How to connect, set up and use bluetooth headphones


In order for a wireless device for personal audio transmission to perform its functions properly, you need to know how to use Bluetooth headphones correctly. The main distinguishing feature of such accessories is the absence of a wired connection. They work due to radio waves, the frequency spectrum of which is from 2.4 to 2.48 GHz. When working with wireless headphones, the main requirement is that the device to which they are connected must have Bluetooth module.

Bluetooth headphones

How far can Bluetooth headphones work?

Most modern models catch at a distance of 10 meters. Certain inconveniences can be caused by the presence of several devices equipped with radio modules. During operation, they can connect to the devices used and create additional interference. To minimize such situations, wireless technology developers have provided frequency hopping. Even if the frequencies match, this will be expressed only in a short-term break in communication, which the user may not even notice.

According to manufacturers, the range of new devices with the version Bluetooth 3.0 can reach 100m. In fact, this figure is many times less. In open space, accessibility in the zone of 50 meters, in buildings 10-20 meters.

Basic functions of control buttons

Most Bluetooth headsets are equipped with three buttons that perform several tasks at once. Their execution is provided by a different length or number of clicks.

The standard feature set for the vast majority of headsets is as follows.

  1. Inclusion. Often, this button performs multiple tasks, requiring a long press to supply power. Some devices use a separate key to turn on, sometimes in the form of a switch.
  2. Volume control — «+» and «-«. Most often they are combined with switching to the next / previous track. They can act as keys for rewinding a song.
  3. Pause/play. The main function is to control the player. Can perform the task of answering or stopping a call, activating voice dialing, calling the last number.
  4. Keys for rewinding tracks may be separate.
  5. Key to receive an incoming callend a call, call the last number can also be separate.
  6. Hardware mute microphone can be placed on a separate button.
  7. Key to select the sound source — smartphone, radio, microSD (subject to their support).

Advice! When choosing a wireless headset, it is not recommended to neglect the study of management. On the one hand, a small number of buttons makes the design more concise, but on the other hand, many functions assigned to one key make control difficult and not always clear.

Ways to pair headphones via Bluetooth

Not all devices support the connection of wireless accessories. The receiver must be equipped with a Bluetooth module with a certain set of protocols.

The easiest way is to connect the headphones to a device that has built-in bluetooth. To do this, it is enough to activate the wireless connection on both devices. Then select the desired accessory on the active receiver and allow pairing.

Bluetooth pairing

The situation is somewhat different with devices that do not have an integrated radio module installed. They require special adapter. This is an optional USB device.

Most often it is necessary for PCs or laptops. On modern phones or tablets, this option is built-in.

Some models of modern bluetooth headphones come with such an adapter. In this case, to set up a connection between devices, the user just needs to install the radio signal transmitter in the source from which the sound will be transmitted (PC, TV, car radio).

How to connect wireless headphones to your phone

The process of connecting mobile gadgets and wireless accessories is quite simple, since both devices have a built-in bluetooth module.

  1. Charge and turn on the Bluetooth headphones.
  2. Activate the wireless data transfer function on your mobile phone (turn on Bluetooth).
  3. In the list of found devices, select the model of your wireless headphones and click «Connect».
  4. Sometimes a PIN may be required. As a rule, this is a four-digit numeric code — it can be found on the accessory’s factory box (most often it is «0000»). Pairing is complete, the accessory is ready for use.

If you do not remove the device from the list of connected devices, re-synchronization will not be required during further work, it will take place automatically.

Separately, it is worth noting the connection of headphones in detection mode. Depending on the model, the ways to activate this option may be different. The user should study the instructions in advance on how to turn on and use bluetooth headphones. On some models, you need to hold down the power button or answer the call (in the case of a headset) for a few seconds. As a result, the LED indicator on the case should change color or start flashing in a certain order. Other accessories have multifunction wheel, which can be switched to the appropriate mode. After the wireless device is ready to connect via bluetooth, you should look for it in the list of available devices on your phone.

Today, hybrid models can also be found on sale, which have two connection methods: wired and via bluetooth.. In this regard, many users have a question about how to connect USB headphones through a wire to the phone, because mobile gadgets do not have such a connector. In this case, you can purchase an adapter from mini USB to regular.

How to connect bluetooth headset to laptop

Any modern laptop is equipped with built-in bluetooth module, which makes it possible to connect a wireless headset to it. For correct operation, the latest drivers must be installed on it, and in addition, on some devices it must be enabled by hardware and software.

Advice! The driver can be found on a disk that could have been included with the laptop, but it is better to download the current version from the manufacturer’s website.

To connect, you need to enter the control panel — devices — Bluetooth. We find the headset and perform pairing.

If the laptop does not have a Bluetooth module or it does not work, then the connection can be made in the same way as with a PC.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PC

In most cases, the PC is not equipped with a built-in Bluetooth module. In this case, you can use external USB option.

If the module is needed solely for connecting the system unit to the headphones, then the latter can be immediately selected with the base. If Bluetooth is also required for other devices, for example, for a mouse, then it is better to buy a separate module.

Important! The advantage of headsets with a base included is ease of setup, and often their range is higher than that of their «colleagues» without a base.

What are Apple AirPods

Questions on how to set up wireless headphones on an iPhone are especially relevant for owners of the latest versions of such gadgets. In the 7th generation of the iPhone, the manufacturer decided to abandon the 3.5 mm audio jack familiar to many, and offers branded AirPods headphones to owners of newfangled smartphones.

It is worth noting that they are connected in the same way as regular bluetooth headphones.

Management thought out to the smallest detail. Thanks to optical sensors and accelerometer, the accessory recognizes the need for standby mode. The headset turns on automatically, it does not require additional configuration. Playback of audio information starts after

putting them on by the user, and stops when they are removed. To switch the volume, answer a call or get directions, the user needs to activate Siri by pressing the sensor.

Apple AirPods

In music mode, AirPods can work up to 5 hours continuously. There is a possibility quick recharge, thanks to a special wireless case. With it, you can not charge the headphones for more than 24 hours.

Proper charging

The convenience of headphones with Bluetooth connectivity is obvious, but not without its drawbacks. The main one is the need to replenish the capacity of the battery. For this, a standard MicroUSB-USB cable is used. After the purchase, you need to discharge the batteries several times to zero and charge them to 100%.

Modern devices with batteries have built-in power controller. He understands that the device is discharged, and will turn it off before the battery is completely discharged. However, it will not allow you to «recharge» the device. Even if you do not remove it from charging in time, the power supply will stop. However, experts do not recommend keeping the headphones on charge longer than necessary according to the instructions.

Advice! If you do not plan to use the headset for a certain period of time, then you need to fully charge it. Periodically, the capacity of the battery should be checked and replenished if necessary, even if they are just lying down.

Battery life can be found in the instructions. It is important to understand that the time indicated in it is an average value and the maximum / minimum autonomy figures may vary depending on the use.

If Bluetooth Headphones Can’t Connect

In the event that audio playback through the wireless accessory fails, the following possible causes should be ruled out:

  • headphone battery deadas a result of which the accessory did not turn on;
  • the sound source and headphones were not synchronized;
  • the wrong accessory is selected from the list of available devices;
  • on the sound source, automatic connection of devices added to the list of once installed devices is deactivated.

Connecting and setting up wireless headphones is easy. The main thing is to understand the features of the model and synchronize the accessory with the sound source. To avoid frequent disconnections, do not use paired devices at long distances from each other.


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