How kitchen scissors became a family heirloom


In the history of every family there is a family heirloom or heirlooms. For some, these are family decorations, for some, a miraculously saved vase of the 18th century, and for some, a carpet from Bukhara that brings good luck.

There is such a relic in our family. And this is not a story about a ring with diamonds or a premium officer’s saber, not at all. Do not be surprised, but our relic is scissors. Yes, yes, ordinary (or rather, completely unusual) kitchen scissors. Although they can be called kitchen ones with a big stretch: they cut everything that is possible. But first things first.

My grandfather was a cavalryman in the Second World War, but after May 9, 1945, he did not return home, continuing to stay at the front … Guessed? That’s right: grandfather served on the Far Eastern Front. But my story is not about grandfather Stepan, but about the scissors that he brought to his native village when he finally returned. No, not like that: about SCISSORS. Why capital letters?

It’s simple: once, at one of the local markets, my grandfather caught the eye of scissors, which, in his words, «looked predatory» at him. As if hypnotized, he approached the man who was selling them and for some reason asked the price in a hoarse voice. After a long haggling, they shook hands, and he became the owner of steel scissors of surprisingly elegant shape, which played with highlights on the counter under the bright rays of the Far Eastern sun. Don’t ask me how grandfather Stepan paid for them or what he exchanged for — he never told this, and only grumbled sometimes that if his scissors had not blinded him, he would have given half as much. But grumbled, however, with a smile.

The merchant said that these were Japanese scissors, trophy ones, from the age of 38, and that in the kitchen for any housewife they would be simply irreplaceable. And here we come to the reason why Japanese steel scissors became our family heirloom: my grandfather had a secret love — my grandmother Anya, the first beauty of the village. Before the war, grandfather did not even dare to approach her, being very modest, and then he regretted everything and made a vow to himself that when he returned, he would definitely woo her, if it was not too late. And when he saw the scissors, he realized that the gift was already ready: he immediately decided that his grandmother would not find such a cooking tool anywhere else. According to grandfather Stepan, the long months flew by like one day, because he believed that with these scissors, and getting rid of shyness in the service, he would definitely win the heart of his grandmother.

And you know, it all happened in the end! It turned out that grandmother Anya also missed her grandfather, and he did not know about it, because girlish pride did not allow her to open her feelings to him before the war. Of course, grandmother was very happy with the scissors, especially since grandfather was attached to them!

My grandparents lived very long and happy lives, and I spent most of my childhood with them. And of course, the famous scissors were always next to us, which did not lie on a shelf under glass and did not gather dust on the mezzanines. All these years and decades they have worked tirelessly. This is just a miracle, but they really cut everything: vegetables in the beds, greens from the garden, meat of all types, poultry carcasses (from chickens to geese) right with bones, fish, fabric from which mother and grandmother sewed, threads, paper, ropes … perhaps you will get tired of listing. In general, kitchen scissors, tailor’s scissors, and office scissors — all in one bottle, absolutely universal.

The scissors were absolutely not afraid of water, as they were made of stainless steel. And, as far as I know, my grandfather never sharpened them. If someone else had told me about this, I would not have believed it at all, but since I myself repeatedly held the family super-scissors in my hands, I know what I’m talking about. Then the scissors were given to my sister, who left for St. Petersburg. And they still serve her, as they served their mother and grandmother!

And for me it became a small tragedy: no matter what scissors I buy, no matter where I look for similar old grandfather ones, it’s all to no avail. It doesn’t matter if they were expensive or cheap. Or uncomfortable, or dull, or the hand gets tired … in general, I already despaired of finding a replacement for our wonderful scissors for the kitchen. And finally I found THEM! No, not the same ones, but just as shiny, sharp, incredibly comfortable and almost exactly the same shape. And in the dishwasher can be washed, and in the hand do not slip at all. And Japanese again! There is simply no limit to my joy, and I cannot help but share the link with you.

Use on health! And may these scissors bring you the same happiness and good luck as those old trophy ones once brought to my family!


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