Connecting a smartphone to the music center and speakers


No matter how trite it may sound, life is more fun with music. We turn it on not only during rest and holidays, but also during the performance of various housework: the work is in full swing, and time passes unnoticed. Often we turn on music on the phone. But sometimes you want to turn it on louder, and the sound quality would not hurt to improve. This problem can be solved by using external acoustics. To do this, you need to know how to connect your smartphone to the speakers of the music center. This is what will be discussed below.

Wired connection

There are two ways to connect a mobile phone to the audio system with a cable. AUX is the easiest and most convenient way. In order to make this connection, both devices must be equipped with an audio output. At the speaker system, it can be placed on the front panel and represented by a 3.5 or 6.5 connector, but much more often it is located at the back in the form of 2 RCA outputs (“tulip” of red and white). To connect, you need a jack cable — jack / 2 RCA / 6.5.

If the music center supports playing audio from flash drives, and it has a USB connector, then a mobile phone can act as an alternative. It is necessary to use a USB — microUSB cable and insert it with the appropriate ends into both devices.

step by step algorithm

In order to use a mobile device as a stereo source, the synchronization must be done correctly. Step by step instructions are given below.

Connection via AUX.

  1. Buy a jack-jack / 6.5 / 2 RCA cable in the store. Quite often, in the case of 6.5, it is easier to buy an adapter for 3.5.
  2. One end plugs into the headphone jack on your phone.
  3. The other end is inserted into the 3.5 socket on the audio system.
  4. On the music center we find the switch of signal sources and select AUX.
  5. In the player of the gadget, we find the desired track and turn it on.

Important! This type of connection requires an input labeled AUX or AUDIO IN. A similar headphone jack will not work.


Connection via USB.

  1. We buy or use a USB cable — microUSB / type-C from the smartphone kit.
  2. We insert the microUSB / type-C plug into the phone.
  3. Insert the cord into the audio system with the other side.
  4. Select the signal source — USB.
  5. On the smartphone, by releasing the curtain down, select the type of synchronization «data transfer».
  6. Select the desired song and start playback.

Helpful Hints

Some users make mistakes and take unnecessary actions in order to connect their smartphone to the music center. Before you go to the store to buy the right accessories, you should study the tips below.

  1. Connecting a phone to the center is possible for both Android and iOS devices.
  2. When connected via 3.5, the battery should be charged in advance.
  3. To connect via USB, the cable from the gadget kit, which is usually used for charging, is suitable — do not rush to the store.
  4. Before buying a cord, study both gadgets, it may turn out that the smartphone is equipped with a modern type-C, or the music center does not have only a 3.5 output. Buy a cable based on the available interfaces.
  5. The synchronization cord should not have any special properties — the most budget option from the nearest electronics store will do.


Wireless connection

Modern audio technology widely uses wireless modules to synchronize with other devices. NFC is a more convenient option, but less common. It provides a long connection range, a high-quality signal, and besides, the connection itself does not require a lot of actions. For high-quality data transfer via Bluetooth, support for the AptX and LDAC codecs (lossless audio transmission) is required. Also, the range is limited here — about 15 meters.

Synchronization via Bluetooth.

  1. The audio device must be turned on in the search mode for Bluetooth devices — there are corresponding buttons on the front panel for this.
  2. On the phone, you should lower the curtain, find the Bluetooth button and open advanced settings to see a list of equipment available for synchronization.
  3. After displaying the list of devices, select the required one and confirm the connection.
  4. It remains to turn on your favorite music, and you can enjoy high-quality and loud playback.

Synchronization via NFC.

  1. To make such a connection, both devices must be equipped with the appropriate module.
  2. Both devices are included in the synchronization mode via NFC. The center has a special button for this (sometimes you need to look for the mode in signal sources), on your mobile phone you should lower the curtain and find the NFC symbol.
  3. Having activated both devices, it is enough to attach the smartphone to the center — it has a platform with the NFC symbol. It will connect automatically.
  4. Launch your favorite tracks in the player.

Connecting to TV speakers

You can increase the volume of music played from the phone through the TV speakers. If you know how to connect your smartphone to the music center, then this connection will not be difficult. Required for TV jack-2RCA cable («tulip»). Connect the 3.5 end to the mobile phone (where the headphones are), the other to the TV, matching the color-to-color plugs with the existing connectors.

Tulip cable for connection

Select a mode on the TV AV1 or AV2 and turn on the music on your phone. You can adjust the sound volume on both devices.

Connecting to a portable speaker

For the operation of the above devices, an electrical network is required. If you want to listen to loud music in nature, away from electricity, a stand-alone battery-powered speaker will help you out. It connects to the phone in two ways:

  1. Via Bluetooth – wireless channel (for those speakers that support this function). To connect, you need to turn on the column. Then make the Bluetooth function active in the phone. After, start detecting bluetooth devices. When the smartphone detects your speaker, confirm its connection. If the device asks for a code, then enter the standard — «0000».
    Bluetooth speaker connection
  2. With cable. The connection principle is the same as connecting a smartphone to a music center. You just need to choose the right plug.
    Connecting a speaker via a cable

As you can see, there are various ways to amplify the sound capabilities of the phone. The main thing is to have the appropriate cables on hand.


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