How to connect a dvb-t2 digital set-top box to a TV


The rapid development of technological progress in the field of television broadcasting provides great opportunities for digital television for better reception of television programs in comparison with the outdated analog one. But in order to be able to watch digital TV broadcasts, you must have a DVB-T2 tuner. It can be built into the TV receiver, otherwise you will have to connect the digital set-top box to the TV.

When you can do without a prefix

Some owners of comfortable and fairly modern TVs are lucky. Models released after 2016, for the most part, are able to receive and convert a digital terrestrial TV signal into a picture and sound. This means that their owner does not need any additional equipment. It is enough to insert the antenna cable into the TV socket and find the channels.


TV models that can work with the DTT signal are equipped with an additional tuner. Its standard is called DVB T2. But how do you know if the device is receiving digital broadcasts or is not capable of such feats? This can be done in several ways.

  1. Look at the instructions for the operation of the TV. There, the hardware specifications list all the signal formats that the device can work with.
  2. Look at body stickers or product packaging. Manufacturers do not hesitate to indicate DVB T2 support as an important option and do it brightly and large.
  3. Read the model specifications on the manufacturer’s websitethe address of which is indicated in the instruction manual of the device.

Finally, if you cannot find the information of interest in the indicated sources, you can turn to Internet resources. These are online stores, large trading platforms, markets, for example, Yandex.Market or Beru!. Serious resources, even if the TV is not currently on sale or its production has been discontinued, save all the specifications for it for review.

What should owners of old TVs do?

If the user’s TV does not support a DVB T2 signal, additional equipment will be required to view digital programs. This is a special fixture. Its task is to switch channels and everything that the tuner does.

On a note! In addition, such equipment offers useful additional options. For example, scheduled recording of programs on internal or external media, a reminder system and other functions.

Buying a prefix will not be a problem. Today, functional and reliable devices are offered by TsETV antenna installers. You can choose the model you like in the store or order it online. The cost of a particular solution can range from a few hundred rubles to tens of thousands of the latter.

So, in order to watch digital terrestrial television (CETV) on an old TV without problems, you will need:

  • antenna;
  • receiver (prefix);
  • channel setting.


The type of antenna is selected depending on the distance to the transmitting TV tower. Therefore, you should install an indoor antenna or an outdoor one. But, regardless of the type of location, it should work in the decimeter range, namely, to receive frequencies from 470 to 860 MHz. indoor antenna will work well within the city where the transmission tower is located.

indoor antenna

If the distance from the TV receiver to the TV tower is more than 15 km, you need to use outdoor antenna.

outdoor antenna

Antenna for set-top box dvb t2 can be bought at the same outlets where the tuners themselves are sold. In this case, high-quality TV signal reception is guaranteed, since the receiving device is designed specifically for the digital tuner.

If you are going to install a TV set and set up the TsETV, then before connecting the set-top box, it is recommended that you first consult with your neighbors. They can advise you on the best type of antenna for the area.

Also, when choosing an antenna for suburban placement, you should ask about the presence of a built-in amplifier, without which, at a great distance from the transmitter, by connecting a digital television set-top box to a TV, you will not achieve good image quality. If it is not possible to purchase an antenna, then you can do it yourself.

Prefix (receiver)

As already mentioned, in order to be able to view TsETV, you will need to buy a TV set-top box, which is also called a dvb tuner or receiver. There is such a wide selection of such devices on the electronics market that it is easy to get confused and overpay extra money for functions you do not need in the device. It is recommended to choose a tuner model based on your needs, since they all catch a TV signal, in principle, the same way. The difference may be, perhaps, in the established additional options.

For example, if the set-top box will be used not only as a CETV receiver, but also as a media player for watching video from a flash drive, then this model must be purchased. But if you don’t need it, buy a simpler model. The figure, for example, shows a model of an inexpensive bbk receiver.

bbk receiver

More expensive models of digital TV tuners have “Scheduler” and TimeShift options “on board”. These features allow you to be able to record any broadcast at the specified time, and your presence is not required. It is only required to set the start time for recording the transmission on the desired channel, and the time when the recording should stop.

Currently gaining popularity set-top boxes from Rostelecom, which have a modern filling: a large amount of RAM and a powerful processor. The tuner from Rostelecom is connected to the TV in the same way as other similar devices. The kit comes with a special remote control that can be configured to control both the set-top box and the TV itself.

