How to develop a child’s curiosity in a playful way?


Everyone knows that preschool children learn the world in the game. Dolls, balls, cubes, puzzles — all this helps the child to explore the world around him with interest. And what can unite the whole family at one table and cause excitement? Board game.

Board games have a beneficial effect on a child, right? They develop perseverance, visual memory, attention, ingenuity, logic, imaginative thinking. Mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister — everyone will gather behind the playing field in the desire to be the first to Finish.

In addition to the colorful playing field, the educational board game Brainy Child has 240 bilingual cards with questions and answers in the form of children’s bright illustrations. Mathematical and logical puzzles, puzzles, riddles, speech development and much more you will find in the cards for the children’s board game Brainy Child.

  • Choose an animal, but not four legs?
  • Name the pictures that begin with the «C» sound!

Two languages: Russian and English. Great gadget replacement. At home, on the road, at a picnic, Brainy Child is with us everywhere!


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