How the snake turned into a chain


Today we will talk about the most popular weaving in Russia at the moment and this is the “Snake” chain, which translates from English as “snake”. Snake really softly envelops the body, flowing smoothly along the neck, creating some kind of magical-hypnotic impression. It looks like she’s coming back to life.

This versatile jewelry chain will suit any style, occasion and mood. Snake harmoniously looks with pendants, in a multilayer necklace, as an independent decoration and as a chain on hand. No wonder it was this weaving that was used by the Pandora brand for its jewelry bracelets. The lightest Snake chain weighs less than 1 gram, while the heaviest weighs over 50 grams and is 5 millimeters thick.

The beginning of the popularity of the Snake chain falls on the beginning of the 2000s, but it became a real trend and the most fashionable decoration in 2018-2019. Since then, Snake’s popularity has only grown.

But not everything is Snake, which is called Snake))). Among the silver chains, this is perhaps the most intricate weaving. Almost every manufacturer and seller has a name for it: snake, lace, tonda, gourmet, flagellum, string, and this is not a complete list. When choosing jewelry for the neck, you should focus on 3 «C»: style, sport, sleep. Let’s try to understand the example of silver chains «Silver Venice».

In weaving Snake, 3 types can be distinguished:

  1. Real snake (snake) — a real Snake: soft, very plastic, chain not prone to creases. Suitable for any style and any figure, you can play sports in it and lead an active lifestyle, you can sleep in it and wear it without taking it off. The minimum weight of the chain is from 2.5 grams, the width is from 1.25 mm. The decoration is not suitable for pendants with a small eye. The chain is difficult to manufacture, the country of origin is Italy. May be round, square or oval in shape. Ideal for making charm bracelets.

  2. Round snake (lace, gourmet, tonda) — thinner, but slightly denser and knocked together chain. It is made from a chain cloth of «shell» weaving. Suitable for any style, ideally combined with small pendants and decorative elements, not recommended for curvy shapes, before going to bed and playing sports, you need to remove it due to the tendency to creases. Italian chains have a weight of 0.9 grams and a thickness of 0.7 mm, in Russia chains are produced from 2 grams with a chain width of 1.0 mm. An easy-to-make 925 sterling silver chain. It can be round, square, flat or oval in cross section. You can make silver bracelets, but they will be harsh.

  3. Omega (hoop, string, flagellum) — a rather rigid chain, durable, keeps its round shape perfectly. Suitable for classic style, cocktail or evening dress, business suit. To keep the shape of the necklace for a long time, it must be removed before going to bed and playing sports. Suitable for any pendants, including large ones. Solo looks great. A variety of omega is the Huragano chain. More elastic and absolutely self-sufficient decoration on the neck due to decorative processing on a diamond machine. Width from 1 mm, weight from 3-4 grams. The most demanded are Italian Omega chains made of 925 sterling silver.

Now you know everything about the snake chain, or almost everything))). The choice is yours.

It is not necessary to be stylish, the main thing is to be harmonious!


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