Do-it-yourself Samsung TV repair if it does not turn on


There can be many malfunctions in a Samsung television receiver, and qualified help from a wizard is not always required to fix them. For example, if the Samsung TV does not turn on, then do-it-yourself repair is still possible in some cases.

Diagnosing a TV malfunction

If the equipment does not turn on or does not behave as it should, it makes sense to try to find out the cause of the breakdown on your own without involving service center specialists. The latter will have to pay a lot of money, while a small problem can be completely eliminated on your own.

Important! If the TV is under warranty, then self-repair is out of the question. Opening the case, breaking factory seals and other actions automatically deprive the consumer of all service privileges.

TV repair in the workshop

Network cable and socket

First of all, you need to check the condition of the network cable and outlet. The first is visually inspected the presence of physical damage. The socket can be checked by connecting another household appliance to it, for example, a lamp.

Hull inspection

Manufacturers, in pursuit of lightness and thinner design, turn a blind eye to case protection. Some models are so fragile that the outer plastic crumbles when pressed hard. The hull needs to be carefully inspected. for chips, indentations and other mechanical damage.


Particular attention should be paid to the screen: even microcracks that are barely visible to the eye can affect the quality of the picture. This can also be attributed defective pixels. To diagnose the latter, the firmware provides special tests that detect dark or light dots on the screen.

Check TV for dead pixels

The dead pixel test looks like plain pictures of different colors

Specific smell

Power surges are one of the most common causes of TV equipment failure. Boards and individual elements may burn out and exude a specific smell. You can catch it by sniffing at the back of the TV.

Control board inspection

If the warranty period has already expired, and a visual inspection of the external part of the equipment did not give any results, then you can try to open the case and look for problems on the main board. Costs pay attention to contactswires and groups of microcircuits: breakage, thermal effects, excess moisture or corrosion.

Operating system diagnostics

Problems can be not only in hardware, but also in software. It happens that the firmware starts to fail and fail in every possible way. This, for example, can manifest itself in a noticeable delay between switching channels or independently performing some actions without user intervention.

Software update menu on Samsung TV

Software update menu on Samsung TV

Only decision — installing new firmware. If the TV is connected to the network, then the current update can be received «over the air» by looking at the appropriate settings section. In other cases, you will have to copy the firmware to a flash drive and install it manually.

When the help of the master is not required

Very often, the owners of television receivers panic and begin to call the master at the slightest problem with their device. But if you calm down and take a sober look at the situation, then there may not be a breakdown of equipment. It is required to check the behavior of the television receiver for some symptoms.

Mode check

You need to check what mode the TV is in. For example, standby mode — this is a standby mode, and you can find out if it is on by looking at the red light on the unit panel. It should be remembered that it is not recommended to leave the television receiver in this mode for a long time, since with the unit seemingly turned off, all power supply circuits remain energized. If the power supply network power surge, then all primary circuits will burn out, after which the TV receiver will refuse to turn on. Therefore, the unit should be turned off with the button located on its panel in order to reduce the risk of burnout of the electronics.

standby mode

Non-working remote control

In the case when you observe the indication, but the TV does not respond to commands from the remote control, you can try to turn on the device using control panellocated on it. If you succeeded, then the remote control is faulty. Although, in principle, it cannot break, except that, from a fall, a quartz resonator can break, which will have to be replaced. Most often, in the PDU low or low batteries. In any case, it is worth disassembling the remote control and trying to troubleshoot the remote control with your own hands.

remote control with batteries

No standby indication

In a situation where there is no indication, and when you press the button nothing happens, you do not hear clicks and do not notice the blinking of the LED, then we can assume that the socket is faulty. Of course, you can try to connect the device to a different power source, but if this does not help, then, without special knowledge and qualifications, you will not be able to repair the TV receiver with your own hands. Even replacing an ordinary fuse will cause you difficulties, since they are not so easy to find in modern TVs. Therefore, calling the master will be the right decision.

