Why the printer or MFP does not pick up paper from the tray, what to do


A very common problem is when, after sending a document for printing, MFPs and printers do not pick up paper. This periodically occurs with both laser and inkjet devices, various models of hp, epson, samsung and others. To get rid of problems of this kind, you first need to determine the cause of their occurrence. Often the problem is associated with minor software glitches, the use of paper of the wrong quality, the wear of the rollers over time, and the ingress of various objects into the printer. Such problems are eliminated, as a rule, very simply, with their own hands, without the help of specialists.

General printer and software health check

You should start checking the printer by assessing its performance and the presence of software failures. It is immediately necessary to find out whether roller rotation. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • turn on the device;
  • after waiting for the time of its preparation for work, the green indicator should light up;
  • then send the document for printing, and there will be a sound caused by the movement of the carriage, the rotation of the axis;
  • if everything is fine, then the sheets should be printed, there were no software failures, the mechanism is operational.

Paper pick rollers

When, after connecting to the network and pressing the power button on a xerox, brother, canon or any other model printer, the corresponding indicator does not light up, it is better to contact specialists.

The same should be done in the absence of practical experience in the repair of such equipment.

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Also, you will need to resort to the help of service center professionals if, after sending to print rollers and carriage do not move. But first, you can try to reset the settings to eliminate the possibility of a software failure. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • turn on the printing device until it is fully ready for operation;
  • completely turn off the power by disconnecting the appropriate cord;
  • wait about 15 seconds;
  • connect the cord in place;
  • power is supplied, while the printer should work automatically, if this does not happen, press the appropriate button;
  • print a test document using the control panel or by pressing the button of your choice for 4 seconds (this does not work on all models).

Test Print

If the parts (roller, carriage) start to move and the verification document is printed, then you can work on. The cause of the problem in this case was caused by a failure in the control program. When everything works, and the paper does not enter at all or the sheets are only half taken, then the cause should be sought by further checking.

Paper check

Another common reason for the printer not picking up paper is low quality last. To troubleshoot in this case, proceed as follows:

  • the previously inserted sheets are taken out of the tray;

Paper in the printer

  • remove wrinkled and damaged;

wrinkled paper

  • check the conformity of the paper in terms of size and density (is 80 g / m²);
  • align 20 sheets by tapping their edges on the table;

Paper alignment

  • load the pack into the tray until it stops, adjusting its position with guides;
  • send a test file for printing.

If the document printed normally, then the reason is found, you can continue to work in the usual mode. If unsuccessful, other possible problems should be considered.

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Foreign objects inside

One of the possible reasons that the printer does not pick up paper, or does it poorly, may be that foreign objects have entered the device. To get them, do this:

  • turn off the power supply of the printing equipment;
  • remove paper and remove, if possible, the input tray and output tray;
  • take out a cartridge in a laser printer;
  • opening all covers, inspect the device for the presence of foreign objects, and if detected, remove them;

Foreign objects in the printer

  • assemble the printer;
  • insert paper into the tray (20 sheets are enough);
  • turn on the device;
  • print test text.

The problem can also be caused by ingestion small pieces of paper. If fragments are found, be sure to remove them. In the event that an unsatisfactory result is obtained, further repair work is required.

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Checking the rollers and cleaning them

A common problem with paper not picking up is a malfunction in the internal components of the device. Most often this is due to the fact that the roller responsible for capturing the paper became very dirty during operation and ceased to perform its functions. This is a natural process that is associated with long-term use of the device.

In this case, the problem is solved simply roller cleaning. To do this, prepare the following:

  • cotton buds;
  • a rag or cloth that does not leave lint;
  • pure water (ideally distilled).

Cleaning the rollers with a tissue

It is recommended to avoid the use of any cleaners or alcohol-based products. It is best to use special preparations for cleaning rubber. As an option, suitable «Copycliner». If there is nothing at all, then water will do. Roller cleaning process:

  1. The printer is powering down.
  2. The fabric is wetted with liquid and the rollers are cleaned with it. In the process, the rag must be changed several times until dirt spots no longer appear on it.
  3. When some rollers cannot be reached with rags, cotton buds are used.

When cleaning, it is important to ensure that no liquid enters the printer itself. To make the rollers easier to clean, you can first slightly loosen the latches. Some models allow you to pull them out of the device altogether. This will make cleaning much easier.

printer roller

The second reason for paper not picking up can be worn out rollers. A simple solution to the problem is to replace the rollers. However, you can do it differently.

  1. Gently slide the roller and turn it over.
  2. Pull out the roller and wrap it tightly with electrical tape in several turns. After that install it back. Such a simple procedure can extend the life of the old roller for some time.

Roller covered with tape

However, these measures are temporary and it is best to replace the old rollers.

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Paper feed unit failure

Manipulations with rollers may not bring the desired effect. The fact is that not only they are responsible for capturing paper. Each printer has other sheet feeders. With frequent use, they can be too worn out and cease to perform their functions. There is too much gap, due to which the paper is simply not captured.

This problem can be dealt with in several ways.

  1. Try to produce replacing tray mounts. Sometimes just swapping them is enough.
  2. Attach plastic or cardboard pads.
  3. To get rid of the backlash of the sleeve, a couple of turns of metallized tape can be made around its base. The main thing is not to overdo it with the number of layers. If you wind a lot of tape, then excessive resistance will be created, and the paper will not be captured.

Rollers and paper feed sensor

Canon printers have another weak feature. Very often they the paper sensor is dirty. It is necessary to control the flag, which rises when the sheet is fed. If the sensor is defective, a jam occurs and paper cannot be fed further.

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Driver setting

The printer or multifunctional device does not take paper even if the settings of the drivers responsible for printing documents are changed. The procedure to fix the problem in this case is as follows:

  • opening any text file, go to the print window;
  • there select the device to be used;
  • using the «Functions» tab, set the type of paper used, sheet sizes;

Driver setup

  • save the changes made;
  • perform a test print of the selected document.

Other reasons

It is worth remembering that the lack of paper pickup is the most common problem among all printer owners. This problem can be due to a large number of non-obvious reasons. Therefore, in order to fully verify the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it, it is not recommended to do repairs yourself.

It is important to pay attention to this point: in some models, when manual paper feed is turned on, the capture is turned off. Usually users activate this feature and then forget about it. To return to automatic mode, you must go to the menu and select the appropriate option.

In any case, if this problem occurs, you can try to clean the rollers or use the other tips given. However, if they did not help, then it is better not to carry out further repairs on your own. You should take the printer to specialists who can make an accurate “diagnosis” and repair the equipment.


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