How to choose a backpack for a first grader?


Parents who are preparing the future first-grader for the first time are the most difficult. Firstly, the assortment of modern stores strikes the imagination: try it, make the only right decision among all this diversity. You can also look at the rating of school backpacks on the Web and completely lose your head when you see the cost of the first positions. Secondly, there are many knowledgeable and experienced people around who give advice. Which of them should be adopted, and which should not be trusted?

The main criteria for choosing a backpack for a child:

— An orthopedic backpack for a first-grader is a prerequisite for choosing. Pay attention to the following characteristics: back, straps, volume and weight. The back of the orthopedic backpack is tripled so that it fits snugly against the wearer’s back, but does not put pressure on it. It is quite rigid, but has a special soft insert — just for the correct position on the back and shoulders.

— The backpack should be light enough to weigh no more than two and a half kilograms together with school supplies. Choose a model not heavier than a kilogram.

— Colors and design are not as important as the presence of reflective elements — this is a matter of child’s safety. As for the design, color, images on the backpack, it’s better to choose it all together with the future owner.

— The more pockets and compartments, internal and external, the more comfortable the backpack. The backpack should contain everything you need. So that, for example, an album for drawing (A4 format) does not have to be folded in half, and for books you need to take an additional bag with you. Most often, it is convenient for children to have several pockets: then you can put everything in its place and not later look for keys among colored pencils.


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