And how do you spend quiet and calm evenings at your favorite dacha?


Many of us have already launched the summer season: planted seedlings, went to our lands!
Have you thought about how to spend quiet and peaceful evenings at your favorite dacha?
Of course, someone prefers alcohol, but everyone knows about its dangers.
Let’s imagine: a quiet evening, the sun is already slowly starting to go beyond the horizon, and can this fragrance and peace really be diluted with hard rock and beer …
Oh no, put away the rock and beer and move on…
The kettle boiled, they took out the tea leaves, put a couple of spoons of delicious-smelling herbs into the teapot, pour boiling water over it and leave it for 15 minutes.
And now you have a cup of hot tea in your hands, in which you can add a spoonful of honey, a sunset that filled the sky with colorful colors and light music from the wind, the rustling of leaves on the trees and birdsong!
Here it is happiness!
For more relaxation, we recommend using Ivan-tea with motherwort for a healthy sleep. Fireweed angustifolia is famous for its healing properties known since ancient times. It will help if you have: increased nervous excitability, sleep disturbance, anxiety, mental unrest.
And in the morning, Ivan-tea with sagaan-daily flowers is perfect for a tonic effect (stronger than ginseng, lemongrass or eleutherococcus). Fireweed angustifolia will replace your coffee, green and black tea. The composition of Ivan tea with sagaan-daily flowers strengthens the immune system, which is extremely important under difficult environmental conditions and the rapidly accelerated lifestyle of a modern person, slows down the aging process.
Ivan-tea contraindications: children under 6 years old, people suffering from hypotension (low blood pressure); pregnant.


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