How to decorate walls with posters?


The simplest and most effective wall decor option for any room is posters. Thanks to a huge selection of subjects, you can easily transform the most ordinary interior, giving it individuality. Today we will analyze the features of using posters in the interior and give recommendations on the location.

How to choose a design?

Picking up posters in the living room or another room, pay attention to 3 factors.


The image itself always comes to the fore — a motif drawn on a sheet. A harmonious decoration of the loft style is the urban landscape, retro cars, old maps, equipment assembly schemes.

In the African style, savannahs, dark-skinned women, folk motifs are appropriate. Plots in the Scandinavian style usually depict nature, inscriptions, geometric ornaments.

Color spectrum

The first thing to do is choose a palette according to your personal preferences: Do you like color or black and white posters? The latter are more suitable for the same achromatic designs. When deciding on color pictures, follow one of the proven models:

  • In design color. That is, in a beige room with green details, they are looking for the same beige and green decorations. Thus, posters in the interior will remain almost invisible.
  • A game of contrast. Bright flashy works that attract attention work on the principle of combining contrasts: red pictures in the green nursery, black posters in the white living room.
  • Duplicate plus new. Unlike the second scheme, there is still a color used in the interior, but it is diluted with a new fresh shade. Example: A gray living room with yellow accents is complemented by a yellow and blue print.

    What types of compositions are there?

    When planning to place several posters in the same room (even if they are not on the same wall), create a themed composition.

    Popular Topics:

    • Abstraction. Circles, squares, lines, stripes, strokes of any shape — they do not carry any semantic message, but they do an excellent job of attracting attention. When choosing one abstract poster, you should not complement it with a landscape or portrait — it is better to choose the same for all the others.
    • Nature. The general theme, in which there are subsections: landscapes, motifs (leaves of plants), herbariums (dried leaves, flowers under glass), animalistics (images of animals). Appearance determines adherence to style: tropical leaves or snowy landscapes are often used in the Scandinavian style, marine painting is preferred in modern interiors, herbariums fit into Provence or country, standard landscapes, reproductions of famous paintings — for classics.
  • Retro. They are distinguished by colors, fonts, design techniques. Advertising posters in muted colors are used most often: images can be both grocery (cars, clothes) and social (the famous Soviet poster «Don’t talk!» Or the American «I want U to US army»). In some cases, old photographs, circus or movie posters will be appropriate.
  • Art. It is divided into genres: modern, pop art, impressionism, realism. It is logical to use reproductions of contemporary artists in modern interiors, original pop art posters in an industrial style.
  • Movie. You can take frames from your favorite films as the basis for the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bposters; in the nursery, frames or images of cartoon characters are often used.
  • Comics. They decorate not only children’s rooms: in living rooms or home theaters, plots from drawn books will also be appropriate.

    How beautiful to place on the wall?

    It is not enough to pick up beautiful posters in your interior, they should be correctly placed so that the composition looks complete.

First, let’s look at interesting ways to place according to the standard number of elements in the composition:

  • 2. There are only 2 options — next to each other on the same level, vertically under each other.
  • 3. 3 posters of the same size are hung horizontally or vertically at the same level. One large and two small ones are placed side by side so that the upper and lower borders lie in the same plane.
  • four. In a line sideways or down, or 2 rows of 2 pieces. 2 portrait and 2 landscape can be connected with a «cross».
  • 5. 3 portrait bottom, 2 landscape top. Or one large one in the center, 2 small ones on the sides.
  • 6. 2 rows of 3 posters. Or 2 large ones at the edges, between them 4 small ones.

    In the photo, the placement of 4 frames

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