Women’s leggings for fitness: how not to wear them


Nowadays, every girl wants to be a sporty and stylish beauty. Therefore, there are programs that allow you to consistently attend fitness clubs and lead an active healthy lifestyle. Therefore, no doubt in the wardrobe of every girl there are leggings.

In 2022, leggings are still popular.

What material are quality leggings made of?

Quality leggings can be made from both natural fabrics and synthetic ones. It all depends on the intensity of the loads. Despite the fact that natural fabrics do not irritate the skin and allow the body to breathe, they are not suitable for intense exercise. When an athlete sweats a lot, clothes made from natural fabrics are heavily saturated with sweat and become wet, after which stains remain on the clothes. Also, in such clothes it is very uncomfortable to train and you can quickly catch a cold in a draft.

Leggings made of elastane, polyester or polyamide do not get wet, remove moisture and perform high-quality heat transfer. Accordingly, for intense workouts, synthetic leggings are a great option.

Leggings made from natural fabrics are suitable for yoga, Pilates, etc.

Also, tight leggings are very popular for fitness. In such models, high-quality dense fabric should be used, such as lycra, tactel or meryl. A popular combination of polyester and lycra. These leggings are tight and do not shine through.

leggings size

An important criterion when choosing leggings is size. It is important that leggings sit nicely on the figure. Due to the fact that the fabrics of leggings stretch, the sizes in this case are more universal. Those. if you wear size L, then leggings in both size L and M can fit well.

Leggings with a high fit are very comfortable and perfectly emphasize the figure, slender legs and beautiful physique.

Leggings with a low rise look good on slim figures, but they can slip, which is not very comfortable.

The benefits of leggings

It is very important for women to look in step with the times, it is possible and stunning. Of course, fitness clubs are no exception. For example, here https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/71999789/detail.aspx?targetUrl=EX&size=122283743 a stylish and versatile model is presented, both in color and style. Suitable for both active and moderate sports.

Main advantages:

  • versatility: in leggings it is convenient to work out both in the gym and in the open air. There are also leggings with insulation;
  • convenience: leggings made of elastic fabrics fit the legs very well, creating comfort for performing exercises;
  • hygiene: modern elastic materials «breathe», remove excess moisture, absorb dirt minimally, are easy to wash and dry very quickly;
  • sexy: any athlete is pleased to see a sexy slim figure, which is emphasized by leggings.


It is important for every girl to look at 100. As a rule, the dark color slims the most.

Leggings BODYCA #1

Leggings Casandana #1

Black colors or shades of chocolate are especially popular this season. Stripes on the sides are gradually going out of fashion and monophonic models, or with mesh inserts, are more popular.

Do you want to stand out and look bright? Then colored leggings are for you — red, cornflower blue, pink. You can add uniqueness by purchasing a model with a print. There are geometric or floral variations.

Women’s leggings for fitness: how not to wear them

In pursuit of a good figure today, ladies choose not only the type of sports training, but also the most comfortable and, no less important, aesthetic sportswear. One of these types of clothing are leggings for sports activities.

Leggings became popular in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. They were worn exclusively by men. The very name «leggings» arose from the name of the material from which they were then made — the skin of a young elk or deer.

Modern leggings are made from different types of fabrics, which have completely different requirements. For example, the world-famous sportswear company Nike has been working for a long time to create a fabric that should allow air to pass freely, the moisture released during training (sweat) should be easily absorbed. The composition of the fabric, the dyes used must be completely allergy-free. The material must be wear-resistant so that athletes can use such clothing for a long time and safely. The clothes themselves should fit the body well, not hang out and at the same time be elastic, without restricting movements.

A number of these requirements are met by fabrics made from natural fibers: wool, cotton, linen. But they have no elasticity at all. Synthetics have it, but the latter is devoid of all other required qualities. Therefore, manufacturers began to use a new fabric created on the basis of a combination of synthetic and natural fibers. Nike came up with a micro-mesh made of polyester with the addition of natural silk.

There are many fabrics with similar properties today. It is from them that it is most preferable to purchase sportswear, including leggings.

The size of sportswear is very important. BCRPA BC Certified Personal Trainer Michele Dolan is currently a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. According to him, the wrong size selection can nullify all workouts or even lead to injury.

— Ideally, after you put on the leggings, you should stop feeling them on yourself. And for this you do not need to believe the size written on the label — sportswear only needs to be measured, says Michele Dolan. Moreover, according to him, it is necessary to choose not only the size, but also the correct fit of leggings. It depends on what kind of sport you are going to do. For regular workouts in the gym and fit for leggings, the most common one will do. But if you are a rock climber, cyclist, leggings should be with a loose fit. Yoga training requires free circulation of blood — therefore, sweatpants should not compress the limbs too much. However, when playing sports, the legs just need moderate pressure. This is due to the peculiarities of blood circulation in the human body. Enriched with oxygen, the blood moves through the systemic circulation. Back, it moves through the veins from the bottom up, overcoming the force of gravity. In normal healthy people, this process takes place evenly. But during sports, the circulatory system may not be able to cope, the blood begins to stagnate, which can lead to varicose veins. To prevent this from happening, sports leggings must be compression, that is, squeezing. This helps with proper blood circulation.


The main factor in choosing good leggings is the material from which they are made. Not only their purpose depends on it, but also their price.

Of course, high-quality sports leggings are much more expensive than regular leggings and leggings, but they will make your workout comfortable. Of course, you shouldn’t buy what you can’t afford. However, price is not the main aspect to be considered.

The most important thing is quality. Look for brands that will be worth your money. You can look at inexpensive leggings for fitness.

Today, small online sportswear stores offer cotton or synthetic leggings that are in no way inferior in quality to manufacturers of well-known brands.

Important quality indicators

Comfort is perhaps the main characteristic of sports leggings. Its appropriate level is achieved through the right cut and the right materials.

The model of leggings you like should be chosen correctly in size. They should have a high waist, gently fit the line of the hips and legs, and end at ankle level, without forming an «accordion». A high waist will provide an additional soft load on the abdominal muscles. Particularly noteworthy are leggings for fitness with a slimming effect. It is very important to choose the correct size, because. too small will «tighten» the skin and it is likely that it rolls up to the hips. Too big does not guarantee the necessary support for the muscles of the problem area.

The degree of fit of the hips and legs plays an important role in the choice of high-quality models. The thing is that during training, the chosen model should provide maximum freedom of movement, which is unattainable if the leggings are too tight or loose.

Professional athletes recommend choosing options with an ideal bottom line only from those models that end at the ankle level. Exceptions can only be those leggings that have support passing through the heel. It is worth noting that in most cases they are served as sports leggings, but, taking into account what materials they are made of, they are still leggings.


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