A single blinking of the indicator is noticed

If a single blinking of the indicator was noticed, after which it continues to burn with a steady light, or its color has changed, this may mean that the device is in operating mode: either AV or PC connection mode. Therefore, you need to translate the unit to TV reception mode.

Wrong settings

Some specific functions of the TV may have been unintentionally activated. For example, child protection, blocking the inclusion of equipment without a remote control. It is worth carefully studying the settings for the running functionality of such a plan. An extreme case is a factory reset.

TV lock enable menu

TV lock enable menu

Signal problems

Rain, heavy snow and other bad weather affects the quality of the broadcast signal. Ripples, artifacts, or noise appear on the screen. It is necessary to wait for the bad weather to end, and if the situation has not changed, then check the antenna (plug, cable, housing).

Power surges

This problem is especially relevant in private homes. Strong surges can damage any household appliances. To avoid such troubles, it is worth acquiring special equipment — voltage stabilizer.

Voltage regulator

Voltage regulator

Power button

If the equipment turns off almost immediately after turning it on, then the problem may be in the button. Other symptoms of a malfunction of the latter are a loud click when activated and an inoperative indication. You can replace the power button yourself, fortunately, many manufacturers have implemented this feature in their models.

Periodic reboot

This is a typical failure in the platform. The problem is being treated firmware update to the latest version Or a complete reinstall.

When You Need the Help of a TV Technician

Everything that a non-specialist in teletechnics can do is limited to checking elements outside the device. In other cases, it is not recommended to open the device with your own hands, and you cannot do without a wizard.

The device did not turn on from the panel

If you can’t turn on the TV from the control panel, then you need to observe the behavior of the standby indicator (normally it lights up with a steady light, more often red). If it turns off when you try to press the button, then the problem should be looked for deeper in the device, as this indicates interlock operation (not to be confused with the child lock mode, which is enabled by the user). This happens when one of the modules fails. On some TVs, a clicking sound may be heard when the lock is activated. You will not be able to fix such a breakdown yourself. The only reasonable way out is to call a specialist.

Power button on the Samsung TV panel

Power button on the Samsung TV panel

The indicator turns green and then turns red again

Such color switching indicates that the CPU generated a signal to turn on the device, and it was sent to all modules for its execution. If any module is out of order, then he cannot execute the command. For example, a failure in the power supply does not allow it to enter the desired mode. In this case, the processor, without receiving confirmation from the power unit about normal operation, gives a signal to cancel the inclusion of the TV receiver and returns it to sleep mode.

Such flashing can continue for a long time until the main cause of the failure is removed: the inverter has been repaired, the transistor has been replaced (for example, on the s62 chassis), the power supply has been moved, or another of a large number of reasons.

The indicator turns green and nothing happens

When the indicator is green, and the TV set does not even think of turning on, then this situation can be called ambiguous. Required main board check measuring the applied voltage. Also, a study of commands for starting, lighting, etc. is being carried out.

If the light turns on, signaling the working condition, but there are no signals from the main board, while the device does not respond to the remote control and pressing the buttons on the case, then this may indicate software failure. Only a flashing and software update will be able to return the motherboard to normal operation.

Checking the main board

The indicator flashes randomly

This behavior of the indicator indicates that a failure has occurred in the TV set, and it does not carry any more useful information. Would need complete diagnostics of electronicsstarting with the “ringing” of the power supply and ending with the converters located on the system board.

TV takes a long time to turn on

When it takes a long time to turn on the TV receiver, this indicates that any unit of the unit has failed. For TVs with a kinescope and LCD panels, the factors for the appearance of a breakdown can be very different. To identify a malfunction without having the necessary experience and knowledge is quite difficult. Since the problematic unit still starts working, and only a qualified master can get to the bottom of the cause of the failure, using special equipment to carry out the necessary measurements. In some cases it will be necessary to check the device at the service center at the standusing special software.

As you can see from the above possible reasons why the TV stopped turning on, there are not so many options left to repair it on your own. This rule also applies to the case when the TV itself turns on and immediately turns off. And since the unit is a complex electronic device, it requires accuracy during operation and timely service.


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