How to choose a balancer-maze «Brain»?


Balancer with a labyrinth for adults and children.
The balance board has become even more interesting! We added a labyrinth, leg area and marble storage. Look how handsome he turned out!

Fun family games and useful activities are guaranteed! Available in 2 colors and 2 patterns:

dark Wenge coating and natural color;

drawing Labyrinth and drawing Brain.

Size 40*56*6Cross base. Supports weight up to 120 kg.

As in our other simulators, quality and safety come first: covered with an eco-friendly varnish to protect against moisture and splitting. The coating is allowed in the manufacture of products for children. Even if your fidget spills something on the balancer — just wipe it with a napkin;

Other manufacturers do not protect the balancers with a quality coating, or simply cover them with oil, which leads to rapid wear, swelling of the board, chips and chips.

The rounded ends and grooves have been double polished — the tree is protected from chips, and this gives a long service life of the simulator. Even after prolonged use on the street or at home — it will be like new. And, of course, rounded ends — additional safety for children;

In analogues, straight ends and the absence of double grinding of the gutters — this one threatens with splitting the board, chips and splinters for children’s pens.

Deep groove helps the ball not fly out when balancing;

In analogues of the balancer-maze, the groove is smaller and instead of balancing, the child is constantly catching the ball.

The board is all wooden from Siberian birch veneer, so it will withstand heavy loads. Environmentally friendly raw materials from Altai. No harmful plastic;

Competitors, in an effort to save money, use low-quality raw materials, such as MDF or plastic inserts. MDF will crumble, and the simulator quickly deteriorates during active use and will not withstand the loads. On our simulator, you can do it with the whole family, children and adults up to 120 kg.;

For other manufacturers, the benchmark is only for a small weight, which reduces the functionality.

360 degrees — full rotation on the cross base, it is convenient and safe for children from 3 years old;

Some manufacturers have a spherical base, it can slide.

We are manufacturers ourselves, we control every stage of production. Our products have a Russian and international quality certificate. We give a 1-year warranty on the simulators;

Other manufacturers of analog boards do not have Certificates of Conformity and warranty obligations.

Who is the balancer labyrinth suitable for:

children from 3 years old;


and even adults.

For what:

for playing at home with children;

cerebellar stimulation classes;

developing centers and specialists;

correction of developmental features;

children’s holidays as additional props;

adults for pumping the vestibular apparatus.

What gives you lessons on the balancer-maze:

develop coordination;

improve bodywork skills;

increase concentration;

improve motor reactions;

strengthen the muscular corset;

improve eye-motor reactions;

help develop cognitive skills: memory, attention and thinking;

synchronize the work of the cerebral hemispheres;

stimulate the work of the cerebellum;

the balance board captivates the child with a variety of exercises;

distracts from gadgets;

positively affects the emotional sphere.

How can you practice:

use for balancing;

combine balancing on the balance board with the movement of the ball through the labyrinth;

compete for speed

use our cerebellar stimulation lessons for the best effect;

use as a plank platform. Not only children, but also mothers, fathers, grandparents come to experience new emotions and benefits.

Train with us and stay healthy!


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