How to connect the music center to the TV


A rare modern TV is equipped with loud and high-quality speakers. This happens for a number of reasons, the main ones are a decrease in the thickness of the case, which excludes the possibility of installing high-quality sound equipment. Many manufacturers are engaged not only in the production of TV, but also related equipment — home theaters and soundbars. Obviously, demand will be higher if you create not only supply, but also a need. In addition, most companies recommend using their own equipment as an external sound, but this is an obvious trick, since the sound is affected not by the brand name of the product, but by its filling. For this reason, if there is a music center at home, then it may well be a good option for playing audio from TV. How to properly connect the music center to the TV is described below.

Connecting to a TV cable

Some people call cable connection obsolete technology, but it’s hard to argue that it’s much easier than synchronizing something wirelessly.

Via line connectors

This type of communication is the most common in audio and video technology.. This will require RCA-RCA cable (tulips on both sides).

RCA to RCA cable

RCA to RCA cable

Synchronization is performed according to the algorithm.

  1. On the TV, you need to find the sockets for connecting tulips, signed AUDIOOUT.
  2. To connect, you need to take an RCA-RCA cable.
  3. One end of the cable is connected to the TV — it is necessary to take into account the colors of the plugs and connectors.
  4. The second end is connected to a similar output in the music device, the colors must again match, the yellow plug is not connected (it transmits video).
  5. The acoustics must be switched to receiving sound from the line input.

Through composite connector

If the TV is not equipped with tulips, then it may have SCART. This is a fairly massive connector that is capable of transmitting both sound and picture. In this case, you will need SCART to RCA adapter, since music centers are not equipped with the first interface. Having an adapter and a cable or an RCA-SCART cable, the setting is carried out according to the scheme.



  1. On the back of the TV, you need to find the SCART connector. It is the largest and looks like a rectangle with many smaller holes.
  2. An adapter or cable with the SCART side is connected to the TV.
  3. The second part is connected to the center with a white and red plug. Yellow remains free.
  4. The TV switches the signal supply to SCART, and in the center to the LINE input. Sometimes such settings are not required — the sound immediately comes from the player’s speakers.

Via headphone jack

The TV may only have a headphone jack for connection. In this situation, help mini-jack cable 3.5 — 2 RCA. One side of it looks like a standard headphone plug, and the other side looks like tulips without a yellow plug.

Mini-jack cable 3.5 - 2 RCA

Mini-jack cable 3.5 — 2 RCA

connection algorithm.

  1. On the TV, you should find a 3.5 connector. Sometimes this is difficult, as manufacturers can put it anywhere, even on the front panel, hidden under the cover.
  2. If the socket is standard, then the cable is immediately inserted into it. Sometimes 6.5 is used instead of 3.5. Visually, they are the same, but the second option is larger. In this case, it is required adapter from 6.5 to 3.5.
  3. The second side of the cable is connected to the music center in the same way as described above — in compliance with the colors.
  4. Turn on the music player receiving sound from LineIN.
  5. The TV usually does not require additional settings.

It is important to remember that such a connection involves adjusting the sound, both on the music center and on the TV, so both devices must be optimally configured.

Via optical connector

Unlike the options listed above, this connector implies a digital audio input, which, unlike an analog connection, allows you to get better quality without signal loss. The latter is especially noticeable if analog transmission is used with wires longer than 1 meter.

The optical audio output was invented by Sony and Philips, so its name is S/PDIF, which sounds like Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format. If both devices have such an output, then it is better to use only it. This will achieve the highest possible sound quality.

Optical jack on TV

Optical jack on TV

  1. You should find S / PDIF on the TV — it looks like a square with a round hole in which a laser shines.
  2. The S/PDIF cable is double-sided, so it can be connected to both devices by either side.
  3. After that, it is necessary on both devices switch to S/PDIF. How to do this, it is best to read the instructions.

Connecting via a receiver

In this case, the receiver acts as an intermediate link: it connects to the TV, and the music center to it. This helps in situations where appliances do not have the same connectors, or they do not work. In addition, receivers often help to connect not only the center, but also additional acoustics, such as low-frequency speakers or a subwoofer. In this way, you can assemble a 5:1 system, that will provide surround and high-quality sound. The receiver connects to the TV with any of the connectors listed above, HDMI is also suitable.

When connecting, it should be borne in mind that the cable from the TV to the receiver is inserted at the first into the connectors labeled OUT, and at the last into IN. When connecting the center on the contrary — OUT on the receiver, IN on the music center. Also, when connecting through tulips, one should not forget about the matching colors of plugs and connectors.

After that, it remains only to switch the player and TV to send a signal through the outputs and inputs selected for synchronization.

Wireless connection

Another way to pair your TV and music center is to connect wirelessly. Among the existing options — Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC — only the first is applicable to the TV and the player.

Important condition! The TV must have a built-in Bluetooth module, but not all modern models have it. This information should be clarified in the specification.

Search for bluetooth devices on the TV

Search for bluetooth devices on the TV

You can make a switch as follows.

  1. The audio system needs activate Bluetooth search. A separate button can be provided for this, or the function can be combined with the choice of sound sources. How this is done is written in the instructions.
  2. In the TV settings, enter section «wireless connection» and select Bluetooth. A list of all devices that can be connected will open. We find the audio system and perform pairing.
  3. After the devices are synchronized, all that remains is to start the video — the sound will automatically be heard from the speakers of the connected music center.


If you have a music center at home, then connecting it to the TV will be very practical. You will be able to use the musical device for its intended purpose, besides, it will improve the sound of the TV and make it possible not only to listen to music, but also to watch clips of your favorite songs with high-quality sound.


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