10 ideas to get your toddler interested in books


Don’t have the time or energy to invent developments? Does the child get carried away for no more than a minute? Check out our list of easy and quick ways to work with kids!

1. We study the heroes and answer the questions: who, where? how much? What colour? Where does he live? Where did you meet him? What form?
2. Tell stories about heroes.
One day a curious kitten went to the forest. There are many trees there. Let’s count how many. The kitten saw a small bug. Look how big the kitten is, but the bug is small in comparison. And so on…
3. Find all the animals in the picture. Everything is red, everything is round.
4. Show in the picture everything alive / animated (bird, fox) and everything inanimate / (stone, branch).
5. Find all the big characters in the book. And who is small?
6. Which character do you like? Who do you think you look like? And if you were the hero of the book, what would it be?
7. We read with different moods. Cheerful, playful, serious, nasal and laughing together))
8. Describe the picture that you see.
And with our tactile books, you can also..
9. Touch and guess objects by touch, closing your eyes.
10. Compare the textures of objects. Strawberries are grainy, cherries are smooth. The relief of the leaf is veined, while the dandelion has convex fluff.
Happy games and bright discoveries😍


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