How to choose a direct balance board?


This simulator will make all the muscles in your body work, even those that you did not know about!

A straight balance board on a roller is suitable for active children from 3 years old and for adults up to 120 kg. The classic board has a straight surface, which gives a large load, size 75 * 30, thickness 1.8 cm, weight only 3 kg. You can take it with you and practice on the beach, in the park, at home, in the gym, in the office. And you can grab a visit and arrange a competition.

Of course, quality and safety come first: the ends are rounded, the simulator is carefully polished and coated with environmentally friendly oil. The coating is allowed in the manufacture of products for children.

Other manufacturers do not protect the balancers with a quality coating, which leads to rapid wear of the board, chips and chips.

The balance board is completely eco-friendly: both the platform and the roller are made of wood! We even came up with a special machine for this, which no one else has. No harmful plastic!

Other manufacturers make a roller out of a plastic drainpipe. Its edges may be uneven, and the material itself will release harmful substances into the environment that are dangerous for children! Under improper storage conditions or too long-term use, polypropylene can release formaldehyde, a harmful substance. When heated, polypropylene additionally releases decomposition products: organic acids, esters, unsaturated hydrocarbons, peroxide compounds and acetaldehyde.

Locking stops on the back of our balance board make it safe for beginners, from 3 years old, with the whole family together.

The absence of limiters is a high risk for the roller to fly out from under the board.

We made 2 difficulty options: a 110 mm roller is included, it will suit everyone. And you can buy a 160 mm roller to increase the load, for those who have already pumped their balance and are ready for new records.

We remember simple rules so that the balancer will serve you for a long time:

— we are engaged on a rug, you can use a yoga mat;

— we do not store it near the battery, we do not wet it in water;

— we don’t throw the roller, we don’t drop it from a height.

Who should use a straight balance board on a roller?

1 — A family with active children like our Matvey, with an endless charge of energy;

2 — For adults and sports children — to complicate the exercises and improve balance and coordination;

3 — Diversify activities to improve the functioning of the vestibular apparatus, improve reactions and body control;

4 — Diversify cerebellar stimulation classes and games for the development of memory, attention, thinking;

5 — Prepare yourself and your child for modern active sports — surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and others;

6 — For classes in the circus studio.

You can start classes with children by getting to know the simulator:

1) We roll the roller on the floor with our palms on top.

2) We roll the roller, putting the right foot on top, then the left foot in turn.

3) We roll objects from the surface of the board, putting it at an angle on the roller.

4) Learning to get up on the simulator — the board lies with one edge on the floor, the roller is in the middle under it.

First, put your foot on the bottom of the board and then gently put your other foot on the top edge, gently pressing. Some people need support first. Matthew gets up on his own without support!

Let’s get to the exercises!

By the way, we give a collection of more than 70 lessons with the purchase of a balancer to make your lessons even more interesting and effective. Improve your balance with us!


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