via DLNA

Image and video from iphone, Youtube videos, played music can be transferred to TV via WI-FI wireless network. Through a newfangled device on a large TV screen, you can even play games. The process is controlled from the phone, and all actions are duplicated on the TV.

Of course, this method of transmitting multimedia content is considered one of the the simplest, since the whole process consists in pressing a few buttons on the gadget’s display. But in addition to the mobile device, the TV must also meet certain specifications. If it is not possible to connect the TV panel to a wireless network, it will be necessary to resort to additional equipment or special adapters.

To create a home network using DLNA technology, 2 conditions must be met.

  1. The main thing is that the TV on which you plan to play the video is equipped with support for working with a WI-FI connection.
  2. In addition, the telephone and television equipment must be connected to the same router.

DLNA technology

If the above conditions are met, you can proceed with the installation additional applications for work They can be downloaded for free from the App Store. The software for working with a wireless network will help you transfer data from your phone to your TV. You can choose from several popular utilities: TV Assist, ImediaShare, Flipps, iMediaShare, Belkin MediaPlay. Of course, using free versions, the user will be forced to watch constantly flashing ads, which will have to be closed. However, compared with all the advantages, this is an insignificant minus.

Belkin Media Play

Depending on how often you plan to use data transfer from an iPhone to your TV, it is worth considering a number of paid programsthat avoid such inconvenience. Applications for working with a wireless network are quite in demand today, and there is a large selection of them in the App Store. User reviews will always help you choose the appropriate option in accordance with the version of the mobile device and the TV model.

After installing additional software, you need to carry out a simple setup. After launching the application, in the corresponding paragraph, select the tab with devices connected to the network and mark your TV. As a rule, the brand of the TV is always displayed, or the name of the model.

Many similar programs for iPhone provide support for various YouTube, Vimeo, Vkontakte, FoxNews services, and a built-in Internet browser. Therefore, you can broadcast video not only from the phone’s memory or the cloud, but also directly from the Internet.

To synchronize devices, you must also allow access from a mobile gadget through the TV interface. Now you can turn on the video on your iPhone and broadcast it on the big screen.

Similar applications have additional features. For example, they turn the gadget into a remote control (this will help if your TV remote does not work). In TV Assist, art lovers can experiment with the Paint tab. While drawing on the phone, the image also appears on the TV screen.

Features of the Chromecast

This is a gadget from the search giant Google, which also provides the ability to stream video and other information from mobile devices to the TV screen. In some ways, it can compete with Apple TV. It has support for popular Internet services. This is a small device, no larger than a regular USB flash drive, which is inserted into HDMI-connector and provides information transfer via wireless connection W.I.FI. The connection is carried out similarly to the previously considered method of transmitting multimedia content via DLNA.


There are several ways to display video and other multimedia content from an iPhone to a TV. They differ from each other in the need for various additional equipment and certain characteristics of the devices used. Depending on these criteria, the most optimal option for synchronizing a mobile phone and a TV for data transfer between them is selected.


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