How can you ruin a microfiber towel?


A microfiber towel is an indispensable thing in the house. After all, it perfectly absorbs moisture, dries quickly and is very pleasant to the body.

We all know about the advantages of towels and their properties. But not everyone knows how easy it is to ruin a microfiber towel. And now we will tell you about it!

What should not be done with a microfiber towel?

– Use granulated washing powder and rinse aids. Because their particles do not go well with water and the towel loses its properties, thereby impairing absorption.

– Do not dry over open flames or heaters. It’s best to just hang it up briefly or spread it out in a well-ventilated place. Because the heat causes the polyester to melt and damage the towel and reduce its effectiveness.

– Never wash microfiber towels with cloth ones, otherwise the lint will simply get stuck in the microfiber!

By following all these simple rules, your towel will serve you for a very long time and will not lose its properties.

A microfiber towel is the perfect gift!

Such a gift can be presented to mom, grandmother or girlfriend. This is the perfect helper in the house and everyone will be only too happy to receive such a gift!

What is the towel made from?

The towel is made of high quality microfiber, which has a smooth texture. Thanks to it, you can wipe any surface dry.

Our product is completely environmentally friendly and instantly absorbs water. The towel does not shed, does not leave a lint and is pleasant to the touch. Thanks to its fiber structure, it wipes all surfaces PERFECTLY dry.

Order our towels, because they are super high quality and perfectly absorb moisture!


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