Bandage wrap as a modern approach to body shaping


Bandage wrap AMPLUA is a modern approach to body shaping and weight loss. The procedure does not take long, but its effectiveness is impressive.

This is SPA care, which involves the application of elastic bandages impregnated with special gels to problem areas of the body.

The essence of bandaging is the imposition of a tight bandage only on certain areas or on the whole body. The bandage has a compression effect, which, in combination with the influence of the active components of the gel, gives an excellent effect in a short time. During the wrap, the process of lipolysis (enzymatic breakdown of fats into their components) begins, and the removal of excess fluid from the tissues of the body increases.

The main targets are AMPLUA bandage wraps

— acceleration of the process of burning fat,

— reduction of volumes in problem areas of the skin,

— removing excess water

— Strengthening blood vessels and improving skin condition.

— skin texture smoothing

— elimination of «orange peel»

one. Anti-cellulite — provides a powerful decongestant effect through the use of products with compounds that have lymphatic drainage and firming properties. Due to the acceleration of the removal of excess fluid from the body, the “orange peel” is eliminated. The microrelief of the skin is leveled, the skin becomes even, smooth and toned.

2. CRYO— cooling procedure, the main purpose of which is skin tightening. Fights cellulite, promotes weight loss, has a powerful lymphatic drainage effect. Recommended for skin tightening in slimming diets. Strong chilling effect, tones the walls of blood vessels, improves skin elasticity. Under the action of the coolant, a sharp narrowing of the pores and blood vessels occurs. A strong outflow of lymph begins from the blood, from skin cells and subcutaneous tissues. The liquid takes all the harmful substances that have accumulated in the cells and removes them from the body. Wraps saturate the skin with nutrients and restore its elasticity.

3. slimming — due to the presence of powerful lipolytic agents, there is a rapid splitting and removal of subcutaneous fat deposits, due to which volumes in problem areas of the skin decrease. Removes excess fluid and relieves swelling.

One set contains 2 bandages (width 14 cm and length 7 meters) impregnated with special means for bandage wrapping.

It is intended for one application, but if the skin areas where the bandages will be applied are not large, you can use one roll, and leave the second for the next application.

After removing the bandage, a cooling or hot effect remains for 20-30 minutes, which means that the bandage wrap continues to work after removing the bandages (cryo — cold effect, anti-cellulite — cold-warm, sliming — neutral effect).

After using the AMPLUA bandage wrap: The skin is even, smooth, taut without “orange peel” and without extra centimeters on problem areas of the skin.


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