Curtain as protection from the sun.


Blackout curtains (in the text it is found both in English and in Russian — blackout, from English blackout — blackout) are created not only for decoration, but also to protect your home from the sun, dust, noise.

The fabric for such thick curtains has 3 layers:

— two outer layers (front and back) — a decorative surface that should be pleasant to the touch, aesthetic and resistant to wear and dirt,

— one inner layer of blackout is a black polyester thread that absorbs light, thereby preventing it from penetrating through the fabric.

Many years of experience of our company with various fabrics allows us to give several recommendations for the right choice of curtains:

1. Blackout fabric is only recommended for curtains. Pillows, bedspreads and other textiles made from such a fabric will be impractical to use. This fact is due to the specific interlacing of threads in this material. The texture of the fabric perfectly manifests itself on the window, but at the same time it will not tolerate frequent contact in the role, for example, of a pillow.

2. If the room where you plan to hang blackout curtains is on a very sunny side, then choose light shades of curtains to avoid burning out the wrong side under the scorching sun.

3. The degree of protection of such curtains from light also depends on the texture of the fabric. Smooth blackouts are the most reliable protection, up to 95%. This is a more conservative version of curtains in texture. There is also a blackout — gunny, this is a looser fabric that will protect a little less from the sun, creating a pleasant twilight. The advantage of such curtains is that the texture of matting creates amazing comfort, clearly reminiscent of natural harmony with its textured naturalness, although the composition of both options is 100% synthetics.

4. Caring for blackout blinders from the Kostroma Textile company is very simple. All our curtains go through all the necessary processing at the cutting stage to prevent further deformation. In addition, our fabrics are made in proven factories. Wash the curtains on a delicate cycle and do not worry about their safety.

5. If you have animals, be careful, as with any interior product. If your pet touches the curtain with a claw, it will certainly leave a puff. But with a deft hand movement, you can fix this incident on your own. Just pull the tightening point in different directions.

Next, we will analyze the correct installation of blackout curtains from the Kostroma Textile company.

Remember that due to their density, blackout curtains have a certain weight. A curtain 1.5 m wide weighs about 1 — 1.5 kg. This fact must be taken into account when choosing a cornice and the strength of its fastening. If you have a cornice pipe, then for a cornice length of more than 2 m, it is recommended to put an additional bracket in the center to prevent sagging of the pipe.

The assembly of blackout curtains, like any other curtains, depends on your preferences. But remember that all curtains look decent and comfortable only when assembled, the coefficient of which varies from 1.5 to 2. Let me explain what the assembly coefficient is: the coefficient is the value by which the length of the cornice must be multiplied, the result of this multiplication will indicate the width curtains.

Consider an example: the length of the cornice is 2 m, we multiply 2 * 1.5 = 3 m, so you need to hang a curtain 3 m wide on a cornice 2 m long, it can be one curtain 3 m wide or two curtains 1.5 m wide each.

Remember, the above example is a recommendation based on our experience.

The next important question: how to choose curtains by color?

Here it is important to take into account the color design of your interior, its purpose, your personal preferences, your character and temperament.

If you want dynamics and rhythm, then boldly choose bright colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment! The color palette of blackout curtains from the Kostroma Textile company is chosen so that even the brightest shade will not cause you discomfort, on the contrary, the brightness will cheer you up and give you strength. We keep track of new trends in the world of curtain fashion, but at the same time we always keep your preferences in mind.

We suggest that supporters of calmness turn their attention to the neutral shades of curtains. A palette of beige, brown, gray and other shades will bring balance to the space and create a relaxing atmosphere.

For children’s rooms, an important recommendation is not to decorate the windows with too bright curtains. In children’s interior spaces there are always a lot of bright details — these are books, small things, toys. The role of blackout curtains in children’s rooms is to protect the child’s sleep and create a psychologically healthy atmosphere in which our children will be focused on learning lessons and having a good time.

If you are looking for comfortable curtains that will protect you and your space from external influences, while creating a beautiful environment, then blackout blackout curtains from the Kostroma Textile company are what you need!


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