How easy and inexpensive to update the interior?


A chair cushion is one such budget option for decorating a kitchen, work area, or lounge area. How many «chairs» are there in your life? Let’s count … In the kitchen, in the office, in the nursery, at the desk, on the veranda, in the country, on the balcony, the very chair on which you hang clothes, and in the car the chair is almost a chair. And they all suffer from boredom without new soft pillows.

Does your child do homework for a long time and spin in a chair? Or maybe he’s just stiff and uncomfortable? But, fortunately, we know how to solve this problem — a pillow on a chair with ties. It is soft on it, it is well fixed and will not constantly fall off the chair, and with its help you can place color accents in the interior. After all, even with a plain pillow made of matting, the room will take on a fresh look.

In the modern world, textile items for the interior are available and varied. A huge selection of colors can be offered by Smart Textile, from minimalist and monochromatic solutions to bright and stylish chair seats in Avocado color. Seat material — «gunny», universal, durable and hypoallergenic. The fabric is made of 100% cotton, so you can not be afraid to wash it, because it will retain bright, saturated colors despite numerous washes, which cannot be avoided with small children and pets. The fabric «gunny» is resistant to abrasion and unpleasant deformations in the form of pellets and hooks.

Even the most ardent adherents of minimalism will like the calm coloring of “linen”, your man will definitely not mind such a pillow for a computer / office chair. There is nowhere in the kitchen without textiles: towels, potholders, and chair seats can be bought to match the tablecloth, and then consider the change of interior was a great success!


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