If you are going to buy a TV, then look in the technical specifications to see if it supports DVB-T2. In most modern TV models, a DTV tuner is already built in, and you do not need to buy a set-top box.

Connection types

Connecting a dvb t2 set-top box to a TV receiver is not much different from connecting a satellite receiver or av receiver. There are several methods for connecting the t2, and they depend on the types of connectors found on the two paired devices. The tuner can be connected via:

  • RCA cable (popularly, the interface is called “Tulip”);
  • HDMI connector;
  • antenna cable.

The figure shows the general scheme for connecting a tuner to a television receiver.

Scheme for connecting the tuner to the TV receiver

RCA cable

This is the easiest and most standard way to connect a digital tuner to a TV. The quality of the picture, of course, will differ from an HDMI connection, but the difference will not be noticeable on TV sets with small diagonals.

So, before connecting the cable, it is necessary to de-energize both devices. After de-energizing, insert the cable plugs into the sockets on the set-top box. Since each plug has its own color, they are inserted into the connectors of the corresponding color. The cable with the yellow plug receives a video signal, and the white and red plugs carry 2 channels of audio. Next, an external or indoor antenna is connected to the tuner in the appropriate socket (on the prefix it is designated as “RF IN”).


There are times when the TV does not have a Tulip interface, but there is scart connector, which is popularly called «Comb». The figure below shows how it looks (for example, a Samsung TV set is taken).

SCART connector

How to connect the receiver to the TV in this situation? In this case, you need to purchase a special adapter from RCA to SCART. In the same way, you can connect a satellite receiver.


HDMI connector

The HDMI interface is capable of transmitting a high quality signal. For example, the quality of the transmitted video signal can be up to 1080p, and the audio signal — 192 kHz. Such opportunities correspond to the highest standards in the field of multimedia content.

HDMI connector

If you have a modern TV receiver and it has an HDMI connector, then it would be more correct to connect the receiver to the TV through this interface. The same recommendations are relevant for a satellite tuner to watch TV in high definition.

Antenna cable

This type of connection is used to connect a digital receiver if there are no other connectors on the TV receiver other than the antenna input. For example, in this way you can connect the tuner to an old TV by plugging the cable into a socket called RF OUT.


Before connecting the t2 digital tuner to your TV, you will need to purchase the cable shown in the figure below.

Cable under T2

This method of connecting to the receiver cannot give a good quality picture, and it is not worth comparing it with the image transmitted via the connected HDMI interface. But given that the TV is old, the image can be considered acceptable for this situation.

How to set up channels on the set-top box

The easiest way to search for broadcasts is automatic. In it, the set-top box will scan the entire frequency band and find each channel in optimal quality. In general, this is done as follows:

  • the on-screen menu of the set-top box is called up by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control;
  • the Settings block is selected;
  • the values ​​of the region are set to Russia, and the broadcasting standard is set to DVB T2;
  • the search start button is highlighted and the OK button on the remote control is pressed.

Important! The setup algorithm in a specific set-top box model may differ from the specified one. But it won’t be difficult. All sequences of actions are described in the instructions for a particular tuner model.

Automatic scanning of the entire frequency band will take quite a long time. Upon completion, the set-top box will generate a list of channels. Depending on the model, you can immediately save it or sort the broadcasts first in descending order of interest or any user-friendly.

Why do you need manual configuration

What should I do if the user’s automatic channel tuning results are not satisfactory? For example, he knows that there should be more of them and he is sure that his antenna is installed correctly. It is this situation that occurs in areas of poor reception, where multiplex signals are superimposed on each other or distorted by the interference of reflections.

To search for channels in a specific frequency band, the manual tuning mode is intended. It is called in much the same way as automatic. But the usage algorithm is different. It looks like this:

  • in search settings indicates the frequency of one multiplex;
  • channel search starts;
  • the result is saved.

The process is then repeated for each of the multiplexes that can be received in a particular region.

Important! The difference between manual tuning and automatic tuning is that it does not overwrite the channel list. She adds to it those positions that were found for each multiplex.

As with the automatic tuning algorithm, the method for calling up and setting parameters may differ from those described. Therefore, it is useful to carefully study the operating instructions for your set-top box.

As you can see from the above recommendations, connecting and setting up digital television broadcasting is not such a difficult task, which any owner of a DVB-T2 television receiver and set-top box can handle.

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