How to determine the quality of porcelain tableware


Usually, porcelain dishes are chosen according to their appearance, which is decorated with a decal or hand-painted.
The choice of tableware design is infinitely varied, everyone makes this choice depending on their ideas of beauty.
But if you do not think about decor, how can you determine the quality of finished porcelain dishes?


Even, smooth glaze on the surface of the product. Glaze is a glassy layer that covers the product. Glaze should cover the product evenly, without bubbles, sagging and gaps.

The form

Smooth, geometrically correct shape of objects.
The product should not have bumps, cracks or chips. Place the object on a flat surface — it should not swing, the bottom should be in contact with the surface along the entire diameter.

Product base color

The “body” of the product must be evenly colored, without spots, dots and inclusions — such defects have products from low-quality porcelain mass, or made in worn out contaminated forms. The color of the base of a quality object is always uniform white, it can have different shades — milky white, warm creamy, white, bluish, grayish. The true color of porcelain can be seen on the bottom of a plate or cup.

Application and decor materials

The decor of the product must be applied to the surface evenly and accurately. Blots of colors, tears and jams of the decal, other defects in performance are a manufacturing defect.

Of course, tableware should match your taste and conditions of use, but you should also pay attention to quality characteristics that will increase the life of your products. When buying, make sure that you can comfortably use this or that utensil.

We at Esprado try to meet the quality requirements and current trends in the production of porcelain tableware.
The features listed above will help answer your questions and keep you enjoying your favorite cookware!

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