How to choose a reliable TV mount


More than 62 million Russians watch TV every day. Reading the news and enjoying TV shows has become much more convenient with REXANT brackets!

Why is it worth taking the time to find the perfect TV mount? It is still an important part of our lives. The safety of households and the safety of the device itself is the main thing that is important to ensure when choosing the location and method of fixation. A TV mounted on a bracket is inaccessible to animals and children, as it is located at a height. You don’t have to worry about an awkward move or a thrown ball knocking over expensive equipment.

What is important to consider before buying

— Decide on the functionality of the bracket. Will the TV swivel/tilt, or do you need a static fixation.
— Carefully compare the characteristics of the TV and the bracket: screen size, product weight and VESA standard.

Bracket mounting types

There are three main types of mounting brackets: fixed (aka static), inclined and tilt-rotary (functional).

— fixed brackets fit snugly against the wall this is good for saving space in studio apartments when the viewing area is well defined. In a large room where the whole family gathers, it is better to place the bracket opposite the sofa and armchairs. The installation height of the bracket should correspond to the eye level of the seated person.

For TVs of small and medium size with a diagonal of 10″-27″ and 17″-42″ Art. 5691268 and Art. 5691269. The distance from the wall to the bracket is only 15 and 20 mm. Nice bonus: with art. 5691269 you get a building level for level installation: it is indispensable for checking the slope of horizontal surfaces.

Reliable fixation of large TVs with a diagonal of 32 «-70» is provided by art. 5691272. The distance from the TV to the wall is only 26 mm. The kit also comes with a building level.

— Tilt brackets allow you to adjust the viewing angle and help to remove glare from the screen on a bright sunny day. Suitable for the kitchen or bedroom when the TV is above eye level.

Tilt level Art. 5691270, art. 5691271 and art. 5691263 is 10°, and they differ only in size (TV diagonal: 17″-42″, 26″-55″ and 30″-70″). All of the above brackets are equipped with a building level.

— Tilt-and-swivel brackets provide an ideal position for watching TV from anywhere in the room: the screen can be rotated in two planes: up / down, left / right. Ideal for kitchen and living room. Functional brackets are often chosen for installation in business centers and office buildings.

Art. 5691259 has a tilt angle of -8°/+8°, a swivel angle of 180°. Suitable for small TVs with a diagonal of 10″-27″.
Art. 5691261 and art. 5691260 — for medium size models (17″-42″), swivel -15°/+15°, tilt 180°.
Art. 5691262 is ready to securely hold 17″-55″ TVs (10° tilt, 180° swivel).

Benefits of REXANT brackets

— they are made of cold rolled steel (smooth durable material);
— completely invisible on the wall, so they fit perfectly into any interior;
— supplied complete with all necessary fasteners (even building level) and a detailed instruction manual;
Mounting the bracket is extremely easy: by carefully following the instructions, you can easily complete the installation yourself.


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