How smart card for TV works


A smart card for TV allows you to use more of the possibilities of modern digital TV broadcasting. With its help, television equipment decodes encrypted channels. How does a SMART card work and is it easy to install it yourself?

Smart card in TV

What is a smart card

This is a regular plastic card electronic chip and ID subscriber (individual user number). It allows you to view additional TV channels not only in good resolution with a high-quality picture, but also with excellent sound.

The individual subscriber number allows the provider to manage access. Due to this, the card holder, having contacted the company’s office, can easily connect and disconnect additional broadcasting channels. Also, if the contract account runs out of funds, the operator can restrict access to services.

smart card


The mobile operator broadcasts digital channels through a smart card using the IDRETO system. The adapter, together with the chip, can be bought or rented at the brand’s cellular stores. Such equipment can also be found at specialized points of sale certified by MTS.


The brand offers a number of packages, each with a different thematic channel focus. For example, «Basic» includes 130 general programs. Whereas satellite solutions have almost 200 channels. The latter requires additional equipment that supports the DVB-S2 standard.


To watch paid channels, you need to buy a provider’s branded receiver, or a separate module with DRE Crypt encryption. Fares are more than enough:

  1. «Base». The most accessible on 25 channels.
  2. «Football». 6 or 2 programs to choose from.
  3. «Night». A package of 9 channels for adults.
  4. UltraHD. Broadcasting in high quality for 4 programs.
  5. «Children’s». 17 channels for young viewers.
  6. «Single». Almost everything is included — 217 programs.


NTV Plus

At the conclusion of the contract, the provider provides equipment for temporary use. Encoding occurs through VIAccess protocols. If necessary, you can buy a separate receiver that comes with a smart card. The equipment is sold in stores certified by the provider.

NTV-Plus offers general packages that include the current set of channels: federal, regional, culinary, etc. There are also highly specialized solutions: cinema, music, sports, etc.


Benefits of using

Connecting such additional equipment allows you to make the most of the opportunity to comfortably receive information from the TV screen. Thanks to the purchase and installation of SMART cards from well-known providers (MTS, NTV+,, Tricolor TV), the user:

  • enjoy high quality digital broadcasting with enhanced claritywhich is less sensitive to interference and distortion with improved picture and sound;
  • he chooses the list of paid channels he needs;
  • has the ability to easily connect and disconnect paid channels;
  • receives text version of the TV program programs on your screen (depending on the provider and the capabilities of the TV model).

How to install a smart card

Such a card is installed either in a slot on the panel of the TV itself with help CAM moduleor into a special receiver — as a rule, this is a branded TV set-top box of a service provider, for example, Tricolor. Before purchasing a smart card and CAM module, you need to make sure that the TV model allows the installation of such equipment. For example, modern Samsung and Lg LCD LED TV models have a slot for connecting a digital card through a CAM module on the rear panel.

Smart card in CAM module

Consider a step-by-step connection algorithm.

  1. Before installing the equipment, you must turn off the TV.
  2. First of all, the card is installed in the CAM module. Both are provided by the provider (MTS, NTV +,, Tricolor TV). The module into which the SMART card is inserted is not customizable equipment, it serves as a kind of adapter. When installed, the electronic chip on the plastic card must be located at the front wall of the module (as a rule, some kind of drawing is shown on this side, for example, the logo of the service provider).
  3. After that, the cartridge with the card inserted into it is installed in the corresponding slot. In this case, the connectors on the installed equipment and the CI / PCMCIA input must match. It is worth noting that most modern models of Samsung and lzh TVs have short connector for CAM module. After installation, the cartridge is more than half visible. Therefore, when installing, do not try to insert it further.
  4. If the module with a SMART card is installed correctly, after turning on the TV, a corresponding entry will appear on the screen.

Most often, after installing such equipment, it is required to manually configure digital broadcasting TV programs, for example, from the MTS provider or For different TVs, this process has its own characteristics, and how to do this will be described below.

Where is the SMART card installed if the TV does not have the appropriate connector

If the TV does not have a CI / PCMCIA connector for the CAM module, in order to be able to connect digital broadcasting, the user must purchase a TV set-top box (receiver). Choosing this device is not difficult: today there is a wide range of devices on the market that meet any requirements. With the connection of the set-top box, too, there should be no problems. Some providers, such as MTS, when connecting, install their own TV set-top boxes for subscribers, including payment for using it in a monthly payment, or providing it free of charge (usually during the period of the company’s promotions). Installing a smart card and a CAM module in the receiver is done in the same way as connecting through the connector on the TV panel.


Smart card activation

The smart card activation procedure allows the operator to identify the subscriber in the Pay TV system. Depending on the operator, the activation procedure may differ.

  1. MTS offer to activate the card in one of four ways: through the hotline operator 8800 250 08 90, by sending an SMS message, at the place where the smart card was purchased (from the dealer) or online on the company’s website.
  2. Tricolor offers only two options: fill out a special form on the site or send SMS (which one and where is indicated on the back of the card).
  3. Smart card activation NTV Plus takes place on the operator’s website.

Setting up paid channels on a TV device

If the adapter is inserted correctly, and the TV operating system was able to identify the card, then you need to proceed to setting up the channels. The procedure may vary depending on the TV manufacturer.


Setting up channels from different manufacturers:

  1. Samsung. Open the menu and go to the «Channels» branch. Select «Cable» as the signal source and check the box «Digital Broadcasting».
  2. LG. In the options menu, specify the country — Russia. If it is not on the list, then Germany or Finland. Go to settings and click on «Auto Search».
  3. Philips. We go to «Configuration» and find the branch «Reinstall channels». If the system asks for a country, then we expose Russia or the one that is marked on the TV label (on the rear wall). In the menu, we specify the signal source (cable) and activate the search (section «Auto search»).
  4. SHARP. Open the menu and go to the «Installation» branch, then «Auto-installation». Choose a country — Russia (for lack of — Sweden, France or Finland). We activate the search.
  5. Sony. In the menu, open «Digital Configuration». We click on the automatic scanning of digital stations. Then we search for channels.
  6. Panasonic. Open the local settings and click on the line «Add TV signal». Put a tick on DVB-C and activate the search in automatic mode.

Some models require manual setting. In this case, you need to find out the broadcast frequency, station number and other parameters. All data must be indicated on the official website of the provider.

Important! If automatic program updating is enabled on the TV, then this function must be deactivated. Otherwise, the settings will constantly go astray.


Thus, almost any user can connect digital broadcasting at home, regardless of the TV model. SMART card that allows you to manage pay channels with increased clarity (HDTV) can be installed directly into the TV itself, via CI / PCMCIA connector, and in a TV set-top box.

In the second case, the user will have to control the channels using two remote controls or buy and configure a universal remote control.


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