Cat scratching post as an interesting interior detail


Each of us loves his home, down to the smallest details of the interior. To create an interesting, extraordinary atmosphere at home, you need to use something original. In the role of such bright interior details, any, at first glance, the most simple and ordinary things can act: a mirror, chairs, an armchair. But could you imagine that a cat scratching post could become such a detail? We think not) Therefore, we offer a selection of scratching posts that will definitely fit well into any design project.

The presented models are primarily designed for the convenience of your pets: they are durable and ergonomic. But you must admit that the design of every thing in the house is significant for the overall picture. Therefore, it is so important for cat owners that the accessories necessary for daily use by pets not only fit well into the overall color, but also do not spoil the whole picture.

So let’s get started.

1) Scratching post-couch «Wave». Small in size. Doesn’t take up much space.

2) Claw-bed «Bow». Larger model. It will become an unusual and beautiful addition to the apartment where cats live.

3) Claw-bed «Infinity». Not only the most convenient for cats, but also ideal for any style in the design of the apartment.

With these models of scratching posts, you can easily combine business with pleasure: take care of your beloved pet and add another beautiful item to the interior. Carefully thought-out design, smooth lines of scratching posts, combined with their high functionality, allow us to safely say that their purchase will be the most successful purchase!

With love and care for your pets, the team zoopit.


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