Women’s harness: what to wear it with?


Women’s harness has become part of fashionable outfits, but in order to maintain aesthetics and harmony, the outfit must be correctly combined with clothing items:

  • do not use a lot of additional accessories, so the product looks much more attractive. It is advisable to exclude necklaces, watches, bracelets, stud earrings are enough, and it is recommended to leave the neck open;
  • the harness is best combined with clothes without beads, rhinestones, stones and other decor, you should give preference to simple products;
  • if a girl has a thin figure and a height of more than average, a thin strap looks perfect, leather up to 1 cm thick is used. A more complete figure is in harmony with products up to 2-3 cm wide; options with larger parameters can also be considered.

The accessory attracts the eye, so it is more suitable for women who are self-confident. The eyes will be attracted to the parts of the body on which the decoration is worn.

How to combine a harness with clothes?

The belt can be combined with different types of clothing, from coats to T-shirts, and there are no restrictions on the color scheme to create an image. It emphasizes the waist and chest, but it is better to choose wardrobe items with a concise and simple form. Color solutions can be contrasting or match the color of the accessory. A leather product will perfectly emphasize any plainly tailored and plain dress. But if it is tight, short, then the image will turn out to be vulgar. Black outfits with belts of the same color look great, and an oversized shirt or white blouse will be a good basis for the outfit, as well as an oversized T-shirt without a print. Clothing without belts, including trousers, long skirts, jeans, will be an addition. And a harness is worn on a naked body for special occasions, including a jacket worn over it. The decoration does not look in combination with a deep neckline, open shorts, over the knee boots and T-shirts with thin straps.


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