How to connect a karaoke microphone to a TV


Karaoke is a fairly popular entertainment for many users, despite the fact that it appeared a long time ago. Today there are a huge number of systems that support this feature. It can be either a DVD player or a new modern TV with Smart TV function. Naturally, you can set up such a function on your computer by installing the appropriate software.

Having bought a new device with the Smart TV function, a huge number of users are wondering how to connect a microphone to a TV.


How to choose a microphone

To make the process of performing songs at home more enjoyable, it is worth choosing a microphone wisely. They are divided into two types.

  1. Condenser. They have a high level of sensitivity, that is, they can pick up a lot of sounds, including various kinds of noise. This is convenient in the studio, where you can record voice and instruments at the same time on such a microphone, but at home there will be a lot of extraneous sounds. And also they are expensive.
  2. Dynamic. This is a practical and inexpensive device that can filter out external noise and write only voice. Great for home karaoke.

The second criterion is orientation. Unidirectional ones pick up only one voice, that is, they are suitable for solo performances, omnidirectional ones can be heard by several people.

Another important criterion is wired or wireless connection. In the first case, a 3.5 / 6.5 or USB connector is used for connection. Wireless connection can be implemented in different ways.

  1. The radio module is activated: there is a base with a receiver that connects to the device and receives a signal from the microphone via an antenna.
  2. bluetooth. It is suitable if the device has a built-in receiver.

Important! From the point of view of convenience, wireless microphones have an undeniable advantage — the user will not get confused in the wires. On the other hand, they run on batteries that can run out at the wrong time.

How to connect a microphone to a TV

Unfortunately, the development of TVs has not led to the fact that they have support for direct microphone connection. You can find different recommendations on this matter, but the fact is that a karaoke microphone can only be connected via an external device. Some users may be confused by the fact that some manufacturers of smart TVs have a karaoke app, but this does not mean that a direct connection is possible.

So, to connect, you need an external device. Today there is no shortage of options:

  • music Center;
  • special prefix for karaoke;
  • DVD or Blu-ray player;
  • acoustic devices — home theater, soundbar;
  • amplifier;
  • laptop or PC;

In other words, suitable for connection any equipment with a microphone input.

Important! If the TV is not smart, then the functionality of the selected device should support karaoke. If it is a SmartTV, and it has an application for karaoke, then the device should simply have a microphone input, and the output of the lyrics to the screen and the scoring will be carried out directly in the application.

Connection instructions

There is nothing complicated in connecting via external devices. All you need to do is connect everything together.

Based on the type of microphone connection, it connects to the selected device. It is better to use models with a 3.5 / 6.5 connection or a wireless version with a receiver. If you use a laptop or PC for synchronization, then USB devices or Bluetooth are suitable.

Important! Some Bluetooth models are not designed for vocals, but are used for Skype / games communication, so they are not the best option for karaoke.

The second step is connecting to the TV. There are two options here. If the application is installed on the TV, and you only need to output sound, then you can use HDMI, tulips, jack-jack, optical audio. If a device (DVD player, karaoke set-top box, game console, PC) is responsible for the operation of karaoke, then you should stop at HDMI or tulips. In older technology, it is possible to use SCART or adapters. After connecting, you must specify the signal source and start karaoke.


The microphone not only lets you sing your favorite songs, you can easily perform device voice control. Modern devices with built-in Smart TV give a lot of scope for realizing their capabilities. Learn more about the nuances of choosing a Smart TV — this will make it easier for you to use the device later. The most popular «smart» TV devices are Samsung, and setting up a smart interface in them, and in general, setting up a TV is intuitive.


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