How to choose the right beach tunic


Get your sleigh ready in summer and your tunic ready in winter! Dreams of a hot summer, the beach and the sea are more relevant than ever in the cold season. To give yourself a piece of warmth in the winter cold, think about the warm season of 2021 by choosing light and beautiful clothes for walks on the shore!

In this review, we will consider the Angelica and the King brand, which has been selling and developing beach collections for over 10 years. We will also analyze the main criteria for choosing a beach tunic:


Of course, women want to look beautiful on the beach, to correctly emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws. The swing cut of the tunic, firstly, looks spectacular, and secondly, it allows you to avoid inconvenience when putting on. Throwing such a tunic on your shoulders, you will not spoil your hair, and once again you will not wipe off the protective cream from your face. A tunic with a high waist line will visually lengthen your legs. Solid colors of tunics will allow you to combine them with almost any color swimsuit. Having taken on vacation 2-3 types of tunics in different colors (short, long, long with sleeves, long with cutouts on the sides), you can create stylish images with swimsuits of different colors and styles!


The ideal material for a tunic is chiffon. Unlike silk, which can warp from moisture (especially salt water), chiffon remains smooth and delicate. Viscose tunics do not flow like chiffon ones, while cotton tunics take a long time to dry and wrinkle.


Choose from A-line tunics that can be worn however you like, cinching the waistband to accentuate the silhouette or loosening it for a feeling of lightness and freedom. We also note that the technologists and designers of the production of the brand «Angelica and the King» are very careful in the development of patterns, making up to 4-5 test samples before launching the model into production. We can say with confidence that the fit of the product is perfect. We also want to note that when sewing, professional WTO equipment (and not just an iron) is used, and 2 quality control departments, which allows us to achieve the maximum quality of finished products.


In order not to miscalculate, choosing the “back to back” size, it is better to give preference to tunics with variable sizes, for example, from S to L. Tightening the belt a little more will emphasize the curves of the figure, relaxing it will make the cut more free and flowing.

Beach tunics of the brand «Angelica and the King» will be your ideal choice. They successfully agreed price and quality, a variety of beautiful, «expensive» shades, in which you will feel like a queen of the beach! Flowing, romantic tunics are made of high-quality chiffon with a density of 130 mg, which guarantees wear resistance and the joy of sailing for many seasons! The tunic does not wrinkle when water gets on it, does not roll, does not shed and dries quickly.

The team of technologists and designers of the brand «Angelica and the King» has been producing home and beachwear for 10 years and carefully approaches the choice of raw materials and patterns. Experts have done everything to make you look beautiful and feminine, achieving the perfect fit by sewing test samples until the very perfect cut is created. The tunic sits “correctly”, the real proportions of the human body are taken into account. Quality control at all stages of production allows us to produce comfortable clothing for women. Your beach look is already thought out to the smallest detail — tunics are long, with flying batwing sleeves and a belt that can be beaten the way you like it. And you no longer need to think about the right size — the tunic is suitable for all women from 42 to 46 sizes.

Be stunning in tunics from Angelica and the King.


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