How to Connect Wireless Headphones to a Samsung TV


Headphones are a great solution for those who like to watch movies or music at night. For the correct use of such technology, for example, together with a TV model from Korean manufacturers, users need to know how to connect wireless headphones to a Samsung TV. There are two ways to do this: it depends on the presence or absence of Bluetooth support in your TV receiver.

Wireless headphones

Types of wireless headphones

The choice of headphones that can be connected to a smartphone, TV or other device is very wide. In specialized stores, you will be offered any option, from budget to ultra-modern models. For example, SHC5100 from Philips — an affordable option that is ideal for television broadcasting.

Philips SHC 5100/10

Philips SHC 5100/10 wireless headphones

All wireless headphones are divided into several types according to the connection method. Before studying the technical parameters, it is worth deciding which synchronization option is suitable in a particular case.

  1. WiFi — This is the most convenient type of connection. Of the pluses, we note the range, signal strength, minimal distortion. However, such a headset is expensive and is represented by single options, in particular, they are not available in Russia.
  2. infrared — an option that should be avoided. Short range, presence of a base and poor signal quality, which is easily distorted, for example, in the absence of line of sight between the base and the headset.
  3. radio channel. These headphones are great for stationary equipment, as there is a base. The signal may be distorted, but still it has the highest quality and range. For TVs, experts recommend this particular type of headphone, but the choice is small, and the price tag is not the most loyal, since Sennheiser and Sony rule the show.
  4. Bluetooth. This is the most common and versatile type of headphones that are suitable for both TV and smartphones or PCs. They are presented in different form factors and in different price categories. Of the minuses, there is a short connection range and loss of sound quality during the conversion of a digital signal to analog.

Connecting headphones to a TV with Bluetooth function

All the latest Samsung Smart TVs have a built-in Bluetooth transmitter. If you have just such a model, then the connection algorithm will be elementary. And in general, setting up Smart TV on Samsung TVs is intuitive.

  1. We turn on the pairing mode on the headphones — to do this, press and hold the «On» button until the Bluetooth indicator flashes.
  2. On the TV, enter the «Sound» menu and on the «Speaker Settings» tab, you should find the item about Bluetooth headphones. If you did not find this item, then your TV model does not support this type of connection.
    Speaker setting
  3. After these steps, your TV should search for devices. If it doesn’t find the headphones, you may need to move them closer or turn the device off and on again.

If you want to return to listening to sound through the TV speakers, just turn off the headphones.

It is worth noting that if you have Bluetooth headphones from a company other than Samsung, then there may be a problem with pairing. The company’s engineers specifically included wireless headphones with the Samsung logo in the list of pairing devices so that users would buy similar products, and not products of competitors. Consider this factor when choosing wireless headphones for your TV.

Headphones Samsung

Connecting via a Bluetooth transmitter

If the TV does not have built-in Bluetooth, you will have to purchase an additional device — a transmitter. The main parameter of the Bluetooth transmitter is number of simultaneously connected headphones. One wireless device can be connected to any transmitter, two can be connected to a more expensive product, but more — while modern technology is not able to do this.

Mpow Streambot — Bluetooth for a modern TV set costing $ 25-30, will give excellent sound for one pair of headphones. It has a built-in battery, besides, it can receive a signal from other devices via Bluetooth. All devices that transmit sound to wireless speakers can be listened to without setting up.

Mpow Streambot - bluetooth

Mpow Streambot Bluetooth Transmitter

If users wish to connecting two pairs of headphones, then the price of such devices immediately increases: for example, Avantree Priva will cost you $57, and Miccus Mini Jack is one dollar more expensive. These transmitters will help you connect your headphones to your LG or Samsung TV without any problems.

Avantree Priva

Avantree Priva Bluetooth Transmitter

We offer a step-by-step algorithm on how to connect headphones to a TV using such a device.

  1. We turn on the pre-purchased transmitter — it may have a separate power supply from the network or you will need to insert batteries.
  2. You need to connect it to the RCA connector, if your TV has another input, then you must first buy an adapter.
  3. You can turn on the transmitter by pressing a special button, but many are activated immediately when connected to the network, as indicated by a special LED indicator.
  4. Communication between the transmitter and the headphones occurs automatically, because they are tuned to the same frequency. If the sound does not appear, then press the reset button — the product will automatically find your gadget and connect to it.

Tips for Choosing a Bluetooth Headset

The choice of headphones comes down not only to the type of connection and price. In order for a headset to satisfy the user’s needs, a number of important criteria must be evaluated.

  1. Frequency. The indicator is measured in hertz, and the quality depends on it. The wider the frequency range, the more you can hear.
  2. Sensitivity/resistance. Both indicators affect the volume. The choice is quite simple: for people with good hearing, headphones with a sensitivity of 95 dB or more are suitable, for those who are hard of hearing, you should look for devices from 100 dB. The lower the resistance (impedance), the louder the headset. The standard value for most headphones is 32 ohms. If you are not looking for a very loud headset, and everything is in order with your hearing, then this value is more than enough.
  3. THD — coefficient of non-linear distortion. This is an indicator that is calculated using complex formulas. The average user should know that it is he who is responsible for how clear the sound will be. In the consumer class, it can reach 3%, but no more. The downside is that it is extremely difficult to find this parameter in the characteristics of the headset — usually it is not indicated.
  4. Wireless headphones have a battery. Usually, minimum operating time headphone is about 7-8 hours. More than enough for a TV. Models with a base (radio channel or infrared connection) can be powered by conventional batteries. In order to save money, it is worth spending money on batteries once, or initially choosing a headset with a battery.
  5. Wireless headphones are now released in huge numbers. form factors. These are earplugs such as AirPods from Apple, and ordinary earbuds with a cord around the neck, and full-size or overhead models. For TV, it is better to choose the last two types, since mobility is not needed here, and their sound quality and ease of use are higher. When choosing, it is worth evaluating the reliability of the headband, the presence of a soft lining and the ability to adjust the size. It is also worth making sure that the ear pads completely cover the ears and will not put pressure on the head during prolonged use.


Important! When choosing Bluetooth headphones, you must consider the compatibility of connection versions and support for AptX and LDAC codecs. They are responsible for transmitting audio without distortion.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that Chinese online stores are increasingly offering models 8 or 5 in 1. You should refrain from buying such devices, since the additional functions here are what trusted manufacturers have by default — the ability to connect a cord, control directly from the case, etc. Usually the choice of such «miracle» headsets ends with connection problems.


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