Women’s watches, with what and how to wear


Modern fashion trends present women’s watches as stylish jewelry to complement the image. This accessory not only demonstrates the status, but, complementing the image, makes it organic.

There are several directions of style:

  • classic — traditional, feminine models;
  • sport chic;
  • retro style;
  • large women’s watches, deliberately brutal watches with an original, complex design. It is this direction that many brands are now mastering.

When choosing wristwatches for women, special attention should be paid to the material from which they were made. It is a qualitatively selected material that will provide reliable protection of the watch from mechanical damage, from the penetration of water, dust particles and moisture.

How to wear a watch?

It is impossible to clearly establish certain rules that apply to everyone. Modern fashion does not imply a rigid framework. This gift will not only bring comfort to everyday life, but will also tell a lot about its owner. That is why when choosing a women’s watch, certain aspects should be taken into account, and the conversation will go on about them.

Let’s highlight a few recommendations:

  1. Pay attention to how such accessories are worn by public people — they often set the tone in fashion.
  2. Organic combination of watches with other jewelry. If there is no certainty about the compatibility of the items worn, it is better to remove the thing that confuses you.
  3. The general style of clothing should not match the style of accessories. So, it would be appropriate to complement a business «office» outfit with «men’s» watches or watches in the «retro» style.

Combination of watches and bracelets

Modern fashion says an unequivocal «yes» to such a combination. One of the main conditions for a win-win image is the combination of the metal color of the accessories. But no one forbids diluting this rule with a drop of intrigue.

For example, combine a status model with a frivolous elegant bracelet that emphasizes the tenderness of the wrist. Similarly, it is possible to shade models in a plastic case with a light chain on the wrist, decorated with rhinestones or pearls.

Watches and manicure

Part of the flawless look is also a manicure that matches perfectly with accessories. The more catchy, massive and expensive watch model is worn on the wrist, the simpler and more concise the nails should be. Bright and catchy shades of lacquer look great with models in retro style.


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