Delicate care of things or how to update them


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one. Clothing Care Tips

2. Tricks and life hacks for clothing resuscitation

3. Useful tips for proper storage

Every woman has favorite dress or blousewho want to maintain a lifetime. To extend the life of your wardrobe with regular wear, there are tricky ways that are not overhead for the family budget and will save you money on buying new clothes. Let’s find out the most effective.

How to care for clothes made from traditional materials: cotton, silk, linen, wool, viscose. Fabrics have their advantages and disadvantages, which dictate the way they are cared for. Cotton fabrics are resistant to washing at high temperatures, absorb moisture well and tolerate ironing. But when washed, they shrink, dry for a long time and wrinkle strongly when worn. Therefore, polyester is often added to cotton thread. Cotton includes satin, batiste, taffeta, poplin, coarse calico, chintz, jeans, chiffon, bike. Colored cotton fabric is washed at t up to 60°C, thin colored — 40°C. When washing white linen, use a universal detergent, colored — soft without bleach.

Things require care and attention. To make your wardrobe last longer, you need to know some care tricks. We share useful tips and life hacks that will help keep things clean and tidy.

life hacks

one. Cream stains. To get rid of traces of foundation, especially on light-colored clothes, a men’s cosmetic product — shaving foam will help. The stained area is treated with it, left for a while and washed.

2. Stained fabric. To remove glare and restore the original appearance of the fabric, a soft brush dipped in vinegar solution will help.

3. lipstick stain. Spray on the stain to fix the hair and leave for 15 minutes. Then blot it with water and wash the item in the washing machine.

four. red wine traces. White wine can help remove red wine stains. White wine is poured over the trail and sprinkled with baking soda. After 3 hours, the product is washed.

5. Brighten up denim. Denim items of dark color after repeated washing brighten and lose their saturation. 0.5 tbsp will help get rid of this problem. vinegar added to the washing machine.

6. Pills on clothes. Removal of pellets is carried out using Machines for removing pellets, this machine can be purchased under the article 68073696. This thing is indispensable in the wardrobe.

7.To make the sweater softer. The sweater will become more pleasant if it is strongly wetted, carefully folded into a bag and put in the freezer for 10 hours. Then immerse in warm water to thaw and dry.

eight. Lightning sticks. A metal zipper is smeared with soap, hygienic lipstick or a pencil. And a little Vaseline is applied to the hole of the slider with a cotton swab along the zipper.

9. Atget the smell out of clothes. 1 part vodka is mixed with 3 servings of water. Spray mixture is sprayed onto thing. Exuding amber disappears after drying.

Useful tips for proper storage

Pay attention to the label, which indicates how to properly care for the item. It is better to do this even in the store, because after learning that the product needs to be dry-cleaned, you may change your mind about buying it. Wash clothes at the temperature indicated on the label. Keep things in the closet clean as sweat particles attract moths. A good prevention against moths is dried cloves or orange peels. Fold them in cheesecloth and put them in the closet. Store clothes in closets and chests of drawers with tight-closing doors. This will protect them from dust and sunlight. Woolen clothes that you will not wear soon, place in a bag with a lock and leave in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. Then put it in the closet. Ventilate the closet so that clothes do not acquire a musty smell. If the thing is narrow and puts on over the head, then put it on first, and then apply makeup so as not to leave traces of cosmetics on the product. Do not store sweaters and sweaters on hangers, otherwise they will stretch. Fold them up and keep them on the shelves. Hang dresses and shirts on hangers to keep them from wrinkling. Do not wash clothes with a «lightning» and thin things at the same time, so as not to damage the latter. Fasten the snakes before washing in the washing machine. Remove the fluff with a clothes brush, tape or a special roller. Wait 5 minutes before putting on a freshly ironed item, otherwise it will quickly wrinkle.


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